Holistic knowledge about Aries Birthstone Energies

Aries Birthstone
Aries Birthstone

Aries birthstone is for persons that owns the Aries horoscope in dates 20th March and 19th April of each year. It is good for the Aries individual to know that their Zodiac symbol is RAM that has all defensive and attacking energies in its head. But human beings never attack with heads, they use their brain power to defend themselves and in debate, and they also do verbal attack with their cognitive intellectuality in which brain plays core role.

It is common practice in the society that many individuals are conscious in wearing the stones that are matching with their date of birth. They steps forward with the intention to reflect the attributes of a particular stone in their personality to be an active member of society. For example Aries Birthstones personalities are intellectuals with sense of humor to wins the hearts of their relatives and friends. These are the persons that natural high intelligent quotients to cultivate high level determination in their personalities for high professional scores in life.

Diamond is one the most popular Aries Birthstone that is the choice of every woman for her personal adornment to prove herself unique in elite and high standard society. Aries Birthstone Color plays main role in the self beautification. Most preferable color of the diamond is white that is also colorless diamond. This jewel is also discovered in other colors that are less valuable in the market than white gemstone.

Diamond is an allotropic form of the carbon and its all atoms have covalent bonds with its neighboring atoms. Because of this boding trait , it is the hardest stone and used in the industry for cutting other items for example it is found good for glass cutting. Keeping the shine of various items consistent, role of diamond is never denied. Further, in scientific instrument its importance has also proved.

Aries Birthstone is a mineral stone that is naturally discovered 140 to 190 Km beneath the earth. It is in the knowledge of everyone that underground chemical changes always occur that bring the diamond stone near the earth surface. Volcanic eruption caused in the deep earth pushes the diamond upwards that is later on cooled and mined.

It is found that there is no Aries Birthstone in the world that is without birthmark. These birthmarks are natural because of mixing of some materials in the stone. Some impure material stay inside the stone causing an impurity called inclusion. Another type of impurity was also discovered in the diamond with the name blemishes that stays on the surface of the diamond.

A pure, colorless and ideal diamond is transparent having no hue but very rare in the world and its market price is very high as less than one diamond is perfect white out of 5000 thousands. With this approximation, one can estimate the true worth of the colorless birthstone. For perfection of a diamond its size matters a lot and for gem sized stone no diamond is found perfect.

The color of Aries birthstone is influenced with the dynamic chemical changes and the impurities that become part of the crystal. The color range of the Diamond starts from D and ends at Z. The color grades from D to F are fixed for the white diamond whereas moving forward diamonds in different colors exists. In some diamonds layers of the boron element are found to award it another color. A diamond in other colors shows brilliance that is because of its own color. The well known diamonds colors are red, blue, violet, blue, green, pink, white and black.

The market value of diamond is assessed with four key factors that are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut of the diamond. These factors are also known as 4 Cs of a diamond. Because of professional Cut , light is reflected, refracted and dispersed within the diamond. With ideal Cut a light is reflected and refracted many times from diamond and finally it is dispersed that enhance its brilliance. With clarity one can check either the stone is transparent or not.

Wearing Aries Birthstone welcomes prosperity, happiness, calmness, bravery, life full of love and endurance. Improving self respect and an array of respect in the all relations is a trait that is transformed from diamond to the wearers having a complete confidence in its natural features.

Mineral diamonds are in the market with high cost that is not in the limits of every diamond lovers. So, synthetic diamonds are formulated for those persons that can use diamonds for their engagement as well as their wedding jewelry.