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Technical Recruitment is a complex task. The process becomes even more complicated when you are looking for an experienced technical person with the right expertise and experience to support an on-going project. Still, it becomes more complex when non-techie entrepreneurs and businessmen unaware of the trade are required to assess the technical expertise of candidates. All of this represents a grim situation for businesses as they gasp to find the right people for their needs.

Thankfully there’s a way out.

Technical recruitment software are fast becoming the choice for tech businesses to support their technical recruitment requirements. These platforms when used effectively, can greatly assist companies to access the top talent that meets the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the open position. Not only do these platforms enable companies to acquire top talent, but also enable them to lower the cost and time required for talent acquisition, as well as, improve the retention rate, performance, and engagement of the employees.

Still not convinced?

Well, here are some convincing facts revealed by studies highlighting the benefits of using technical recruitment platforms;

  • Businesses using technical recruitment platforms for the hiring process are over 35% more likely to be satisfied with the new hire
  • Today 70% of the top 20% of businesses use technical recruitment platforms to access top industry talent
  • The satisfaction rate of hiring managers using technical recruitment platforms experience a 15% year-on-year improvement

Well, keeping these facts in view, it’s easy to see why the majority of the companies are resorting to technical recruitment software to meet their unique hiring requirement. In fact, these platforms have essentially redefined the role of HR function. For instance;

  • Google has renamed its HR department as “People’s Operations”, which is fast becoming popular among other tech businesses as well
  • At Facebook, they represent the HR department as “People@”, with the core focus being; hiring the best talent, offer consistent personal growth opportunities, and improve the overall Facebook experience

Various other tech agencies and large organizations have also rebranded their HR Managers as Talent Acquisition Managers; meant to acquire the right people for an open position.

What is HirinGuru?

Now, if we are to assess the technical recruitment platforms, few stand apart from the rest and HirinGuru is certainly right at top of the list. HirinGuru is a next-generation technical recruitment platform that comes with advanced features and functionalities meant to streamline the entire process of technical recruitment; from sourcing to assessment and from onboarding to beyond. It’s an intuitive recruitment platform that helps businesses to fasten the hiring process, leveraging its vast data repository and advanced AI-ML features that give businesses comprehensive and interactive reports assessing various KPIs for recruitment. HirinGuru’s data-backed recruitment solutions are primarily focused to meet the hiring requirements of tech businesses including developers, programmers, and coders.

HR teams can utilize the platform to automate the recruitment workflow, leveraging the robust artificial intelligence based tools to assess and shortlist candidates based on multiple performance indicators. The platform also enables HR teams to rate candidates’ profiles, and leave comments for truly diverse assessment criteria. The platform also enables HR managers to create multiple role-based access for recruiting team members.

For technical hiring purpose, the platform offers a vast range of assessment resources including stocked questionnaire for different roles, meant to help recruitment teams choose the right assessment criteria that are structured to their hiring preferences. The platform also enables users to create customized tests for specialized roles and positions, making it easier for companies to assess the right expertise and skills of the candidates required against an open position.

For a more practical assessment, the platform also offers various coding problems imitating the real-world challenges, which give businesses even better assessment opportunity to test the true expertise and skills of candidates.

HirinGuru Features

Among the various reasons that contribute to the massive success and adoption of HirinGuru by leading companies from across the world is because of its advanced features and data-backed approach that help businesses assess a large number of candidates based on their preferred assessment criteria. Some of the features offered by the platform include;

–   Easy Sign-up

Users today are always up for saving time. No one likes to fill through multiple-pages signup forms, which is evident by the fact that most platforms today let you signup simply through your email for a Facebook account. Well, you can expect the same level of intelligence and consideration from a leading technical recruitment platform like HirinGuru, right?

To make the signup process easy and simple for users, HirinGuru comes with a single-step signup option. If you still aren’t in the mood to sign up with a different account, you can simply signup to the platform using your Facebook or Google account.

–   Stocked Question Bank

Looking for an urgent technical recruitment solution?

Well, HirinGuru got you covered here. The platform comes with one of the most resourceful libraries of stocked questionnaires that I have ever come across at any other recruitment platform. The stock questionnaire library is specifically developed to give users an easy and fast recruitment solution. The stock library is developed by industry experts with years of subject experience, thereby, ensuring practical assessment standards. To ensure fair and accurate assessment of candidates, the library is structured separately for individual positions concerning the relevant skills and experience. The stock library is also great for non-techie businesses looking for an urgent position filling without compromising on the assessment quality and skills of the candidates.

–   Custom Coding Tests

Don’t want any generic assessments? How about customizing an assessment test specifically for your agency?

Well, HirnGuru does enable businesses to develop their assessment tests. This is a highly interactive option that’s most-suited for specialized positions or to meet the specific recruitment criteria implemented at certain businesses.

HirinGuru Pricing

The whole idea behind HirinGuru is to empower businesses of all sizes and shapes to get access to the right people with the right skills and expertise. For this reason, the platform offers multiple packages customized to meet the hiring and budgetary requirements of all businesses. Some of the packages offered by HirinGuru includes;

  • Pay As You Go$10 / Test Attempt
  • Starter$240 / month
  • Business ~ $500 / month
  • On-Demand

Types of Skills Assessments

As a comprehensive recruitment solution aimed to meet the technical hiring needs of businesses. Some of the skills that can be assessed using the platform include;

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • AI-ML
  • JavaScript
  • Data Visualization

Overall Rating

For the past many years, technical recruitment platforms have become synonymous with the right hiring processes. Leading businesses around the work have adopted these data-backed and automated recruitment platforms to improve the hiring processes.

Amongst the lot, HirinGuru is a top of the line recruitment software that integrated the power of advanced technologies along with an intuitive interface, making it easier for businesses to assess and hire the right people for the right job. If you are looking for top talent acquisition against a specialized open position for programming, development or coding, you should definitely try HirinGuru as your recruitment expert.

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