A Guide to Invest in Technology that Lasts More than a Year


Technology advances every year with many of our favourite gadgets become obsolete every other day. You make a good investment with savings, and it ends up on the eBay the very next year. This leads to buyers looking for items that last for years with the same investment.

Sometimes the items you think have gone outdated are perfectly capable of running for a few more years. You can blame the marketing professionals for these unnecessary purchases. We have created this guide to help you find the gadgets that will last for years without the need for upgrades.

Repairability- Technology

Apart from getting outdated, damages beyond repair is a significant cause for the purchase of a new device. You can ask the local repair shops or online videos to find how difficult it is to repair a specific gadget. Avoid purchasing items that are too difficult to repair.

Many websites compare different gadgets repairability with a score. You can narrow down the search based on these scores. The repair cost should also be a significant factor while deciding between any two devices.

An active user community is always helpful for quick fixes. You cannot get to the customer representative every time the gadget encounters a glitch. If the gadget is easily repairable, a small personal loan can cover the repair cost.

Battery Life

The battery is the component that often dies out early for many of the gadgets. They require you to install a new battery, sometimes from the original manufactures only. In many cases, the users upgrade their device once the battery starts underperforming.

However, a simple replacement is enough to make your device such as smartphone run for a few more years. Many products come with batteries glued to the internal circuit. You cannot replace the battery in these devices.

Therefore, make sure the battery is replaceable for the product. If not, the product is disposable after the battery completely deteriorates. Some devices that come with irreplaceable batteries are wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless security cameras, and digital picture frame.


The tech-gadgets are vulnerable to failures or defects like any other household equipment, which researches the brand’s reliability necessary while buying items from them. Devices with moving parts such as printer are more prone to get failed components.

You can rely on trusted brands for least possibility to deliver a faulty gadget. These devices save you a fair amount of money from repairs as well. Again, you can find relevant information from reliability data published by some well-known publishers.

Take help from the online community to find possible faults with a piece of tech. Reddit is a perfect platform to find genuine user reviews for different products. Stay clear if there are too many problems reported for the device.


Tech-gadgets are available in different models with higher specs at more cost. The base version might not last long considering its lower configuration and price. Therefore, you might want to make a more significant investment in products to make them last longer.

Smartphones and laptops are the most common products that come under this category. Though, it is not recommended to spend unnecessary with the top of the line models. Sometimes, the mid-range devices have enough configurations to last a few years.

This future proofing of devices come with a price. It is okay to buy a base version if you are not comfortable in spending extra money. However, loans for bad credit is an option to buy gadgets with years of service.

Software Updates

The longevity of major technical devices depends on their software upgrades. They don’t have moving part you can upgrade over time. Thus, you must check the availability of software updates to ensure a long-term investment.

Android users suffer the most when compared to Apple users over software updates. Typically, the manufacturers provide upgrades to their old smartphones for 2-3 years. Apple, on the other hand, offers software updates to their iPhones for at least 5 years.

You can still work with the older software for medium use of modern applications. The experience might get choppy a little after 2-3 years, even with the premium Android smartphones. While brand loyalty is a significant reason, you may want to sacrifice these updates.


Any gadget you purchase will last for years if it is placed inside the storage. Therefore, buy only useful products. There is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on stuff that will be used rarely.

Another major concern with modern tech-gadgets is their wear and tear. The moving components get broken after some time for those cool gadgets in your kitchen. There will be issues that need repair from professionals.

The solution here is to purchase “needs”, not “wants”. Many products in the market may seem ridiculous at first, but they will be more useful than milk sensor in your refrigerator.

To sum up, you need to make a list of questions based on these tips before you invest any money on gadgets. The answers will help you determine whether the purchase is long-term or a year only. Do not cloud your judgement over the temptation created by marketing professionals and these big brands.

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