How To Fix Windows 10 Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer?

Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

Windows 10 popped-up an error of downloading the update, or if we can’t get the update, it has undoing changes made to your computer. Usually, the loop is started if windows updated files are not downloaded, or it will corrupt some files as well. Due to the problem, the user has a message when they boot up the system. On every boot-up, the issue becomes frustrating because it ends up on the same page.

Nevertheless, the error appears commonly, or the user will start encountering. Most of the time, the update fails, or the user is restarting the system multiple times. However, the issues are constant the same. We will help to resolve the issue by using simple solutions. Not so many things too accessible to do so when windows are not working. Therefore, to come out of the mystery, follow these highlighted instructions below-

What could be the solution if undoing changes made to your computer? Well, as mentioned above, the error is quite common, or it is frequent misbehaves due to several factors-

  • The windows update does not download slickly. If the latest update is not downloaded user tries to install, it can start the issues.
  • Might be less disk space is the reason for the error. Mostly, the user has less disk-space for updates on the system. The issue can be appeared because of this on-screen.
  • If the update is interrupted while installation, the PC would be turned off or mirror the error.
  • One of the reasons is a corrupt system file that can raise the issue on your desktop.

You will have to press several keys such as F8, F9, or ctrl+alt+delete in several cases to start the system to come to safe mode. Afterward, follow the instructions to come out from the troubleshoot screen. Once the system is in safe mode, follow these listed down instructions. If you still try to solve the error, you can navigate to troubleshoot advanced options or start upsetting.

Steps to Fix Undoing changes made to your Computer Windows 10

As we mentioned above, before getting the solutions, make sure the system has the required space. In case you are using a VPN or proxy server to set up a connection, remove it, or connect again.

Enter safe mode

How to enter safe mode? Is it benefited to remove undoing changes made to your computer? If two or more operating system is installed on the desktop, you will have to reboot the device.

  • Choose change defaults or other options to do so.
  • If you have windows 10 default, press or hold F8 and SHIFT+F8 to start-up the screen.
  • Choose an advanced start-up screen or go to troubleshoot.
  • Go ahead and choose an advanced option.
  • Tap on start-up setting pr chooses safe mode.

Go to windows update troubleshooter

The foremost step can be to run the windows update troubleshooter. It will search the system for update kind issues or fix them as soon as possible. It might not be successful all the times, but troubleshooter fixes the issue eventually. Here’s the way to start the troubleshooter process-

  • Tap on windows key+I to open settings.
  • Check security or updates.
  • Next, go-to troubleshooter.
  • Now, click on windows update or hit the troubleshooter.


How to troubleshoot undoing changes made to your computer? DISM, known as deployment servicing or management, is used to prepare the windows images as well; it is used for windows setup, windows PE, etc.

  • When it comes to run DISM, you must open command first.
  • Next, open an automatic repair window again or switch to advanced options.
  • In advanced option, click to Command Prompt
  • Once you reach the command prompt, go to DISM command or click enter.
  • Now, restart the PC or check if it executes the DISM command fix the error we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes.

Delete software distribution folder

The folder stands for storing the windows updated files. In a few cases, the folder is damaged or the issue pop-up on the screen. In this scenario, you need to delete the data of the software distribution folder. Here’s the way to do it-

  • Before automatically go, disable the windows update services. Tap Windows key + X to open the command.
  • Now, type in the following command

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits
rename c:windowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak
net start wuauserv
net start bits

  • Restart or update the system now.

Disable automatic windows update

There is one more way to fix the issue by evacuating windows from updated automatically. To do so, you will disable the function window update services. The right steps to complete the process-

  • Open the service window
  • Find the window update services or do required clicks.
  • Go to start-up type to disable or tap on stop to stop service if it is consecutive.
  • Tap on applying or click OK.
  • Now, Boot the system.

Tap-on app readiness

App readiness is defined as a service that is essential when windows are updating. Some users claim turn on the app readiness service solve will solve the problem.

  • Tap on windows key +R to open.
  • Now, type services.msc or tap enter.
  • Find the readiness service app or make double-click to open.
  • Set the start-up to automatic or click start to use the service.
  • Now apply or click OK.
  • Restart the system now.

Precede a system restore?

Mostly, you can fix it; we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes or undoing changes made to your computer by system restore. To do so, you access the troubleshooting option screen. If you want to know how to do it, learn the process to access the method by reading below-

  • Go to troubleshoot screen or choose an advanced option.
  • Choose system restore

Install updates manually

  • Corruption of dependencies of the windows update component can be the biggest reason that stuck the updates.
  • The Windows update process has a collection of several modules working altogether.
  • If it is not worked appropriately, install updates manually might solve the issue soon.

If this will not help you, reset the system PC or clean install windows.

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