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body care

Do you want to know that how to care of a body. then its your right place. because in this article here discuss how to learn of body care. this tropic you must know that body is the most important think of every human life. Body care is important to your general health. Good products help to cleanse and care for your skin. They also protect against bad external influences, such as the sun or heat and cold. Skin care products help with skin problems and can soothe your irritated skin. For example, you can suffer from sweat  or irritation after shaving . Daily body care ensures healthy skin that looks good.



Cleaning your skin is important in good skin care. Cleansing removes sebum, dirt and sweat from your skin. This allows your skin to breathe and prevents unpleasant body odors.


How can you cleanse your skin?

Cleaning your skin regularly keeps it healthy. But too often washing or aggressive cleaning can cause problems. Showering too often too long can dry out your skin, for example. Aggressive cleansers can damage your skin and weaken its barrier function. If the protective function of the skin does not work properly, it becomes more sensitive. This increases the risk of dehydration, infections and allergic reactions such as eczema.



Choose cleaning products that are right for you

When choosing good cleaning products, make sure that:


it is gentle on the skin

it suits your skin type and any skin conditions

it moisturizes the skin well

Tips for cleaning your skin.

Don’t shower too hot. This draws moisture from your skin.

Do not rub too hard when drying the skin. By patting it dry, it retains more moisture

Take care of

Care products such as a cream or lotion moisturize and nourish the skin. They can also help treat skin problems. Hydration of your skin not only provides enough moisture in your skin, but also renews your skin.

How can you care for your skin?

Apply your care products after cleansing your skin. Clean skin can absorb the care better. Using a cream or lotion after you shower keeps your skin healthy and can prevent or treat problems. The structure of each part of your body is different and needs different care. For example, your hands have a lot to do with heat, cold and sunlight. Your feet are often locked in shoes all day long.


Choose care products that suit you

Choose a moisturizing product for your body that suits your skin type. For example, do you have dry skin? Then choose a richer cream. Is your skin very sensitive? Then choose mild products. Here you will find more information about the different skin types  and how to care for them.


You can also pay attention to:


products with alcohol or perfume, these dry out the skin

Your body has its own way of protecting your skin from the effects of sunlight. Your skin does this by pigmentation (the brown color in your skin) and by making the top layers of the skin thicker. With strong UV radiation or in the sun for a long time, your body needs help to protect your skin. Too much sunlight is the number one cause of skin aging and pigmentation . You can also get skin allergies or even skin cancer.


This way you can protect your skin

In addition to the care products, also apply a sunscreen to your skin. Always do this well before you go into the sun. This gives your skin time to properly absorb the cream. If you go out in the sun for a longer period of time, it is important to lubricate your skin often.


Choose protection that suits you

The choice of the right sunscreen cream depends on the sensitivity of your skin and your skin type. It also depends on the season and how long and often you go out into the sun. It is also important to:


use a high protection factor. The lighter your skin, the higher the factor.

Special sunscreen to choose for special circumstances such as winter sports.

Smear your skin thickly

Can also be used on sunny but cool days.

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