How to Choose Optimal Guest Post Services!

Guest Post Services

Guest post service is the one thing that most bloggers and website managers use to promote and create backlinks of their business houses. But before going ahead, one has to learn what these services are and how one can use them and implement them to grow their business house and earn more profit. Guest post is writing articles as a guest on other people’s blogs. Both blog owners and guest writers benefit from guest blogging. But finding a site to write a guest post or finding a guest post for your own blog are both very difficult tasks. Some sites have been created to address this issue.

Here we are going to give the necessary details in our first blog. Ahead in our next blogs, we will discuss all the elements.

Necessary Explanation about Guest Post Service:

It means when we want to post an article with our websites link on a website that is already at the high rank and publicly available. It helps in redirecting the traffic to a website. When people visit a guest post and read it, if they find it interesting, they will try to search more and automatically lands on the targeted page. 

Is Guest Post Service is paid or not?

There are two types of guest post service providers. One who wants free guest and don’t charge anything. But those websites which are very popular they charge money in dollars. It depends on the niche, website, and links to be placed on how much money one needs to pay.

In general, guest post services vary from $10 to $100 or even more. 

Some guidelines are there that one needs to follow for a guest post?

Yes, there are many guidelines that one has to follow while posting. Necessary procedures are: Minimum word limit and links to be added. Promotional or m=No-promotional, topic, and SEO blog.

The blog has to be grammatically free and with efficient English as per the targeted audience. 

How to do guest post service?

Email Collection:

Those who already know something about guest post should know this. As the owners of the interested sites put the details of the guest posting procedure and contact info on their site. You can easily find the sites with some specific search terms.

Many people check the DA, PA, traffic of the site at this step. No need to waste time. If anyone shows interest after sending the email, then check these, it will save you a lot of time. If you have Ahrefs, you can see from the Outgoing Links section of the site what kind of site this site is linking to and what kind of anchor text it is linking to.


The response rate of guest blogging is actually much lower. It is decreasing day by day. 10% and seems to be a matter of luck in some cases. Mail replies will come from many. Of these: Some will just ask you to write a unique article, many will ask for money. And the whole thing depends on the condition of the site and your interest. Avoid sending huge mails by writing wrong English and nonsense. Explain in a few words what you want or don’t want.

How to select a website?

One cannot post on any site without checking its value and google ranking. There some essential points that one has to keep in mind before selecting a website:

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority must be more than 50 or 60.
  • The niche of the website should be similar to yours.
  • The post needs to be permanent and without any edition.
  • Check whether they are allowing no-follow backlinks or do-follow backlinks.
  • There must be less spam-score of websites as it represents the quality of the site.
  • Check if they are providing author-ship or not for your post.

When to pay and how to fix a genuine deal?

One needs to check the review of the site before paying them for work. One should ask for post-payment after publishing the article. It will be payment security for the service taker.

One must pay through online mode and take the proper receipt and slip for the payment mentioning the terms. In this way, secure payments could be made with the least chances of scams. One can ask business partners and clients to get some excellent advice.  


So, here we can conclude that guest post service is a tricky way to promote a business house. One has to learn a lot of things before finalizing the guest post and going ahead with posting. One also has to do these things timely without taking a gap or by taking less gap. Continuous and steady work always helps in more growth with more profit. Consistency is a must while working and making a brand well known. So, try to be specific while working and go in the right direction. There is no need to take tension while asking for help from outsources and then being on the right path. Whenever you have questions, please contact us, and we would like to help you out to solve your queries. Also, we are trying to post more related blogs to make the work of our readers easy.

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