12 Headline Writing Tips To Drive Traffic & Clicks

Are you not able to receive good traffic hit on your online webpage or blog site? Here are Headline Writing Tips To Drive Traffic & Clicks | Headline Writing Tips

Have you constantly written a beautiful article or blog after immense research? Are you not able to receive good traffic hit on your online webpage or blog site? Are you planning to quit because of continuous failure? If, such as the challenge you are facing, then let us inform you that you are not solely juggling such tough times. As per the study, 42.6% of people cannot attract online traffic to their respective sites. 

They have been writing a masterpiece, but the study also shows that their hard work is not well appreciated. The reason behind this failure is the headline of their content. Yes, you read it correctly. Imagine you have purchased a newspaper, and would you like to read the entire paper, every bit of it? Well, 85% of people will say NO! The reason is that people have no time to go through every corner of the newspaper. So, does this means that people will stop buying it and the printed industry will vanish? No, this is not the case. The same study shows that 90% of people gave their opinion and said they would skim and scan the newspaper first. This means that they will read only those news on the priority basis whose headline is appealing and attractive. 

The same rule applies to the digital platform that is your web page content. The viewers are hungry for knowledge, and constantly they hunt for the same while traveling or during their resting period. If you can provide your content with attractive and appealing headline/s, there are 45.9% chances that your webpage traffic will get a boost, and chances are higher that viewers will convert into customers. 

It is a time now to discuss those elements that you can include in your content to make heading/s a head spinner. Are you with us to go through this exciting knowledgeable journey? Yes, let’s get started: 

Tip No -1 (Keywords based Heading)

If you wish to drive huge traffic to your webpage and seek more clicks on your listed products, you must write your content headings decorated with the most commonly used keywords. It means you can search on the giant search engine “Google” about top listed keywords related to your product and use them frequently in your content. This will drive traffic, and viewers will also urge to read the content. 

Tip No-2 (Emotional Touch)

People have sentiments, and they want to read emotionally attractive content. They want to go through the words and want to read a piece of writing that is full of emotional touch. So, if you are serious about dragging more traffic to your web page, start using emotional headlines in your content. Example words are below-written: 

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Pocket-friendly
  3. Beneficial
  4. Helpful
  5. Time-saver

Tip No-3 (The correct usage of Numbers)

It is a fact that people get attracted by numbers. The psychology behind numbers is that they are calculated and appealable enough that viewers believe them instantly. So, having headline/s equipped with numbers will urge viewers to go through your content until the end. Some examples are mentioned below: 

  1. 10 effective ways
  2. 5 tips to encourage viewers
  3. 8 ways to turn traffic 
  4. 5 facts to move
  5. 8 real ways 

Tip No-4 (Name plays a significant role)

Your content heading/s may become more appealable when you insert a relevant name in it. For example, if you are writing an article about the 7 best food tips to cut down your cost, in this article, you can use a famous and renowned chef name in the headline to attract more viewers to read about it. Example: Chef Ramsay’s personal recommendable tips or Chef Ramsay strongly recommends points to implement. The same rule applies to SEO-related content. Here you can use “Google”, “Bing”, or “Yahoo” name/s to see the difference. 

Tip No-5 (Hook Headings)

Writing common headings will not serve the purpose. If you want your reader to stay connected longer, then it’s time to change your strategies from now on. You can introduce your content with a new concept in the market called “Hook Heading/s.” This type of heading/s will create a curiosity in your viewer’s minds, and they will feel eager to read your content for a long period. Some examples: 

  • Are you excited to double your savings? 
  • How are these tips effective for organic traffic? 

Tip No-6 (Avoid Casual Words)

If you are running a blog site, it is not offensive to use casual words in your heading/s. But, if you are running a full-fledged professional product-based website, then never use casual words. This will not leave a good impression on your viewer’s mind, and 48% chances are that you may witness a 23.9% drop in your ongoing traffic and clicks. So, it’s better to use words according to your clientele. 

Tip No-7 (Use Quotes)

Using popular quotes in your Heading is a vital option you may have. According to industry experts, 49.8% chances are higher to attract more traffic if you use this strategy in your content. The viewers want to believe in your product, and the best way to do so is by giving them a spectacular piece of writing with decorative headline/s.  

Tip No-8 (Keep it simple)

You may add heavy jargons or high IQ words in your writing heading/s, but will it serve the purpose? 52% chances are that you might lose ongoing traffic, the recent study claims that. So, the rightful way to gain traffic to your website is to keep the heading/s as simple as possible. Example: 

  • Tough: Restrictive and explosive methodology to explore science. 
  • Simple: 5 Easy steps to discover science.    

Tip No-9 (Avoid Negative Words)

Negativity leads you nowhere. We have heard this ample time from the experts. It’s true because if you use negative words in your content, it’s not only allowed viewers to switch to your competitor’s site but also will hamper your product sales. Instead, Use positive words that become reasoning for your viewers to stay connected.  

Tip No-10 (Appropriate Words)

It has been noticed by the experts that sites that are using inappropriate words as a heading, becoming a major reason for the clients to switch to other web pages. Your content from head to toe must be relevant and to the point. This way, you can achieve the aim of driving more clicks and traffic to your designated site.  

Tip No-11 (Short Headlines)

This is another good tip for bloggers and writers. Keep your headlines short and crisp. Avoid wordy writing and use meaningful words that are appealable and connected. Once you follow it, you will see the desired outcome surely. Example: 

  • Long Heading: Why connect proportional and categorical reviews to obtain a hike in yearly sales? Follow these tips now? 
  • Short Headline: Add these significant reviews to boost yearly sales 

Tip No-12 (Unbroken Headlines)

Broken headlines or sentences indicate to viewers that you are inexperienced, and 59.6% chances are that you may lose their vote of confidence. Never underestimate the knowledge of your audience, and with broken headline/s, you can lose credibility instantly. So, avoid broken headlines and equip your writing with a well-structured pattern.   


We hope the above-written tips will be beneficial for you to consider. Apply them in your piece of writing and see the difference. We are excited to hear from your end, do share your experience and thoughts reading today’s article. Happy writing! 


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