How Google Travel Insight help you during your travel!

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This is an era of Covid-19 and the whole of humanity is trapped in it. Anyone does not want to live outside its home. This tendency causes a massive break in human movement in our mother Planet earth.

Recently, Google has launched a tool popularly known as Google travel Insight. so, we are going to review this tool for the travellers and the business around the globe. so, let’s the review of the Google travel insight tool.

What is Google Travel Insight?

Google travel insight is an online directory made by mighty google for the welfare of the small business and the traveller around the globe. Through this tool, you can get a summarized insight of the human movement around the globe.

Where the RAW data of this tool come from?

The raw data of this tool come from the queries searched in Google’s SERPs and Google Analytics installed in almost 50% of the website.

These insights are so useful as this tool can predict the movement of people around the globe. The predication of this tool is approximately accurate up to 80% in term of the real world.  let’s mine this tool more deeply.

Types of the tool offered by Google Travel Insight:

Now a day, Google Travel Insight is offering approximately 3 tools. These tools are Destination Insight, Hotel Insight, and Travel analytics centre. Later on, we are going to discuss this tool in detail.

Destination Insight:

The Destination insight tool is an integral part of the google insight tool. With the help of destination insight tool, we can get insight as like TRAVEL DEMAND OVERTIME with a filter of the destination country, origin country, Trip type (NAtional, International), Demand Category (AIR, International) and Date range. We can also compare the data with the past year TRAVEL DEMAND OVER TIME. 

For Business:

With the help of these data, a business can take the edge with its competitors in process of attracting more customer. Thus, generating more revenue for its business. Business can also plan there offers according to the demand of the public.

For Travellers:

With the help of these data,  A human can assume where he or she is safe from coronavirus. These data also help plan its travel around the globe.

Hotel Insight:

Hotel insight is also an integral part of Google travel insight. With the help of google hotel insight, traveller or business around the globe can get the insight of the past 12 months to plan its strategy of the business or travel.

How to find insight with the help of hotel insight?

If a traveller or businessman wants to find the insight from the hotel insight tool. He or She must have to follow the following steps. These steps are listed below:

  1. Go to
  2. There is a button named Search your market (country)
  3. Click the enter button
  4. You have the option to search the sub-location as like states.
  5. Click on the continue button
  6. After this, you will get three types of insight namely Destination Overview, Global Insight, and some resource.

We are going to drill these sub tools of Google Insight tool in detail:

Destination overview:- With the help of destination overview, you can get a detailed overview of the destination you wants to travel.  You will get detail as like Travel (Increase or Decrease), Changing search interest for your area, Visitors from home and away, and many more filters.

Global Insight:- In this section of the article, we will get insight into the format of map or List by Search Interest and YEAR on Year Change.

Some Resource:- This section is especially for Webmaster or business. With the help of this section of the article, you can spy your competitor as like pricing, stuffs your competitor offers and many more.

Travel Analytics Center:-

Travel analytics centre is an integral part of Google travel insights. This tool is only for the partners for google. The partner of this tool stands for the tool stands as “Advertisers who pay to Google for the advertisements”. However, you can become a member of the google by signing up a google form to get access.

Pros And Cons: Google Travel Insight

In this section, we are going to discuss Pro and cons of the google travel insight tool. Let’s start discussing the pros and cons of this tool;

Pros of Google Travel Insight: Business

  1. I help you plan the future strategy for your business
  2. It will help you predict the number of visitors coming to your town.
  3. Google travel insights also help you spy your competitors as like pricing, Free Stuffs and many more.

Cons of Google Travel Insight: Business

  1. It will provide your data to your competitors free of cost.
  2. Many business owners do not know how to handle this tool.

Pros of Google Travel Insight: Travellers

  1. I help you plan the strategy for your travel plans in the upcoming future.
  2. It will help you predict the number of visitors coming to the city you are travelling in the future.
  3. Google travel insights also help you explore the restaurant or hotels you want to eats or accommodate, It can also help you to predict the free stuff you are getting in that hotel or restaurant.
  4. Google travel insights help you to predict the situation of coronavirus in the city or the area.

Cons of Google Travel Insight: Travellers

  1. Many of the travellers do not know how to handle this tool.

Quick overview:

In this article, we have discussed a google tool named Google travel Insight. We went through its different-different aspect in accordance with the travellers and businesses around the globe. However, this tool helps the business to predict travellers in the upcoming future while this tool also helps visitors to predict the place which is safe for travel.

Way Forward:

At last, I only want to say either you are a visitor or a traveller, you must have to use this tool during planing your future strategy or travel. Thus, planning future will help you a lot to be in safe in this covid era.

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