How Android TVs have Made our Streaming Experience Smooth

How Android TVs have Made our Streaming Experience Smooth

We take a closer look at some of the features of Android TVs that have made our experience of streaming much better. While an Android TV is not a recent introduction into the daily lives of TV users, it is definitely one of the best things that may have happened to them.

How Android TVs have Made our Streaming Experience Smooth

How Android TVs have Made our Streaming Experience SmoothNot only does it offer a lot of different features, but Android OS has been constantly maturing as a platform, as it now offers a myriad of apps and games. With a built-in Chromecast feature, any app which is supported by Chromecast (which is almost all), can be used on Android devices. 

Here’s taking a closer look at how these TVs make our viewing experience better.

Excellent Operating Systems

These TVs are capable of providing a holistic TV experience for consumers, with a full stack operating system. This allows for the ability to have linear TV and streaming services in one place. And these are accessible by voice. 

Additionally, consumers have ease-of-access as content discovery, personalization; search, interface customization and connectivity are all available as standard features. This makes an Android TV a way better bet than the traditional cable TVs, as they get a full entertainment package. 

Ease of search

As most Android TVs come with a Google Assistant, it makes life easier for consumers. At the same time, the ease of searching for content is what lures viewers to watch more content. This is enabled either by text or voice search. At the same time, some OTT platforms can highlight their content and feature it within the streaming apps or the programming guides. They can do so in third party apps as well. 

Most OTT platforms come pre-installed

Almost all streaming services have Android TV apps, which enhance the consumers’ viewing experience. Services available include most of the prominent OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar + Disney and Zee5 amongst others. Most of these apps work seamlessly with an Android TV. 

All you need to have is subscription to the services and then you can watch any-and-all kinds of content, be it old or new. The list of streaming services keeps growing, but you can simply do a search on the Google Play Store, and download the OTT platform of your choosing.

Music streaming apps

Nowadays, almost everyone streams their favorite music content. While the list of music streaming apps may be shorter than that of video, the apps are present and include anything from Google Play Music to Spotify to Gaana to YouTube Music. 

The function is similar to that of a video streaming platform — you just need to download the app, subscribe to it, and then you can listen to your favorite songs through the massive 20W speakers.

Customized user experience

Android TVs are capable of delivering a customized and differentiated experience for users. Service providers can build a different approach for premium customers and a separate one for those who focus on skinny bundles and discounted packages. 

Since everything runs on the same backend, Android TVs end up being multi-brand and multi-tenant platforms. Development costs are lesser, and it is simple to develop and deliver different versions of the same service, yet provide standardization. 

If you’re planning to buy an Android TV, you can consider the Mi 4X Ultra HD LED Android Smart TV. This 43-inch Mi Android TV can provide you with an amazing visual experience. It comes with built-in Chromecast, which allows you to mirror content from your phone onto the TV, making it the best TV in the market at the moment. 

The PatchWall UI enables you to access 700K hours of content from across different OTT and streaming platforms. The picture quality is brilliant, and the powerful audio enabled by the speakers allows you to have a near-cinematic experience. 

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In conclusion we can say that Mi TVs boast of a premium build quality and yet they are available at a modest price point. In fact, maybe this is the best time to get you the latest model and your specification or find one that offers incredible value for money.