Healthcare App Ideas: Top 11 App Ideas for Healthcare Startups

Healthcare App Ideas

Expedited advancements in technology have nurtured a leisurely lifestyle, confirming convenience and potency sourced from smartphones and other electronic gadgets. In the wake of the pandemic COVID-19, remote access and services through electronic media have taken a striking turn.

With the ability to undertake varied activities with conviction and precision, it’s now possible to avail healthcare assistance remotely with the aid of a smartphone application.

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare startups have been in demand and are seen as a reliable means of investment. It is the right time to opt for mobile app development services by Brainvire.

Healthcare services have surprisingly gained higher growth and recognition, with fitness being an essential aspect. Curtailing the need to visit clinics and hospitals, saving time and efforts otherwise expended to avail medical care.

Studies show that, with 318,000 mHealth apps functional in primary app stores. Over 60% of the population has installed a mHealth app.

These statistics verify that creating a healthcare app is an ideal path to function with a happy customer base facilitating comfort, speedy recovery with supervision, and the ability to track fitness. 

With healthcare apps turning medical practitioners into incredible success stories, it’s crucial to discuss some of the healthcare app ideas to gain insight and serve the community with hands-on services. 

Top 11 App Ideas for Healthcare Startups

1. On-Demand Doctor

On-Demand Doctor app is a versatile app extending 24/7 accessibility to reliable healthcare professionals through video or chat calls. This implies one can handily seek medical attention without having to wait through long queues.

To create an on-demand doctor app, a widened database with doctors and medical experts comfortable with servicing at reasonable prices is vital.

2) Online Therapy

Apps stimulating Online Therapy permit patients to connect with physicians or psychiatrists conveniently. This administers as an aid to the busy working community that is unable to pay visits to the clinics or find physical therapy sessions distressing. Remote therapy extends anonymity to users comforting them in undertaking impactful therapy.

This statistic displays how mhealth apps are boosting the market with an enormous volume of patients adapting to online consultation.

Health care statistics


3) Appointment Booking app

Appointment Booking app is an incredible platform engaging patients and doctors to schedule a medical session. It encourages a simplified and organized operation by assigning affirmed time slots. This saves waiting time in queues and delivers the satisfaction of equal time allocation to each patient.

As per surveys launched, 36% of respondents acknowledge that the implementation of app-enabled patient portals is the most beneficial mechanism in patient engagement.

4) Mental Health App

Stress forms a gigantic part of every individual’s life, with endless responsibilities to dealing with work pressure, life can be a little less than perfect. To handle one’s midnight woes, this app continues to support their community with optimistic thoughts and ideas, a therapeutic chatbot, apps with calming music, and more.

 In that way, one can serve a population of millions in the US facing anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and panic by creating a platform that keeps their mental health under the tab.

5) Healthcare Monitoring 

A healthcare monitoring app primarily monitors chronic disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, sugar level, arthritis, thyroid, and more. It helps to track down the changes in health and to identify causes, this speeds up treatment with the availability of thorough medical history.

6) Women’s Wellness App

From menstrual cycles to infectious diseases, it can be unpleasant for women to attend in-person appointments with the gynecologist.

Assembling an advanced app lending women the benefits of stress-free menstrual trackers, a do’s and don’ts list by the experts, treatments for breast cancer, or such other ailments can be an ideal strategy.

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7) App To Aid Sleeping Patterns

Aiding the large community encountering issues with sleeplessness, this app prevails tips, tricks, and calming melodies to listen to.

With 2/3rd of the largest US hospitals providing mobile health apps, it has revolutionized the traditional healthcare services with a modern frenzy.

8) Pharmaceutical Delivery App

Another upcoming app in the industry is the Pharmaceutical delivery app, availing medications as prescribed at your doorsteps with affluent coupons and discounts.

This notion has progressed the pharmaceutical businesses into higher beings by extending 24/7 access to medications.

9) Personal Medical Records

Establishing an app that enables patients to compile their past medical reports and maintain data with advice empowered by experts can make fitness an easy undertaking. It further breaks down the tedious chores of re-testing by encouraging healthcare specialists to augment their services without any delay.

10) mhealthcare app for wellness checkups

Patients willing to check their everyday health with tests on heart rates, sugar level, blood pressure, and such other maladies operate such apps.

It also authorizes tracking and recording of the results facilitating patients with a fair view to administer mindful precautions.

11) Addiction’s Recovery app

Here’s a fine app supporting the community of Drugs, Sugar, Alcohol, Caffeine, or Nicotine addicts. It’s crystal clear that being an addict in the recovery process is the harshest and most brutal interval.

Easing this frenzy are apps incrementing the last strands of hope and willpower by creating a platform that values and interprets your struggles with insightful videos, an accepting community with similar distress, and much more.


Health care apps have emerged as an aid to the patients and societies suffering from minor to major ailments seeking remote remedies at a reasonable price. After establishing a wide range of succeeding apps, formulating an app that stimulates the market will be effortless with our services.

With 52% of mobile users accumulating health-related data on their phones, it empowers healthcare apps into an outstanding existence.

If you’re a medical specialist and haven’t set up your app serving the excellence to all your patients then you’re certainly missing out on a large chunk of prosperity.

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