How Mouthwash Liquid Compliments Oral Hygiene Regime?

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Have you Got Your Natural Mouthwash For Bad Breath?

Most of us believe that brushing is enough to maintain oral hygiene. But in actuality, it is not. An oral hygiene regime is half-finished if mouthwash is missing. Tooth brushing and flossing are vital weapons against plaque buildup. But you cannot deny the importance of mouthwash that supports overall oral hygiene. How? Let’s know about this:

What is Mouthwash? 

A mouthwash or rinse after brushing and flossing support oral hygiene. It helps to control bad breathing and improves overall oral health. It works as an interdental cleaner to the areas where brushing does not reach. An oral hygiene regime is incomplete without mouthwash. But remember, it is not a replacement for daily brushing & flossing.

Types of Mouthwash

Cosmetic and therapeutic are the two major types of mouthwash. Cosmetic one helps to control bad breath, but only for a short period. While therapeutic mouthwash intends to control bad breath and reduces the risk of plaque, gingivitis, plaque, and tooth decay.

Active ingredients such as fluoride, cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine, peroxide, and essential oils are used in therapeutic mouthwash. The cosmetic one does not contain any chemical or biological ingredients. Today, many Ayurvedic brands launched natural mouthwash for bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

Benefits of Mouthwash 

Gives fresh breathe – Poor dental habits increase the bacteria growth in the mouth. Being good herbal or therapeutic mouthwash, it helps to control bad breathe by killing the bacteria and leaves a cool and fresh breath.

Removes debris –A brushing and floss doesn’t remove food particles between teeth and becomes the cause of decay. Gargling with a mouth rinse helps to eliminate the leftover loose food particles after brushing. Following this habit regularly helps to enhance the oral hygiene experience.

Breakdowns plaque – Plaque is a cause of tooth decay and gum disease. When a soft sticky substance forms on the teeth and it is not removed. Then, it turns into plaque due to calcification. Therapeutic and best natural mouthwash for gum disease helps to prevent the growth of plaque on the gums & teeth and also controls its growth.

Reduces the numbers of bacteria – Since, brushing and floss do not cleanse the bacteria from the mouth, it needs extra protection. The use of therapeutic herbal mouthwash regularly reduces the number of bacteria and helps to maintain oral hygiene.

Prevents gingivitis – Oral bacteria cause inflammation in the gums which is also known as gingivitis. A natural mouthwash for bad breath is also helpful in the prevention of gingivitis. As well as it reduces the risk of pregnancy gingivitis, bacterial endocarditis, and periodontitis pharyngitis.

Controls cavity – The active ingredients of mouth rinse liquid stop cavities to grow and also support enamel health.

Soothes canker sores – It is also helpful to get rid of the canker sores. Regular usage of mouthwash helps to get rid of mouth ulcers and its effects in a few days.

Why Alcohol-Free Mouthwash?

The alcohol contained mouthwash cause an initial burning sensation gives a bitter taste and dries the mouth. It ahead causes a worse breath experience. It happens due to dried mouth. Saliva is necessary to inhibit the effects of bacteria on teeth and gums. Alcohol dries out the mouth and becomes the cause of even worse breath. Alcohol indeed kills bacteria, but it also eliminates good bacteria from the mouth. Some studies have mentioned that it also increases the risk of oral cancer because of its hard and harsh effects on the soft tissues of the mouth. Thus, it is asked to the people to go for alcohol-free mouthwash.

Benefits of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

  • Maintain a natural balance of saliva
  • Flushes out bad bacteria
  • Prevents cavities
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Provides a better effect on the tooth

Ayurveda Inspired Natural Mouthwash for Bad Breath & Oral Hygiene

Ayurveda inspired herbal products have come up as a natural care for oral hygiene. Prepared with pure organic herbs they contain natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. BIOAYURVEDA’s Anti Bacterial Germ Defense Mouth Wash is one of the best alcohol-free mouthwashes. Being a pure herbal organic product from a premium brand, it meets all the requirements, needed to have an oral hygiene regime. Its core ingredient such as Neem, Cloves, Lemon & Tulsi provides maximum protection from bacteria, germs, and allergens. This organic brand ensures a 100% herbal product with no parabens and zero synthetics. These attributes make it a healthy oral hygiene product for men, women, and kids. BIOAYUVREDA has a range of premium organic products that can be easily found on its physical and online Ayurvedic store