How to make an excellent college presentation

A PowerPoint slideshow is amongst the key methods utilised by college students to create a presentation. It is undoubtedly the most effective means to not only gather the attention of an audience but also to evaluate their knowledge and understanding of the material. This multipurpose multimedia project keeps you engaged by making the topic more interactive.

The first rule of making an excellent PowerPoint presentation is to understand the topic inside out. You need to gather information from varied sources to grasp the topic firmly. All great presentations have a few things in common: they’re substantial, creative, and personalised. How you choose to present a topic is totally up to you, as long as you do so in a confident way like some students avail the service of assignment writer confidently..  

Some practical tricks may help you create a fantastic experience for the ones you’re presenting to:

When you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, you must pay attention to its design. You might get carried away with the availability of bright colours and get temped to materialise multiple functionalities, so it’s important to keep your focus on what’s important instead of what’s cooler.

Choose the template that offers consistency to your presentation. Select a design that not only captivates the attention but also maintains it.  

  • Keep it consistent but not boring 

It is a good thing to experiment and play with several ideas but do so while maintaining consistency in terms of formal and theme. The key is to ensure smoothness and consistency throughout by using similar tones, colours, font sizes, and styles.  

  • Keep it brief

You know what’s worse than giving a poorly structured presentation? Giving a lengthy presentation that never seem to end! Hence, the idea is to keep it brief and to the point. Don’t simply add slide after slide as fillers. If something is not necessary, simply don’t add it.

But again, if you have more material, you shouldn’t throw it out or force everything on one slide. Use your brain and figure out a way to keep every slide engaging. 

  • Don’t Add Unnecessary Content

As mentioned above, it’s important only to include the content that adds value to the overall material. Don’t add lengthy paragraphs of texts make it a rule not to add more than six lines on one slide. Keep it balanced and insightful. 

  • Highlight the Keywords

One trick to grab the attention of your audience is to highlight the keywords. Use bold and catchy headlines to make it easier for the viewers to process information. While you may use larger and/or bolder fonts, capital letters are usually not recommended. 

  • Add Special Effects

PowerPoint has several operational tools that elevate the standard of your presentation. Apart from font size and colours, you may also add music and videos to engage the audience. Experiment and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

  • Use High Quality Images

A PowerPoint presentation is incomplete without images. The motive of these presentations is to give a pictorial overview of a topic so that different senses are stimulated. Therefore, position the pictures accurately and in a balanced way.

Furthermore, make sure that the pictures add value to the text and support the message of the presentation. 

Now, after we’re done discussing the tricks for PowerPoint slideshow, let’s discuss tips that will ensure an excellent presentation: 

  • Don’t Read Directly From the Slideshow

What’s the purpose of a class presentation? It’s to test your knowledge and confidence! If one had to read the content from a source, there would be no presentation at all. Hence, don’t defeat the purpose, and instead of reading directly from the slides, look at the audience while explaining it. It’s as simple as this. You made the presentation (well, hopefully!), so you obviously (hopefully, again!) know the material, so it all comes down to conveying it engagingly and conversationally. 

  • Face the Audience

Nobody likes to watch a presentation where the presenter is scared and tries to avoid the audience’s gaze. You might be low on confidence or simply anxious, but despite it all, remember that you must face the audience. 

  • Have a Strong Opening

You’ve already given a successful presentation if your opening monologue is effective. Hence, think of creative ways to relate your presentation topic with an anecdote or an observation in the room. Once you’ve grabbed the audience’s attention, they will be hooked to you.  

  • Take Effective Pauses

Take it easy! You can’t speak like a robot in one go. Give your presentation a human touch by taking effective pauses and adding variation to your speaking tone. Add in a few punch lines and insightful dictation, then give a pause for the listeners to register and react. 

Thus, by following the tricks and tips mentioned above, students can easily ace their presentation projects. But remember the most important rule: practice makes perfect!


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