How to Boost Your Sales with the Help of Social Networks

boost your sales

There is a number of social networks out in the market and they hold a lot of potentials to boost sales and conversion of your eCommerce store. However, the selling process on social networks is not straightforward like on websites. And to sell on those platforms, you may have to overcome certain challenges to rise above. 

Social selling is disrupting the experience of its users. It’s like selling to a guy who had come to enjoy at a bar. And trying to sell them is an extremely difficult and hard thing to do. Because people on social media are not actively looking to buy things. However, the right kind of products with the right kind of sales cycle and with the right kind of approach, it is still possible to sell on social networks. 

And for that, the right thing you need is the right kind of resource. You may have to hire someone from the outside or ask your existing team to look after this project. While the growth on social networks is not immediate, some brands have admitted growing their ROI by 5 times

Also, it is necessary to build a fan following on the right kind of platform. Not all platforms are built to sell products. By identifying the right platform that works for you and leverage it for your online store’s benefit is important. Therefore, we have come up with an extensive guide on how to boost your sales with the help of social networks.

Boost Sales with the Help of Social Network

1. Nurture Your Audience and User on Social Networks

The first thing you want to do on social media gets to know your potential customers and interested audience. A successful social media campaign is based on the interests of your target audience. 

The social media campaign or a simple strategy starts by knowing your potential customers and what platforms they mostly use. Nurture them on those platforms by sending them brand messages. Also, social media is a platform to take care of your customers’ queries. 

Most customers who engage with a brand may likely want to get fast support and resolve their queries in a matter of time. And guess what, social media is also one of the platforms they go to for any queries related to products they have purchased. 

So, social networks provide you an opportunity to nurture your users and potential customers. This may increase the sales and conversion right from the start. 

2. Focus on Most Used Social Networks

Focusing on the most used platforms by your users and customers is an important thing. Before you decide to exhaust your resource and time on multiple platforms, it is wise to just focus on a couple of social networks. 

Going after your customers where they spend the most time is a sensible option. Also, finding the right audiences on the right type of platform depends upon your business type. For example, if your business is B2C, then you can find your potential customers on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or the new trending video platform Tik Tok. If your target audience is B2B type, then signing up on Linked In along with Facebook is a great option. 

Also, the demographics of your target audience play an important role in choosing and focusing on the right platform for selling your products. You can choose to be everywhere and try to reach them organically but that would be a very hectic and time-consuming process for your business. The right type of platform that suits better for your social selling strategy can skyrocket the sales of your business. 

3. Partner with Influencers on Social Networks.

Influencer marketing is one great way to boost your sales. What you have to do here is to hire an influencer in your niche. This option is also great when brands don’t have many resources to spend to build a social media presence. It is becoming a more and more popular way to grab a piece of the pie.

Studies have shown that one post from their favorite influencer compels users to make a purchase. Users feel that it is almost like trusting their friend’s suggestions. This tactic has delivered as high as 600% return on investment for some brands. And you can also utilize the same power of influencers to get expected results. 

To get the most out of your partner influencer, you can ask them to promote your product strategically on their posts and tweets. Funny and entertaining posts get the most engagement rate so they may have to hook their followers with unique content about your products. Influencers may also post their honest reviews and guides on how to use your products. There are endless opportunities for you to increase the sale and conversion with the power of influencers.

4. Increase Your Reach with Valuable Content

As mentioned earlier that social media is a go-to place for users to have some fun and entertain themselves. So, create bite-sized content for your followers on social media that is engaging, funny, entertaining, informative, and valuable. The more encouraging the content will be, the more it will entice users to take actions like the purchase or email signup.

Currently, the video content is the most-watched content on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Leverage the power of video content for the benefits of your business. This type of content has the potential to drive users to make purchase decisions. 

5. Build Social Proof with User Generated Content

Sometimes you don’t need to create content on social media. Because your fans and followers on social networks may create the best content for you. And that user-generated content can influence others to take action. This content builds social proof for your brand. 

Social proof is nothing but content that influences other people to trust your brand. It psychologically affects people to take action under the influence of other people when put into a similar situation.

Also, as per business insider statistics, 97% of the consumers are more likely to take action after seeing UGC compare to those who don’t. User-generated content in the form of the images that feature the product of the brands is especially more powerful and more influenceable. Most customers like to see user-generated images on product pages than professional images of the products. All these are proof that user-generated content (UGC) helps to drive more sales and conversion. 

6. Use Paid Ad Network on Social Media

If you have enough resources, then you can utilize the power of paid ads. Many businesses have admitted increasing their ad spends so that they can target as many users on social networks. Every social network has its own ad network, which works on predefined algorithms to target specific users only. 

These ad networks are getting advanced, which allows you to target users from a specific gender or people based on their location and demographic. You can set up an ad just for the users that have an interest in your products.

And out of all these, Facebook’s ad network is pretty good when it comes to generating good ROI. So be sure to try it out because it might increase your sales and conversion way high than anything else would.

Wrap Up

So, these were some of the most effective ways you can increase the visibility and web presence on social networks. You can win the trust of your followers and other users by showing them trust factors like social proof or influencer recommendations. These tips will ensure that your social posts and brand is reaching the relevant audience. Still, you can clear your doubts with the help of an expert. Consult an eCommerce expert for more advanced tips and tricks on how to boost sales and conversion rates.