How to Effectively Reduce Container Shipping Costs?

container shipping
Cargo ship in import export and business logistic, Logistic and transportation of International Container Cargo ship in the open sea.

Container shipping is one of the most important components of the shipping industry. This is one of the oldest industries and plays an important role in human society. Container ships are trader ships that carry their load in inter modal containers. Today, over 55000 cargo ships are doing international trade in over 150 countries worldwide. With over 1.5 million ship sailors, these containers ship consumer goods, raw materials, cars, fuel, foods, etc. Approximately, 20 million of these large container ships are traveling across oceans. Container shipping first started in 1956 with the first patent of a container ship by Malcolm McLean. Before the standardization of container shipping, a manufacturer packed his goods onto the ship and was then unpacked and pack onto a truck.

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Container shipping basics

Container shipping services are important for global trade. Nowadays container shipping is playing an important role because whatever item you are getting from the international market, container shipping is involved. Containers ships are of the standard size usually of 20, 40, 45, 53 feet. These containers are according to international standards which makes them interchangeable among companies. Different types of contains include open-end, one-side, open-top, half-height, flat-rack, liquid build, modular, standard dry cargo, etc.

Transport freight containers:

There are several ways to transport freight containers. These methods include:

1- Cargo ships: Ocean-going ships travel on set routes and do liner shipping.

2- Airfreight: Airplanes are used to transport freight. Although they are more expensive and less eco-friendly, business owners still prefer them due to their fastest service.

3- Rail freight: Freight shipping is also done via rail across the country. For rail shipment, containers are moved through cranes and shipped to railroad cars.

4- Truck freight: Without physically touching the product, the container can be directly loaded into a tractor-trailer for convenient shipment.

How to reduce freight cost?

Freight costs can go higher and can become quite problematic for you. Here are some of the potential ways to reduce freight cost:

1- Reconsider packaging

While setting freight rates, businesses typically consider the aspect of space. So, to reduce your space is one of the most effective ways to reduce the freight cost. You can reduce dead space by reconsidering your packaging. Efficient packaging can significantly reduce the freight cost. But while reducing packaging, make sure that you don’t compromise on packaging quality. Because it can result in the breakage of many fragile items.

2-Ship less often

Another way to reduce shipping costs is to reduce your shipment frequency. You can avoid shipping in smaller consignments and prefer bulk shipping. The reason for this is that the same volume shipment costs less if done at one time. This will also reduce your shipment time as you don’t have to go through the whole process many times. Further, it will also save you from carrying large quantities of inventory than needed.

3-Regularly book space

Many business owners regularly purchase specified space to get discounts. To reduce transportation costs, these businesses turn to stand capacity. However, this isn’t a good option for the people who avoid frequent shipping or own a small business. Further, standing capacity saves you from paying higher transportation prices.

4-Off-peak shipping

If you are fruits or vegetable retailer you need to do on-peak shipping. However, if you are someone who doesn’t deal in perishable goods you need to choose an off-peak shipment. Off-peak shipment can reduce shipping costs to a greater extent. So, choosing off-peak days can be a smart move.In the event that you are organic products or vegetable retailer you have to do on-top transportation. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are somebody who doesn’t bargain in transient products you have to pick an off-top shipment. Off-top shipment can lessen delivering expenses indeed. Thus, picking off-top days can be a savvy move.

container shipping

5-Data analysis

Modern inventory management systems collect data on business inventory operations. You can use this data to identify poor shipping instances and finding their root cause. For instance, you can use shipping records to identify shipping lanes with low delivery rates and average breakage.Present day stock administration frameworks gather information on business stock tasks. You can utilize this information to distinguish helpless delivery cases and finding their main driver. For example, you can utilize dispatching records to distinguish transporting paths with low conveyance rates and normal breakage.