Ever so frequently people ask us how they are able to merge  or greater fb accounts . Now don’t get your hopes up! The reality is, it isn’t viable to merge fb bills. But, there are workarounds. All it takes is a bit of coaching and patience.

From time to time, people ask us to merge two or more facebook debts together. We inform them now not to get their hopes up. The truth is, it’s now not possible to automatically merge fb debts. But, there’s a workaround.

At the same time as fb does not provide a way to vehicle-merge all of your pals, pics, fame updates, check-ins, or different statistics, you could manually merge elements of your bills. All it takes is a bit of instruction and staying power.

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Step 1: Bulk download Your facebook information

As a primary step, we endorse downloading your facebook statistics in bulk. This manner can take some time and the archive will function a minimum backup if you decide to deactivate or delete your account. Unluckily, it might not be of first rate help in restoring any statistics, even though.

How to download Your complete facebook history

Over the years facebook has amassed a variety of information approximately you. In this newsletter, we provide an explanation for a way to download your fb records and what you’re likely to discover lurking inside.

In brief, visit Settings and protection, pick Your facebook records from the left sidebar, and click on View subsequent to wherein it says download Your facts.

This may lead you to a web page wherein you may download your information and get a replica of what you’ve got shared on facebook. To download all of your information, pick All of my records from the Date variety option, choose a download layout, pick out Media best, and click on Create report.

This is where you may need staying power. Relying on how massive your fundamental and accelerated archives are and what number of different documents are within the queue, this will make an effort. And with that, we mean more than one hours.

Observe that you need to download all presented records if you need to get hold of a complete backup of your account.

Despite the fact that your very own images are pre supposed to be protected inside the archive, you should nonetheless download your facebook pics and movies one at a time. Now not best is that this method has some other backup, it also loads faster and might provide you with more options.

Step 2: restore Your pals

As stated above, you won’t be capable of restoring or migrating all your statistics and that includes your pals. You’ll want to manually add friends for your new account. Sadly, it is not feasible to export your fb pals to a 3rd-celebration account and then re-import them to a new fb account.

However, you can import contacts from your phone. So when you have the contact details of most of your buddies on money owed out of doors of fb, you can take a small shortcut:

Open the fb app for Android or iOS.

Tap the three horizontal lines in the pinnacle-right nook, head to Settings > Media and Contacts, and allow continuous Contacts add.

Photo gallery

In order to continuously add contacts out of your telephone to fb and assist you locate your misplaced buddies.

Step 3: repair Your facebook Account records

Right here comes the massive letdown. There is no manner to upload or otherwise import your archive to repair or transfer facts out of your vintage fb account to your new one. Whatever you need to repair, you have to do it (semi-)manually. Proper now, the archive simply serves as a non-public backup. Not anything more.

So what are your options? You may re-add your antique friends as proven above, re-add pictures you downloaded from your vintage account, re-tag your friends for your pix, re-be a part of companies you were a member of, re-upload facebook apps, manually re-do all your private settings, including standard account and privacy settings.

We want we had better news, however as previously referred to, you can not vehicle-merge two facebook bills or restore your records, so that you’re basically starting from scratch.

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What you may Lose

You may lose loads.

Your entire Timeline and newsFeed records might be long past, such as posts or pictures you have been tagged in, places you checked into, all the Likes you issued or obtained, or corporations you had been a member of, all your account and privacy settings, and every other fact you accumulated over time.

Your pix and friends are clearly all you can take with you; the whole lot else has to be re-created manually.

Step 4: Deactivate Or close Your vintage facebook Account

If making a decision to deactivate or close your old fb account, make sure to feature your new account as an admin to any companies or Pages you manipulate. Otherwise, you’ll lose entry to them.

As soon as you have sorted admin roles, have downloaded all your statistics, and are certain you need to completely do away with your account, log into the fb account you want to shut, and go to the Delete Account page to kick off the system.

We have previously explained a way to delete your facebook account if you want extra help doing so.

The simplest way To Merge facebook accounts

Facebook by no means supposed to offer a restore function. As a substitute, the social community changed into legally compelled to provide a way for customers to download their information. As a result, users are left with nothing; however , half-baked solutions or awkward workarounds, need to choose to merge  money owed.

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