How Communication Helps in Brain Development In Students

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Communication delays are typically a sign of mental problems or conditions in kids. In fact, it’s one of the earliest markers for autism. If you want to aid your children’s brain development, then you’ll want to encourage their language learning skills. Here’s a look at how your efforts to do so can help your children. 

Develop Understanding 

Kids start to develop an understanding of the structure of language enough to form a sentence or understand what it means. Children at such an early age often experience the language first. As they grow older, understanding follows. You’ll see this in kids who can understand the language even when it goes against what they believe in or have experienced in the past or even wish for. This is one way that kids tell lies from the truth. When you say: “Cats eat fish” they understand the structure, that cats consume fish. 

Brain Development 

When a child is born, parts of their brain continue to develop like dendrites. Dendrites are connected to each other and between these are gaps in which the synapse is. This is essentially how messages get transmitted to the brain. When different areas of the brain are stimulated, the pathways open and those become permanent over time. Language learning classes help improve the development of these pathways. That’s one of the best reasons why you’ll want to choose an Indian international school in Abu Dhabi that offers second language courses. It impacts your children’s brain development positively. 

Memory Improvement 

The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that’s involved with the processing and planning as well as retention of information. Learning a new language or two, then, helps those who struggle with memory problems. Kids who learn another language retain memories much better. They also demonstrate greater cognitive skills and mental flexibility than other kids who aren’t bilingual. 

Decline Prevention 

Acquiring another language also helps the growth of the hippocampus, which is crucial to the formation and retention of memories. People who struggle with memory as they grow older might find themselves facing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. For individuals who speak more than one language, though, the risk of developing these conditions are much lower. If you want to make sure your kids have excellent mental health, even in their later years, encourage them to join language learning classes. Better yet, enroll them in second language programmes. 

Programme Selection 

There are plenty of schools that already offer language learning classes. Check the list of languages they offer. Some have French and Japanese along with English. Going for a language other than English, though, is a good move if your kids already speak the language. Knowing more than English opens up opportunities for your kids to apply to educational programmes abroad or even for work. 

Medium Language

If you’re still training your child to learn English, then choose a school that uses English as its medium of instruction. That way, the kids grow up speaking the language. The sooner they learn English or any other second language available for study, the sooner they can develop familiarity and ease with the words, the sentence structure, the tone, and more. That means they’ll grow up speaking the language fluently and comfortably. That matters. Given how many people all the world over speak English, ensuring that your kids are fluent in it will help them prepare for the future. Whatever work or field they want, their knowledge of English will definitely come in handy.

World Building

When kids acquire words, they acquire the means to describe the world. They aren’t just talking about how hot the afternoon is or how cold the ice is. The more words they know, the more they develop their vocabulary, the more they can explain the world and that helps enrich every experience they undergo. Words aren’t empty and meaningful. The right wor choice can open up an entire universe in their minds. That’s what stories do. That’s what language learning classes do. By letting your kids attend second language courses, you make it possible for them to capture the world, themselves, and their experiences in words. 


One of the best things about letting your kids learn another language with regards to brain development is the extent of how much it helps shape their creativity. Imagine being a child and knowing three words for love or ice cream. That kind of multiplicity informs children’s mindsets. It tells them that there’s more than one answer in life and that can help improve their dedication. What if there’s more than one answer, then that means they shouldn’t give up if they happen to get the first answer wrong. 

Diversity Learning 

Also, having three words for one thing trains them to acknowledge the diversity of different cultures and races. That’s because learning a language is often inseparable from learning the culture, country, and traditions that birthed that language.

Find out more about how language learning courses can help your kids improve. Enrol them in a programme. 

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