How to Claim & Apply For Unemployment Benefits?

Claim Unemployment Benefits

When looking for a job, you pay attention to certain professional benefits listed in the offer. They can be paid sick leaves, free meals, medical care, etc. As your professional situation risks facing unemployment, you need to apply for professional benefits to guarantee your rights during the depression. So, let’s find out the best way to claim social protections and get financial support during inactive days. Looking for best jobs around the United State? Find out more than 15,000 jobs at Fratres.

What is Unemployment Benefits?

It is insurance that you can obtain when your work is interrupted due to lockdown policies. Unemployment benefits are granted for

  • Blue-collar workers who cannot continue their jobs online.
  • Catering workers who stopped their activities for a while.
  • Taxi drivers or transportation workers whose jobs are interrupted
  • Any employment that doesn’t offer the opportunity to work from home.
  • It also includes self-employers, independent contractors, and artisans.

This unemployment benefit is a temporary solution for interrupted activities and depends on several conditions, such as pandemic disease.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefits are a way to replace financial losses until things get back to normal. Keep in mind that not all active workers have the same operations and working hours. Recently in the US, unemployment benefits are subject to extension, depending on the situation, the nature of work, and applicants’ eligibility.

During the problematic economic depression, unemployment benefits seek to help eligible people with a different amount of money as financial support. The question is, am I eligible for it, and how much would I earn? All these questions will be answered and explained right away.

Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits:

If you want to know who can claim unemployment benefits, the answer is simply every person who has lost his/ her job, project, or activity due to the pandemic situation. Everyone who has canceled the process of a given service such as transportation, catering, teaching, babysitting, assisting, etc. Everyone who owns a shop ( a barbershop, a store, a bakery) is eligible as long as he/ she is forced to stay at home without any alternative professional activity. You do not qualify if you are working from home and earning your income or a significant amount of your income.

By March 2020, the US government has provided three types of unemployment benefits:

  1. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance: it includes assistance for people who are not eligible for any financial benefits, such as self-employed and independent contractors.
  2. Pandemic Unemployment Compensation: as it tells by its name, it is compensation for financial losses, estimated by a weekly paid support reaching 600$ on top of the regular unemployment benefits.
  3. Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation: it includes additional Unemployment Insurance benefits UI, extended to 13 weeks, and might reach 39 weeks.

Concerning self-employed people, part of the coverage is meant for the people who work for them and are entirely unemployed. The same is applicable for partially unemployed or unable to work because of the pandemic crisis.

How Much Money Can Unemployment Benefits Offer?

To answer this question, you need to specify your professional situation. Whether you are a worker, a business owner, or an employee, you can claim unemployment benefits as long as you are eligible. Your situation would specify the type of benefits you need, be it assistance, compensation for emergency compensation.

Everything depends on the kind of profession, your position, the number of working hours, and your salary. That’s why numbers vary according to

  • What you do: The type of job you have applied for and the work you do
  • Where you live: The law differs from one state to another. Unemployment benefits also vary according to the state.

Generally speaking, the maximum weekly unemployment benefit amount in the New York State should not exceed Unemployment Assistance ass 505$, which is not the same in the rest of the states. The good news is whatever the estimated amount of the unemployment benefits, it always is combined with additional facilities that were already guaranteed by the job.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

It is not easy to get weekly paid financial support without having a clear idea about your expenses and your real financial needs. Since the amount already varies from one state to another and from one worker to another, application portals are not the same.

Each industry has promised to provide financial support to all kinds of professional risks. But, the application might take a long time to give you a final response about how much you will earn. The application is always online. You have to fill in a form and be honest about your earnings and professional situations.

Application portals are updated every time and always verify the answers of applicants. If your application for unemployment benefits was rejected, it either chose the wrong unemployment benefits’ type or for putting inaccurate information.

Unemployment benefits are a type of financial support during an economic crisis and a situation that prevents you from continuing your activities.

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