How to enroll for NISM Certification Exam (Complete Guide)

If you’re looking to get certification in securities and financial markets, then the NISM certified course is for you. Before you can apply for that course, it’s better to know about it, a certified exam, subjects, fees, and enrollment process. Let’s discuss what you need to know about NISM.   

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) founded the National Institute of Securities Markets is a certification exam that helps the candidate gain knowledge about the financial market. It’s a certified program that focuses on a deep level of understanding and strategic subjects of the securities markets.  

Further, NISM certification courses contain plenty of training and educational modules in the area of finance across the globe. If you’re looking to get settled abroad, you can also apply for the NISM certification exam. 

How to online register for NISM certification?

You can fill your complete online form through their official website. In the entire process, you need to fill up your details. After that, you have to activate your valid email account. This process also requires attaching your important documents such as a graduation / post-graduation mark sheet, PAN card, and a passport-sized photograph. 

However, your registration can only be completed when you successfully pay the exam fees via online or net banking or credit/debit card. After successfully paying your fees and submitting the form, your online registration for the NISM certification exam is completed.

How to apply for offline registration?

If you’re looking for offline registration, you can also fill the offline form. All you have to do is follow the same process, such as fill in your entire details and attach a copy of your important documents. Later you can send your offline form to any of the six NSEIL offices. 

How to enroll for the NISM exam?

After filling your NISM certification exam form, you have to select the exam/subject, its testing center, time slot, and exam date. It’s up to the candidate when they are ready to give their exam. Accordingly, they can select their exam date and time slot. After filling in these parameters, the candidate is ready for their examination. You can learn during the   

Eligibility criteria

Anyone can apply for the NISM certification exam, which is below 30 years. But, the candidate must know basic English and computer knowledge to apply for this exam. Further, those students pursuing graduation or post-graduation can also apply for this exam. Thus, candidates who want to build their career in Economics / Commerce / Finance / Management are encouraged to apply for this exam. However, the candidate should contain 50% of aggregate marks to qualify for the NISM exam. 

Exam Dates

Well, the examination dates of the NISM exam should be selected within 180 days after enrolling for the exams. You can select the date of your exam in the available time slots, and meanwhile, you have to select the exam center. You can visit the official website to get more knowledge regarding the online exam and test center. 

Is rescheduling your exam possible?

Of course, you can reschedule your exam. But, you can only reschedule your exam 15 days before your NISM examination. Otherwise, chances will be less to reschedule your exam. 

Test centers

The aspiring candidates are free to select the test center from more than 175 places all across the major cities. However, if the candidate has enrolled via NISM, the candidate can give the exam in any test centers of NISM, MCX-SX, and BSE centers. 

What are the NISM exam fees?

The all-inclusive NISM certification exam fees for all the exams which you have selected is Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only (₹1500/-). However, if the candidate opts for NISM-Series-V-B: Mutual Fund Foundation Certification Examination, they only have to pay Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred Only (₹1200/-). But, for all non-compulsory NISM Certification Examination, the candidate has to pay Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Five Only (₹1725/-).   

How to prepare for the NISM certification exam?

Once the candidate submits its enrollment form, they can download the NISM study material’s soft copy from the official website. The NISM certification examination largely carries the exam from the study material which they provide. However, not every question needs to belong to the study material which they have provided. Thus, candidates are advised to get updated from circulations and check previous year’s question papers to check the difficulty level. 

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Exam day

It’s advisable to reach the test center 30 minutes before the beginning of your exam with all the mandatory documents and your admit card. You can download the admit card provided in your NISM account you can also get notified through your registered email. Further, your admit card should be free from any mistake like misprint or faded ink. Generally, the NISM certification exam takes 2 hours. 

But, the NISM certification exam contains negative markings. It would deduct 25% for each wrong answer. However, there’s no negative marking for NISM-Series-V-B: Mutual Fund Foundation Certification Examination, NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distribution Certification Examination, and NISM Series XII: Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination. 

But, the passing score can vary depending on the examination you have selected. Your score will reveal immediately after you submit your paper. But, never forget to collect your scorecard from your invigilator.  This is covered in all stock market investment courses.

Certification and result

After your examination, your scorecard would immediately reveal. But, to qualify for the exam, you need 60% or more. However, the certification would be provided within 15 days. If in case it gets delayed, then you can call the NISM helpline. Further, your NISM certification is valid only for 3 years. 

Can your NISM certificate renew?

Indeed it can! After completion of three years, you can renew your NISM certificate. All you need to do is apply for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) as per the NISM guidance.  

What is the NISM remote proctored exam?

Those candidates who want to take the exam from their location, like home or office, can apply for the NISM Remote proctored exam. However, to apply for the Remote proctored exam, the candidate must require a laptop or desktop having Windows OS (Windows 7 or advanced version) with stable connectivity, webcam, and microphone. You can also visit the official website to know more about the NISM Remote proctored exam. 

But, the candidates must have stable internet connectivity. Well, the minimum bandwidth required for this examination is 512 kbps. However, if you don’t have a laptop or desktop, you can also give the NISM Remote proctored exam from a tablet or cell phone. But, it would be better if you use a laptop or desktop. 

How to prepare the setup for NISM Remote proctored exam?

It’s better to check your setup before you start your NISM Remote proctored exam. The following are the things that you should keep in your mind. These are:

  • You have to make sure that your desk is free from any gadgets, books, writing material, or any other stuff. 
  • Second, you should ensure that you’re sitting near a light source, or the light source should be above you, not behind you, so that your face can be easily seen through the webcam. 
  • Third, make sure that your background should be plain or white, and it shouldn’t have any background design, pattern, painting, or something else.
  • Do not skip the video tutorial. View the tutorial to understand the entire process better. 
  • You must download a secure browser like MSB. 
  • Check your internet connectivity and make sure you have sufficient internet connectivity. Also, check your power supply for an uninterrupted examination process. 
  • Always keep your identity proof ready beside you, so whenever required, you don’t have to rush anywhere. 
  • Further, always sit in a quiet place or a well-neat-and-tidy room that has proper lighting.    

Can anyone talk to you during your NISM Remote proctored exam?

No! Although you’re giving the examination at the comfort of your place. But, it’s crucial to maintain the decorum of the exam. Take the exam with the utmost seriousness, as it’s a high-stakes test. You should consider your room as the examination hall and maintain it throughout the test. Make sure there should be no one around you or talking to you. 

If someone is near you, then you can also get disqualified from the test. Further, adjust the web camera, so your proper face and body can be visible. Your face must be visible throughout the examination. If any suspicious behavior is found, then your test would be terminated.   

Can you use a rough sheet or mobile phone for calculation?

No! You can’t use a cell phone, or rough sheet in the NISM Remote proctored exam. You should take that exam seriously. In case of any calculation, an on-screen scientific calculator would be provided to you. However, in case of any violation, you can be disqualified from the exam.    

Is there any dress code for the NISM exam?

Even though the NISM exam is an online-based examination, you must maintain decorum and dress properly in formal attire. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit, tie, or extra things. Just wear a formal or semi-formal dress while giving the exam.      

 How to prepare for the NISM certification exam?

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