How Do Instagram Reels Compare To TikTok For Influencer Brand Deals?

Instagram Reels Compare To TikTok For Influencer Brand Deals

The popularity of the video creating and sharing platform can be estimated by the success of TikTok and the global fame and name that it earned in a short period. The Chinese application was the leading video sharing platform, with Indian and American registering the highest number of participants over other regions, globally. 

TikTok clone development is surging post the global ban imposed on Chinese products and applications. The ban imposed is due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that has not only resulted in the loss of lives but also ruptured the global economy.  

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The concept of video sharing platform is flourishing because of the two main elements that contribute to its success; one is the influencers and second are the viewers that are getting influenced. It can play an essential role in reviving the market that has been drastically impacted because of the global health crisis.

Instagram has also entered the market with the debut of the new element of the popular social networking platform, i.e. Instagram Reels. Read this article to get an insight into how the addition of the new feature is making a difference in the popularity and success of the already established app that has a stronghold and reputation in the market.

Instagram’s Reels- An Edge Over TikTok?

Instagram Reels

August 5 was the day when the popular social networking platform, Instagram, aired its video-sharing venture, i.e. ‘Reels’. The ban imposed on Chinese applications that included TikTok further hyped the concept. 

Though launched post-TikTok ban, the developers had an optimistic view about the success that it could achieve. The audience may see it as an app similar to TikTok; however, there certainly are many key differences that set both the platforms apart from each other, both for the brands as well as for the viewers.

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Instagrams Journey

Released in the year 2010, Instagram has traveled far enough before establishing its name as one of the most successful social media platforms. Instagram is already popular amongst the influencers, who actively use the platform to flaunt their lifestyle and attract the viewers to purchase products and services. 

Beauty, fashion, food, travel and what not! There are millions of pages and profiles that are actively promoting the businesses on the popular social networking platform, making it an ideal spot for influencers. 

On the contrary, the concept of TikTok does not limit the user from marketing the services, but unfortunately, it has not been mainstreamed for the purpose and is limited to publishing talent-related videos that involve glitters and music. 

Having said that, Instagram clearly emerges as the winner in over the other video sharing platforms with the amount of versatility that it offered. By now, more brands and their influencers are partnering with Instagram (and the trend is surging with the recent update that now features the Reels) than any other video sharing or social networking platform.

Entertainment And Shopping 

On conducting a random survey, the experts found out that the audience resorting to the platforms seeks different functionality dedicated to individual platforms. This differentiates between the basic purpose of both the platforms, i.e. TikTok for entertainment and Instagram to shop. 

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After experimenting with all the basic features that can be accommodated on the video-sharing platforms that are similar to TikTok, the Reels hosts a variety of features that makes it a powerful integration. It is clear that it shares a lot of similarities with its competitor, i.e. the TikTok. 

However, to add a distinctive touch to it, the developers have made some fundamental changes that make it stand apart from other similar concepts.

Advantage Of TikTok Clone Scripts

TikTok clone scripts are the required source codes that facilitate the TikTok clone app development. The open-source clone scripts are highly customizable that encourages optimal app development. 

There are many benefits associated, directly or indirectly, with using the clone scripts for the project. 

Robust Foundation

The clone scripts share similarity with source codes of the original platform they are copied to. Hence, it provides a foundation that can be relied upon for its robustness as the platform is already tried and tested. 

Quick Development

Using a clone script eliminates the need for making efforts from scratch. Therefore, the clone script speeds up the development process resulting in quick deployment of the application.


As you already know that the clone script reduces the time and effort required in the development, this makes these solutions cost-efficient when compared with development from scratch. 


The open-source structure of the clone scripts allows the developer to make the required changes that cater to the business needs. In other words, clone scripts are flexible enough to accommodate changes that are suggested by the clients, eventually making the application distinctive. 

Basic Features

User Registration

User registration is the foremost step that the user will come across. After registering a unique account, the user should be able to create and save a profile using its credentials. 

Create Video

This all the purpose is all about, to create a video. The user should be able to capture and merge videos. 


To make the videos more attractive, a panel should be dedicated that offers various filters to apply to the videos. 


Another feature of great importance is the push notifications. Push notifications allow the user to get real-time notifications about the pages or users that they follow. 

The list of features does not limit here, and depending on the budget, you can choose the most appropriate features for your platform. 

Final words

Video sharing platform development has attracted the attention of many established enterprises, and the ban imposed on TikTok further served as an inspiration. 

Developers are using TikTok clone scripts for deploying quick software solutions with all the basic features and offering a wide extent of customization simultaneously. 

The annual growth rate of the short video creating and sharing platform market is recorded as 20.4%. Looking at the ongoing trend and demand for the video-sharing platform, investing in a TikTok clone can be a lucrative business venture.

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