How Custom Hair Extension Boxes Can Build Brands?

hair extension boxes

As you know, hair extensions are very fragile and sensitive to touch. It can fall apart or lose its shine if not handled properly. Inappropriate environmental conditions such as direct exposure to heat or the sun can negatively affect the quality of hair extensions. No normal or substandard packing box can keep fragile hair extensions intact.

If you are an online cosmetic brand, it will not be possible to ship hair extensions in substandard packaging boxes. You will need sturdy and reliable boxes to display your hair extensions.


  1. Material and Customization of Hair Extension Boxes:

hair extension boxes

There are a variety of options that you can make your own custom hair extension boxes according to your desire. There are many reasons we consider these printed hair extension boxes important. Initially, we make these hair extension boxes from cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated cardboard. We all know these packaging materials as very strong and durable packaging materials.

They have remained safe their entire lives. Either you want to display hair extensions inside these sturdy boxes or want to ship them to customers’ door; These custom-made boxes are the best.  Cardboard or Kraft paper boxes are very light to be transported. The corrugated edges of the box easily withstand any external pressure while preventing damage to the inner contents.


  1. Printing & Finishing Options in Customization:

You can also design the boxes from us with a cushion inside to allow the delicate hair extensions to be comfortable inside. Likewise, boxes can be made with a hanging tab to save storage space. Or, you can convert it into a shape for easy handling. To improve your sales, you need to display your hair extension products on the shelves. If your products do not look attractive or inspiring to customers, they will not want to buy them. Attractive and cool hair extension products sell faster in-store.

hair extension boxes

Compared to these attractive custom-printed boxes, ordinary or impractical boxes do not inspire the audience at all. We have high-quality custom hair extension boxes with CMYK and PMS printing and have many finishing options including Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, and Foiling.

We offer a wide range of printing options that will allow you to pick up the Custom Hair Extension Boxes as your need and get them printed the way you desire.


  1. Customizations in Different Materials, Shapes, Sizes, and Styles:

CP Cosmetic Boxes provides hair extension boxes from biodegradable materials like Kraft, and other materials such as corrugated and cardboard sheets. Hair extension boxes made from any of these materials can perfectly preserve the integrity of delicate hair extensions.

We can build these boxes in any shape or size you want as per your choice. Small or large, rectangular, or cubic, we can make these boxes according to your desire and needs.

hair extension boxes

If you don’t like any of our styles, and no box design matches your needed dimensions, we are here to listen to you. We will make extension boxes according to your specifications. We make it easy for our customers to offer Hair Extension Boxes at cheap prices in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions.


  1. Impress Your Customers with Unique Hair Extension Packaging:

You can make your custom hair extension boxes more exotic by using foil stamping. Gold or silver foil can add sparkle to your hair extension wrapper. You can also place shiny, glossy, or matte boxes on top to attract the audience. To build customer confidence in your products, you can print all relevant product details on these boxes. Usage method, precautions, and other important information can also be printed. To increase customer interest in your products, we can customize them with a transparent window at the top.

Hair Extension Boxes

The attractive and inspiring look of long hair packed through this window will inspire viewers to buy. They will also feel more satisfied when purchasing your products as they will see it through their packaging.


  1. Do Branding on Custom Printed Hair Extension Boxes:

Your personalized hair accessories packaging can also become an exclusive advertisement. Using custom packaging boxes to market your brand is one of the most important advertising strategies these days. Decorate the amazing personalized hair accessories boxes with your brand name and logo. Your hair extensions will stand out on other brands’ shelves because of your name on their packaging. High-quality boxes will enhance customer confidence because customers believe products packed in these high-quality boxes should be of higher quality.

 Hair Extension Boxes

CP Cosmetic Boxes is a very reliable name in the category of packaging companies. Our experts efficiently create innovative Custom Hair Packaging. These boxes can also be decorated to give an adorable and cool look. Ribbons, stickers, stamps, or bows can be used for this. Finally, and especially; This hair extension packaging is inexpensive and recyclable. Therefore, our packaging boxes are both environmentally friendly and pocket friendly compared to other packaging companies.

At CP Cosmetic Boxes, we provide free delivery of custom hair extension boxes all around the USA and Canada in front of your door.

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  1. Hi, I just read your article. Of course, Custom Hair Extension Boxes really build brands. Your greatly researched article clear most of my questions like boxes making printing and selling. I’ve started custom printed boxes business last few months ago, Your article is so helpful for me and my business. Keep writing such kind of article. Thanks!

  2. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. Really helpful.

  3. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. Really helpful.

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