How to Record Screen on Mac

How to Record Screen on Mac

This is the era of online education and works from home environment, we come across a lot of events when we wish to capture and revisit those screens again and again. There are a lot of options to record screens for Windows however users are still confused about how to record your screen on Mac. This article on how to record on Mac will guide you through the manual process and the best screen recorder for Mac that can help you record your gameplay, meetings, conference calls, webinars, and way more.

Windows operating system has come up with the Xbox Gaming Bar with the release of Windows 8. At the same time, you can use the QuickTime Player app to take screenshots and record short video clips. If you wish to record unlimited videos without any restrictions, you can make use of the best screen recorder for Mac. Continue reading to learn how to record screen on Mac.

Use Hotkey for Recording:

MacOS also offers an inbuilt tool to capture screenshots or screen record your active screen. Here is how to record your screen on Mac. You can use QuickTime Player or iMovie to meet your recording requirements.

How to Record Screen on Mac

Press (Shift + Command + 5) key combination to access the QuickTime Player toolbar. You can record the entire screen, capture a region, take a screenshot, record a rectangular area, active window, or capture your screen activity.

How to Take Screenshot Using QuickTime Player:

QuickTime Player is one of the best video players and the default media player for macOS. You can access the toolbar just with a simple hotkey.

Step 1. Access QuickTime Player from the applications folder.

Step 2. Click on the File menu and select New Screen Recording from the menu options.

How to Record Screen on Mac

Step 3. Click on the arrow next to the Record button (Red Dot) to configure the recording settings.

Step 4. You can add the internal microphone to add your voice. Adjust the volume slider to adjust your volume. Click on the ‘Show Mouse Clicks in Recording’ to show and record your mouse activity.

How to Record Screen on Mac

Step 5. Click on the Start Recording (Red Dot) to initiate the recording process. Click anywhere on the screen to record the entire screen or drag a specific area to record a specific area.

Step 6. Press the Esc key to cancel recording or Stop Recording to end the recording process and play, edit, or share the recording on any platform.

“QuickTime Player doesn’t offer any streaming options on online platforms. You can’t add, edit, or remove watermark from your videos with QuickTime Player.”

Use FREE Screen Recorder for Mac:

If you are a beginner and just want to use the screen recording option for a short video, you can make use of the best free screen recorder for Mac. You can record or live stream your videos on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms.

OBS Screen Recorder

Operating System: macOS 10.13+, Windows 10 and earlier, & Linux

Price: FREE

OBS Studio is one of the best screen recorders that you can use for free on your Mac. It is compatible with macOS 10.13+, Windows 10 and earlier, & Linux to record videos, stream online content, and record your favorite screens. OBS studio offers multiple configuration options and an option to record screens with intuitive features. The advanced features of OBS allow you to customize graphics, add objects, edit videos, and do a lot more to create perfect videos.

OBS Screen Recorder

You can use Chroma key effects while recording your webcam feed to capture perfect background and add multiple sound sources. You can use speaker output or add a Microphone to insert your voice. The advanced filters allow you to add mouse clicks and activities with highlighted dots or add hotkeys.

You can also add logos, trim recordings, annotate, schedule recording, change recording speed, convert video, display hotkeys, add mouse effects, or try different customization options to create amazing videos. If you are new to video recording and editing concepts, you may not know how to record a screen on Mac. You can go through different video tutorials on YouTube to get friendly with OBS Studio.

Final Words

There are different other options to screen records for Mac. If you wish to create professional videos or convert your videos into tutorials, you can make use of different paid alternatives.

The Best Screen Recorder for Mac can offer you different recording and editing options. While selecting the best screen recorder for Mac, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your version of macOS and can record high-quality HD videos. The best recorders can allow you to schedule recording, record, save, edit, or add objects to your videos, and allow you with different customizable options. The console should be easy to use and user-friendly with free and paid options.