How to Choose The Best Psychiatrist Near Me for Mental Health Issues?

Best Psychiatrist Near Me

Finding  the best psychiatrist can be a tedious job in itself. There are more than 100 psychiatrists and psychologists listed on practo, lybrate and other listing sites. It becomes even harder to choose the best when all the doctors are qualified and experienced. This blog will help you to understand the basic expectation from a psychiatrist. It will also help you gauge the psychiatrist near you with a few parameters to accolade them as the best in the city. 

People often get confused with psychiatrists and psychologists .Psychiatrist and psychologist are two different kinds of doctors. Psychiatrists are more medical doctors with advanced knowledge and experience.They are eligible to  prescribe medicine for treating mental issues. Whereas psychologists have doctorate degrees like phd and are only trained to diagnose the symptoms and solve mental issues with therapies. 

Who is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrist is a medical professional who studies the human mind and its behaviour and then treats it through medicine, therapies, and counselling. The main aim of psychiatrists is to create awareness about mental issues among its patients and then treat them in the most natural way. They undergo intensive research which equip them with skills to diagnose human cognitive behaviour,and also patient’s fears and complexity. 

What are Common Mental Problems in India?

According to the report published on the Lancet Psychiatry website one Indian among every seven Indian was suffering from some or the other mental issue. The number of people suffering from anxiety were 44.9 million while 7.6 million were suffering from bipolar disease during that year. 2021 will only see an increased number of cases suffering from mental issues. 2020 has increased depression, anxiety, stress,eating disorders, nightfall, schizophrenia,  and other common mental issues among Indian men, women, teenagers, children, old age people.  The reason can be Covid19 impact, domestic violence, unemployment, peer pressure, social distancing or physical quandary.

 The table below shows the percentage of the population suffering from common mental issues in India. 

Particulars Percentage of population suffering from diseases Min and maximum range anticipated
Mental disorders 14·3% (12·9–15·7)
Idiopathic developmental intellectual disability 4·5% (3·0–6·0)
Depressive disorders 3·3% (3·1–3·6)
Anxiety disorders 3·3% (3·0–3·5)
Conduct disorder 0·8% (0·6–1·0)
Bipolar disorder 0·6% (0·5–0·7)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder 0·4% (0·3–0·5)
Autism spectrum disorders 0·4% (0·3–0·4)
Schizophrenia 0·3% (0·2–0·3)
Eating disorders 0·2% (0·1–0·2)
Other mental disorders 1·8% (1·5–2·0)

How to Choose The Best Psychiatrist Near Me?

It is time we become much aware about mental issues and start talking about it.If mental issues are not handled vigilantly at the initial stage itself then it can lead to suicidal thought, negative behaviour and even hamper physical health. Booking  online consultation with the best psychiatrist in India is a boon in this digital era. So if you are living in any metro city, small town, villages of India, then
book online consultation with Dr Sanjay Jain, the right contender for your query” best psychiatrist near me”. 

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While looking for a psychiatrist near you you should check the following attributes in your doctor.

Psychiatrist Should Embrace New Technology 

Whenever people think of going to a psychiatrist near their place, they are looking for a comfortable option by means of distance, time and flexibility. Any psychiatrist who is , providing online consultation is the best candidate to choose for counselling. Psychiatrists can provide depression counselling, marriage counselling, de-addiction counselling, child counselling, transgender counselling, sexual counselling  through online video chat. 

Psychiatrist Should Maintain Confidentiality

People of India are still shy to express their mental issues. In such scenarios a psychiatrist who is well aware of the social taboo, maintains strict confidentiality of their patents report. Choose the doctor who manages privacy of their patients strictly and impresses them with their congeniality in the first session.  

Psychiatrist Should Be Well Qualified

A Psychiatrist  is a qualified , learned doctor who udnerstand  human psychology . He holds expertise in diagnosing the symptoms of mental issues and treating in the best possible manner. Psychiatrists are medical doctors(MD), who complete their study from reputed institutes like SMS hospital and then have 3 year of residency training. A psychiatrist or psychologist with ample experience can easily diagnose the symptoms and choose the right treatment since beginning thus saving your time and money.

Psychiatrist Should have Digital Presence

Reviews  and ratings from previous patients are the best parameters to assess while choosing the best psychiatrist near you. The google rating,just dial ratings, practo ratings, lybrate ratings and patients testimonial are genuine verdicts for the doctors. Check these ratings and reviews before booking your online consultation with a psychiatrist. 

Takeaway of the Blog

Getting timely treatment by the right mental doctor can save from any further deterioration in physical and mental health. It will also save time and money in this busy world. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, are some severe problems that are slowly killing  not only the older people but also the youth. This blog is written to educate people about the spreading  mental issues and how to choose the right doctor for the right treatment.

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