SSAT Exam: How to calculate SSAT score and college requires SSAT score


Which college requires SSAT score

There are number of colleges that requires SSAT score to be admitted to the college.

The name of the colleges are that’s requires SSAT score

Amherst college Carleton College Cornel University
Barnard College Carnegie Mellon Dartmouth College
Boston University Claremont McKenna Davidson College
Bowdoin College Colby College Duke University
Brown University College of Holy Cross Emory University
Bucknell University Colorado College Franklin Olin College of Engineering
California Institute Columbia University George Washington University
Cooper Union Connecticut College Georgetown University
Harvard College and many other colleges…  

All the colleges undertakes three policies for taking the subject tests and those policies are described below.

1. Required:

Required states that the student has to take the SSAT test to get admission to the college. In the opinion of Ricky, working as an academic expert at Myassignmenthelp, “Some of the colleges requires only one test, while the others requires two subject tests that are carried out“.

2. Recommended:

Some of the students gets high SSAT score and some gets low. But it is recommended that the students are to get high SSAT score to get admission in to a college. It is better to get higher marks to get admission to a higher ranking college. Most of the cases the colleges also appreciate the students for taking extra challenges and also discusses the subject mastery.

3. Considered:

Considered states that there is no basically need of SAT subject score for taking admission in the college. But if the students sends the SSAT score, the score will obviously benefit them.  If the student has high interest on some particular subject, the student is to be connected with the subject and student should have professional goal that might enhance the application send.

How to calculate SSAT score

There are three level of SSAT exams that are conducted. There is upper level SSAT and middle level SSAT and low level SSAT. For the first two level, formula score is used. The students receive 1 point for each correctly answered question and loses one four of marks for each incorrect answers they give. There are zero marks for the question that are not answered. In the elementary level, there is no formula scoring technique used. This test is mainly designed so that the students gets to reach all the questions that are provided for the test.

There are scaled scores in the SSAT Exams. The scores in the SSAT exams are broken down with different sections. There is verbal section, and qunatitaive section. The total score of all the sections are added to get the score of SSAT. The lowest number that the student in middle level SSAT is 440 and highest score that the student can get is 710. The student can get lowest number in the test and that is the lowest score and the highest number that the student can get is the highest score. For the upper level SSAT section, lowest number that is scored by the students is 500 and highest number that is scored by the student 800. For the elementary SSAT level, the score of the student is lower than the middle level and upper level. The lowest score in the elementary level is 300 and the highest score in the elementary level is 600.

The percentile that is calculated for the SSAT score is 1 % to 99 % and that describes the performance of the student on the basis of SSAT. The performance of the student is compared with the students of same grade and with same-gender who have taken the test and with the students of USA. The students of Canada giving the test on the same date for the previous 3 years.

After getting the scores the student can send the score result to their independent schools in which they wants to take admission. No charges from the students are taken to send the score to a particular school. The scores are sent to the school through online account of SSAT. The students has the preference of score choice and can report to only those schools who score matches with them. The score report does not have any particular designation if student has tested multiple times or tested the accommodations. The scores for the exams are released two weeks after the receipt of the test material is received.

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