How To Celebrate Indian Festivals of Harvest ( Lohri & Pongal )

How To Celebrate Harvest Festivals of India

The Season and time of harvest is very auspicious and full of prosperity. That is why we celebrate them as festivals. Not only in India but others also, the harvest time is celebrated with so much vigor in joy and enthusiasm.

The Festivals in the period of harvest were made by people in ancient times. They created festivals in the time period of harvest to celebrate the joy and thank God and goddesses for bestowing us with food and prosperity.

In India, Lohri Festival in Punjab and Pongal Festival in southern India basically in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, are celebrated with joy to thank the God for the harvest they have sent to us is a blessing and also to bestow us good harvest throughout the year.

These receivers also signify the welcome of wealth, health and prosperity in the life of farmers.



Lohri is mainly celebrated in Punjab. The festival is celebrated to show joy and happiness for the harvest in the month of during the harsh winter. The state of Punjab is considered as the breadbasket of a country. This festival is celebrated on the rest days before the harvest is cut.

How is the Lohri festival celebrated in Punjab?

Lohri is celebrated for the harvesting of the winter crops. The farmers of Punjab celebrate it with so much joy and enthusiasm. Since the majority of the Punjab population consist of farmers, they also celebrate it to have a warm moment in the harsh weather of winter.

They sing traditional folk dances and songs around a big bonfire to show their joy of the winter crop. The other symbol of it is gathering the people on a community level.

The festival is celebrated in the evening after the sun sets and the big bonfires are lit in the harvesting fields. People gather around the bonfire, they dance around it and toss popcorn, puffed rice and munchies into the fire. By this they pray to god to finish poverty and give food to everyone.

Traditionally if someone comes to meet on this day people offer gajjak, til, jiggery, peanuts and popcorns.



Pongal is a four-day festival celebrated in the southern part of India every year in the month of January. The festival is celebrated to celebrate the beginning of harvest. The festival of Pongal is more important in the sun in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh than the festival of Diwali though the reason to celebrate the festival is the same as Lohri.

How to celebrate Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh?

Pongal festival is celebrated with utmost vigour and it is celebrated for four days in a row.

On the very first day, people in the southern part of India decorate their houses with banana leaves and mango leaves. On this day the items of the house which are useless are thrown into the bonfire.

On the next day, the second day, the families cook a dish named Pongal. The dish is prepared to offer to the son of sun god. It is believed that this day is dedicated to him.

After serving the god, Families and the neighbors sit together and offer their Pongal to each other. Another important thing about this day is Kolam. It is a drawing shown on the entrance of the gate of the houses by lime powder to draw first parity and positivity in the house. The drawing is only to be made after bath early in the morning.

The third day of this festival is dedicated to the cows. People in the southern region of India celebrate this day decorating the cows beautifully; they are adorned with bells, with sheaves of corn and garlands. Then they were shipped by the locals. It is believed that cows are worshiped because Lord Shiva cursed him to help people harvest in the fields to create more food.

The very last day, on the fourth day, women in the household carry out the rituals in the name of the brothers. The name of the day is Kaanum. What they do on this day is they put all The leftovers of Pongal on a neat and clean Turmeric leaf with betel nut, betel leaf, and sugar cane in the front yard of the house.

Not only Lohri and Pongal are celebrated to celebrate the harvest in india. There are other festivals also such as ‘Makar Sankranti ‘, in Bengal there is ‘Ganga Sagar’, in Uttar Pradesh the festival is ‘Megh  Mela’, in maharashtra people go to each other house to celebrate it, and gujarat has the tradition of flying kites.

There are so many festivals which are also celebrated during the time of January to thank Gods and celebrate the harvest.

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