How to get my iPhone X Screen Repaired?

iPhone X Screen Repaired

The smartphones might have become cheaper but still purchasing an iPhone x is an expensive choice. Since the phone is expensive any damage to it would be felt greatly and require professional assistance to fix it. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your phone as much as you can. However, everything doesn’t end up the way you want and an unfortunate accident can damage your phone for good.

The screen of your phone is quite delicate as compared to the rest of the hardware and most of the time it is damaged before anything else. So, hire an iPhone x screen repair service without looking into other options. The following are the steps followed by the professionals to fix the screen of your iPhone.

Switch off the phone and remove two screws at the bottom

Before you start fixing up the screen it is necessary to prepare your toolkit and luckily the list isn’t too long. You are just going to need a couple of screwdrivers, a spudger, and a pry tool. If you don’t have the prescribed screwdrivers, then it is better you visit a local store to get them. Once you have the required tools, start by switching off your phone. On an iPhone x or iPhone 12 you can do it by pressing volume up, and then volume down, and finally by pressing the unlock until the shutdown pops up. Wait a couple of minutes and then unscrew two lock screws at the bottom where you connect the charger.

Pull up the screen by using a suction cup

Now that the screen is unlocked by removing the screws it is time to start the next step to remove the screen. Remember it is a time taking the job and it must be done with care if you don’t want to cause unnecessary internal damage. The screen won’t come out that easily because of seals and you’d need to adopt a smart method to do it. Don’t use a screwdriver to pull out the screen, instead use a suction cup. Place the suction cup on the top of the screen and press it to create a firm grip. Now use the ring on top to pull it up.

Use a pry tool to release the screen

The third step must be performed together with the second step and you’d need both hands on the job. Since the seal is quite strong and the suction plug will not do the magic and you’d need a pry tool to assist you. The pry tool is made of soft material and its edges can penetrate the seals without causing any internal damage. Use this tool as you pull the screen outward with the suction plug. It might take a while to create an initial gaping of a millimeter. When you notice it’s working, then expand the use of the pry tool on all sides, and remember to go extremely gentle.

Open up the screws and remove the cover plate

Once the screen is completely released with the help of a pry tool and suction cup don’t just pull up the screen. Because there are connections underneath, instead position the screen vertical on the right side so you can see the connections clearly. Now you have to remove the cover plate to unhook the screen of your iPhone x. The cover plate is the protective plate that covers the connectors and to remove connections you have to remove a few screws so you can reach the connectors. Hold the screen with one hand as you remove the screws because there are running cables from phone to screen.

Use the spudger to remove connections and free the screen

Once the plate is removed, you’d notice a series of connectors below. Now your first target is to cut off the power to the screen. If you are unsure which connector to remove, then you can hit it up online for details. You are going to need a spudger tool to remove these connectors because they are quite small and fingers will not help you. The spudger is just like a pry tool and it doesn’t cause any damage while you use it. Disconnect the screen connectors to release the screen completely from your iPhone x.

Remove FaceID, earpiece, and camera

iPhone x is a complex assembly and you’d need to do a lot more than just releasing the screen completely. For example, several items are installed directly on the back of your screen. Such as the FaceID, earpiece, and camera. Since these items are functional, you’d just need to put them on the new screen to use them again. Using the same parts reduces the cost of repair as well. You need to be very gentle as you start removing these three items. When ready you can peel off the new screen and install these on the new screen.

Assemble the phone correctly and do a test run

Some experts say that it is quite easy to open up but putting it back together is quite tricky, especially when you have to run the testing after closing it. Since there’s no way around it, you should put the iPhone x back together as you’ve opened it. Pay attention as you put connectors together because a small mistake can make you lose a lot of useful time. Start by connecting the cables back to the phone and then put the cover plate back in place. Afterward, gently place the screen in place and seal it well. When you feel it is ready it is time to do a test run. Press the power button and if everything went as planned you should see a welcome message soon.


Choosing which iPhone to buy is a challenge in itself. Then Fixing up a broken iPhone screen is the next level. There are a lot of small things that you pay attention to as you fix the screen. Skipping one means not only reduces the quality of work but you end up wasting time as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to do it yourself, instead hire professionals to do it for you.

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