How to record Facebook messenger calls?

How to record facebook messenger calls

The Internet provides the best way to make free calls. Certainly, it has made lives effortless. One can connect with friends or loved ones by messenger call all over the world. You all require is an internet connection. Several applications are available to make your calls worldwide, but the Facebook messenger is trustworthy or allows connecting with friends all time. You might want to record the memories sometime on Facebook that you relive. Well, your desires are about to fulfill because we are sharing how to record messenger calls.

Over the air, you can start conversations, video calls, group chats with friends for free. As compared to WhatsApp, Skype, or more chatting platforms, you can use Facebook messenger for a video call and voice call. The final solutions can be using the right messenger call recorder. Now, you can record video or audio calls both. Next, you can calmly access to previous recorded videos or voice calls. You even can watch or hear the last recorded files without an internet connection.

How to record messenger voice calls?

When you use the messenger on android or ios, you can use the Apowersoft screen recorder. You can easily access the app from google play store or install it as soon as possible. It can record messenger calls or audio easily. Bear that you do not need to wear headphones or system sound. It will not be recorded.

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How to record facebook messenger on windows or mac?

These days everyone is using the Facebook messenger voice or video call to connect globally. Are you one of them who also use Facebook messenger video or calls? Rather than a phone call, nowadays, everyone uses Facebook messenger. The demand for recording the call is much. This is why several apps are established, let to record the audio and video calls.

Download the Facebook call recorder

The foremost, you need to download or install the Aiseesoft app on your pc. Once you download, you can find several icons, including an audio recorder, video recorder, screen recording, etc. Tab on video recording if you desire to record the Facebook messenger video call. Plus, you can choose an audio recorder to record the voice calls. You make sure to figure out the settings according to need. This Facebook call recorder offers access to catch a video or audio moments both. To capture audio, you turn on the sound sources. If the settings are completed, you can begin the call.

how to record messenger video call

Make a call

You can use the messenger to open the app or make a call. Those who are using the web browser for the Facebook messenger calls can open a web browser to switch the website. When it comes to connecting with anyone, you are sure to link the audio or video device to your system. For the confirmation of linked devices, you might see a pop-up on the screen asking permission to use the attached devices.

Begins recording the call

Once you make a call, you will see the options to start the recording. Tap the recording to start an audio or video recordings automatically. It allows recording everything that is appearing on the screen include images or more details. So, keep these things in mind during video call recording. While recording, you get many features that would be stop, start, pause, or other controls.

By pressing the stop icon, the video will be saved automatically to the selected folder. Remember that there is no mentioned time or limit to record the calls.

Edit or save

Once the stop key is pressed, the file is robotically saved in the desktop library. Next, you can edit or share the file as you want to do so. The file format is very common that is played easily in any player.

Best apps to record facebook messenger audio or video call for android

The older versions of Android do not support the recording application. You have to download the supportive messenger call recording app to catch the video or audio calls. Keep in mind that several tools are fraudulent. When it comes to getting seamless experience while recording, you can use these mentioned trusted applications.



The recorder is used to record the voice or video segments on android screens. It provides access to record voice calls without any issues with functions or mobile settings. The application has a feature to record the video or sound at the same time. You even get a high-quality voice or video calls recording with pause and play features.

DU recorder 

DU recorder

DU recorder can be a great recoding application for android benefits in the record of the messenger voice or video calls effectively. The application offers the right way to capture several activities on a mobile platform that would be live shows online videos or games. Overall, you can record seamlessly with this trusted recorder application.

Steps to record facebook messenger call on iPhone

how to record messenger video call

iPhone is making it effortless to record the Facebook messenger video calls by adding the in-built feature. To start the recording, here are several steps to follow-

  • Press on iPhone mobile device.
  • Find the control center or choose the customize controls.
  • Scroll down or watch the screen recording, to add the recorder, tap the green icon.
  • Click the control center or tap on the recording to start. Those who want only to capture audio can press the microphone icon.
  • To record the video and audio, tap the red status bar, or stop the recording to save.


You can follow these simple steps to record the Facebook messenger voice or video calls. There are several applications used to do so. You must check the description of all apps to start the recording or go for better video or audio call recording.