How To Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages on Messenger?

Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages

A messenger from the social media giant Facebook has taken over the traditional text messaging apps. It is no longer limited to sending messages from your Facebook account. The application is integrated with texts from Instagram and your cell phone service provider.

According to Facebook, over a billion people uses the application to send messages, make calls, and share media content. Unlike the technology-geek, people make simple mistakes and are not aware of the methods to revert them. One common mistake is the deletion of important messages from the app.

Once the message is deleted, there is no CTRL + Z to undo the action. They are lost forever, according to the dialogue box that appears on the screen. Still, there are some ways you can retrieve those messages with the right process before it’s too late.

Here, we have mentioned some ways to get the deleted messages from the messenger before they are lost forever.

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Use Archives from Messenger Application

You can use the archives feature to hide the application instead of deleting them. It will protect the conversations or messages from unwanted access. These conversations are only a few clicks away if you want to unarchive them.

For mobile application, the following are the steps to display an unarchived conversation –

1. Open the Messenger app on the device and visit the recent conversation section.

2. Click on the search bar and enter the name of the person whose conversation you have archived.

3. The conversation will be displayed on the search result. Select the conversation with a long press and then select the unarchive option.

The process to unarchive conversation on the website is different. Following are the steps to use the website to retrieve archived conversation –

1. Click on Messages and then More.

2. The Archived option will appear on the screen. Click on it to display the list of archived conversations.

3. Find the required chat from the list. Click on the Unarchive Message option to complete the task.

Find the Offline File

Facebook stores the conversation on the internal memory of the device to retrieve them when the device is offline. It also speeds the loading process and saves the mobile data of the users. You can use the same to retrieve recently deleted messages from the Messenger app.

You need a file explorer to find the temp file in the application folder. Here are the steps required to achieve the goal-

1. Locate and open the file Explorer application on your Android device.

2. The modern device doesn’t have a micro-SD card slot. Therefore, the application data is stored in the internal memory. Open the folder named Android from the list.

3. Find the Data Folder, then Cache.

4. You will find the conversations backup and other offline data with the name fb_temp.

Connect Android Device to a PC

The temp file method may not work for many users. The files are often inaccessible or absent. While in many situations, you cannot open those files or retrieve data from them.

Still, you can connect the Android device to access files in its storage. It requires a data cable and drivers in the system. Here are the steps to get those messages once the device is connected and storage is accessed.

1. Locate the Device from the list of folders on the computer.

2. Access the internal folders and click on the folder named Android.

3. The explorer will display two folders on the screen. Open the one named Data.

4. Find the Facebook folder with the name “com.facebook.orca”. Click on Cache, then fb_temp.

5. Find the deleted messages from the backups stored in the folder.

Open the Facebook Website

You can use the Facebook website to download every data of your account. It includes the images and texts in the predetermined formats. Also, you can select the type of information and the date range.

Facebook will store the information in a password-protected file for download. The social media site creates these backups on its own. Therefore, there is no guarantee over the information available on these files.

Here are the steps you need to download the account data from the Facebook website –

1. Visit from the web browser of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

2. Click on Settings, General Account Settings.

3. “Your Facebook Information” option will appear on the left panel. Select it and click on the “Download Your Information” option available on the right panel.

4. Select the information you want to download. Click on the “Messages” option and press the “Create File” button.

5. It may take some time before the file is ready for download. You will receive the download notification. Click on accept to start the download.

Use Third-Party Application

Some third-party applications will provide the option to recover the deleted texts. They use advance recovery algorithm combined with modern technology. It will save a lot of time, efforts, and data if you use these applications.

However, you cannot trust these applications with important personal data. They can use mining techniques to gather every information from your phone or laptop. Use the software only from trusted developers.

Also, these tools may come with a heavy price tag. You can take help from a professional instead to save some money. They will use their license at minimal fees to recover the data for you.

You can take help from YouTube guides to use an application for data recovery. The steps are different for every application. Do not download the application from unknown websites for security reasons.


To sum up, it may take some times and some unsuccessful attempts before the data are retrieved. Even after spending the whole day, there is no guarantee you can get the messages back. However, you should not lose hope unless every method is tried.

It is recommended to make backups now and then of the conversations. You can manually save the messages in Notepad before deleting them. Archive folder is also a good option if you don’t want the conversation to display on the home screen.

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