How To Record The Screen On Your Windows And Mac

Record Screen on WIndows and Mac

Every person has a different reason to record the screen on his Windows 10 machine. A customer support representative who is generating a how-to-use video for the customer, a professional who requires the screen capturing for a presentation to deliver or may be a normal user who needs to record his screen to show the exact problem he is facing with a software.

And this is the reason both Windows and Mac operating systems allow to record screens with available inbuilt tools.

So, if you too want to learn how to record screen on Windows 10 and mac then you are at the right place. As in this article we will be discussing the steps to record screen not only with built-in tools but also with 3rd party software.

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How to Record Screen on Windows 10

Windows 10, by default comes with a builtin feature, Game Bar that primarily helps you to record games you either play on your computer or  stream from Xbox One. But this doesn’t mean that it is restricted to recording the game activities, you can also use it to record other on screen activities from other programs. And once you are done with screen recording, the resulting video is automatically saved as .MP4 format. You can then further upload it to Google Drive and share the link or directly send it as an attachment.

Let’s learn how to record the screen on Windows 10 with Game Bar.

  1. Open Windows Settings > select Gaming.
  2. Now click on the Game bar on the left pane, and toggle the button to ON position in front of the optio, “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.”
  3. Here you also find all Keyboard Shortcut for opening Game Bar, Taking screenshot, Start/Stop video recording. You can also modify the shortcuts as per your requirements.

Note: If you have Xbox connected to the computer then you can start the Game Bar by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

  1. Now, navigate to the screen that you want to record and press the Win+G button on the keyboard to open Game Bar.
  2. You will now see several widgets on the screen with options for taking screenshots, recording video and audio, along with broadcasting the screen activity.
  3. Next, click on the Start Recording button to start capturing your screen. Alternatively, you can also press Win+Alt+R keys at the same time on your Keyboard to start the recording.
  4. Now start performing the action whatsoever you want to record.

Note: Once you click on the screen, all the Game Bar widgets will be replaced by a tiny floating bar placed at the upper-right corner of the screen.

  1. Once you are done with the screen recording, click the Recording button on the floating bar to stop the recording.
  2. Now once you have stopped recording, a notification will prompt to confirm that the game clip was recorded.
  3. Click the notification to open the location of the recording. You can now play the video file or upload to the drive.

How to Record Your Screen in macOS

Now once you have learnt how to record screen on Windows, let’s proceed with the way to record screen in macOS. Just like Windows operating system macOS Mojave or higher comes with built in screen-capturing feature.

  1. To get started, open the screen or the app that you wish to record and press  Shift+Command+5 keys on your keyboard to open the system’s screen recorder tool.
  2. Now from the bottom bar, you can either select to capture the complete screen or just a selected portion of the screen.
  3. Next, click on the options button, to choose the location to save your recording and start a countdown timer. Also, make sure to check the option to select the microphone of your Mac, if you wish to record the external audio or your own voice.
  4. Now, click either on the record entire screen or record selected portion to start recording.
  5. A recording button will now appear at the top of the screen on the menu bar.
  6. Once you are done with recording the screen, click on the button to stop it. This will add the thumbnail of the recording on your desktop.
  7. In the future, you can double click on the saved file to start playing the recorded file in the default media player

Alternatively, you can also start screen recording on a Mac from QuickTime Player. To do so open QuickTime Player > Click File > Select New Screen Recording.

How to Record Screen on Windows 10 using Third Party Tools

Apart from Gamebar, you can also use third party tools to record videos on Windows 10. TweakShot Screen Capture is one screen recorder for Windows 10 that helps you to record all your on screen activities with ease.

TweakShot screen capture once installed not only helps you to record videos on Windows 10 video but also helps you to capture full screen, active window, selected region or scrolling window as a graphic file.

And above all this this amazing screen capturing tool provides you with basic editing options like cropping, resizing an image,pixelating an image, adding annotations, highlighting, along with a n option to upload the screenshot to Google Drive, DropBox, etc. We have tested this tool and found that it can be used both by beginners and pro without any problem.

Wrapping Up

So readers, this is all from our side. We hope now you have a better understanding on how to record screen on Windows 10 and Mac with the inbuilt as well as third party tools.

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