How to Create an Invoice Quickly and Easily from Anywhere, Anytime

How to Create an Invoice

Invoices enable you to bill your clients and track the income from your business. A professional invoice template will allow you to get paid faster, and it will make it easier to manage your billing process. An invoice is extremely essential for small business owners but sometimes they don’t know the process of creating an excellent invoice. The good news? It’s very easy, especially if the right tools are used to streamline the process. Below are the easiest ways to create an online invoice within seconds.

Create an Invoice Quickly From Anywhere, Anytime: 6 Steps

1. Create an Invoice Header using your Business Details

Include your business information at the top and bottom of your invoice. It may simply be your name, business address, mobile number, and email id. Include your logo in the header if your business has one.

Your business name at the top makes you stand out. It is also a great way to help your clients identify you and your company. You should carefully follow these steps to ensure your contact information is accurate. It allows customers to reach you easily (and pay you).

2. Add the Client’s Contact Information

The second step in creating the customized invoices from scratch required you to add all the contact details for your client. Double-check that you add the correct contact person. The Mac version of invoicing software allows you to verify contact details and store them in order to make future payments.

3. Provide Invoice Information

Each invoice that you send must include a unique number. This will help you keep track of all the invoices you have sent. You can choose the invoice numbering system you like and be consistent to avoid confusion. 

To number your invoices, the easiest way is to begin with an Invoice 1 and work your way up. Also, indicate the date on the invoice. For future reference, it makes tax season easier, since you can track everything.

4. Define All Payment Terms

It is crucial that you clearly indicate when and how clients will pay you on your invoice. Include the due date of your invoice. Freelancers often use the process of “30-day Billing”. For example, if a user issues an invoicing on May 1, the upcoming payment is due 30 days later on June 1.

Invoices should also include details about payment options you accept (e.g. credit card, check, PayPal, etc.). Invoices should clearly indicate any late fees. It is a smart idea to go over all of your payment terms with your client before they sign on. This ensures that they don’t get taken by surprise when you send them their first online invoice. 

Importantly, ensure that your bank information and payment information are clear so that you don’t have any holdups when it comes to getting paid. It’s possible to update your payment information later if your payment options change. 

5. List Taxes

Your taxes differ as per your place/location and the company type you own. Get the best free invoice software or online invoice generator and then decide how much you should be charging clients.

6. Adding Notes

It is not mandatory, but it might be something you would like to add at the end of your message. It will help build your brand and get you paid more quickly. Invoicing is important for all sectors like website, corporate, mobile app development company, and more.

Creating an Online Invoice in Google Doc

Google Docs acts as a free invoice generator and is a great tool for creating invoice documents. You can quickly create an invoice using the simple downloaded templates. Or, you can start fresh from scratch. You can use the feature to create invoice templates in Google Docs for your invoice. The steps are:

  • Log in with “Google Account” for accessing Google Drive.
  • Tap on “+New”. Come down scrolling to Google Docs using the drop-down list. Choose “From Template” after tapping on the arrow. Here you can also create professional invoice templates quickly. 
  • Enter “Invoice” into the template search box. There you’ll notice an invoice template’s list. You can review the selections and pick an excellent template.
  • Complete the new/document page using the template that you’ve chosen. This page can be filled with custom fields that include company name and address along with the phone number and email. Not only in Doc, you can quickly create an invoice format in Excel and MS word also.

Creating an Online Invoice in MS Word

MS word acts like an online invoice generator and has many templates that are simple and professional-looking. It is possible to create invoices in this manner, particularly if you have a good understanding of the software. But it could be bulky especially when you need to get paid. 

The turnaround time for sending out paper invoices via postal mail can belong. Even if your customers send you a Word document via email, they still need to be able to easily pay you. Utilize a pay app, or have the customer send a check. Here’s how to create an online invoice in Word if you still prefer it.

  • Select from the Word invoice templates under “New” via “File”.
  • Find the icon of “Invoice” (usually located on left) in the dialog box and choose the invoice type most suitable to your needs.
  • Create a header with your business’ contact information. This includes business name, phone number, postal address, email, and logo.
  • The next step in creating an online invoice is to include the details of the client, usually underneath your company’s contact information. Include the company title, phone number, address, email, and fax.
  • Add the special invoice #, date of invoice preparation, and due date.
  • Set clear expectations by indicating the payment way. You can break down services or products into line-item details. Calculate the sum, including delivery fees and sales tax. Make sure the total is mentioned in bold font. In the end, download the invoice.

A Few More Words

That’s how an invoice is created in uncomplicated steps. By using these tricks, your invoices will be created anywhere and at any time. Simply make sure you don’t skip any step in between and implement these steps in order to create a perfect online invoice.

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