How to Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive

Recover Files From Hard Drive

Data loss can be common if your computer has been infected by a virus or a human error has occurred. Whatever the reason for data loss be, data loss is pretty painful as it swirls away all your hard work, memories, personal details, and professional presentation. So shall we just sit aside when the data loss happens or look for ways to recover data from the hard drive? We bet you are choosing the latter.

Through this blog, we will tell you how to recover files from a hard drive easily and free yourself from the stress of data loss. After we have tested so many tools to recover deleted data from hard drives, here is the list for best data recovery software for Windows 10.

Data Recovery Software For Windows 10

1. Advanced Disk Recovery

Data Recovery Software for windows 10

One of the most trusted and recommended too, Advanced Disk Recovery is a tool that can successfully recover accidentally lost files from the formatted hard drive. Moreover, it is absolutely compatible with all the versions of Windows and supportive with 32 and 64-bit versions. Once the data recovery software is purchased, you have no limitation on the amount of data recovery, support multiple formats, and have various scanning modes. You can filter out the scanning modes as well so that accurate results could be obtained.

Get your drives accurately scanned, internal or external, as and when required to extract data from. And thanks to the intuitive interface, one can feel the ease of data recovery as a beginner or intermediate user.

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2. Stellar Data Recovery

Recover Deleted Data From Hard Drive

Stellar is also known as one of the quickest tools to recover data from the deleted drive. You can recover data from multiple storage devices like hard drive, USB, memory card and many more. Moreover, there are numerous scanning options available that can handle various data loss scenarios. In fact, you can choose which sector has to be covered for scanning and which can be avoided.

The user interface is very friendly to anyone and an individual can just go through any place for navigation. The scanning engine is super fast and you can even get the data recovered from an encrypted disk.

3. AnyRecover For Windows

Data Recovery Software for windows 10

No matter if your hard disk has been crashed, formatted, deleted due to human error or the whole computer has gone down, this tool can recover data easily. It supports more than 1000 file types to be recovered including documents, audio files, video files, archives, photos, etc. Think of SD cards, cameras, or anything else, just get all the data in your custody through the software.

The scanning speed is pretty much faster with a high recovery rate. It even supports more than 10 languages which makes the user base expansive. You can also set a filter separately so that date and type could be set up for comfort.

4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Recover Files From Hard Drive

This data recovery wizard is perfect for all PCs and is designed for the user’s convenience. Suitable for all the versions of Windows, you will not only be able to recover data from the hard drive but also find out corrupt files and recover them without any hassle. You can also preview the files before recovering them up.

Get ready for raw file recovery here. Moreover, you can easily sort files by name, file type or date according to the choice. Just one click and you can control the scanning process for finding lost or deleted files with EaseUS.

5. Disk Drill

Recover Data From Hard Drive

Another buzzing tool to recover files from the hard drive is Disk Drill whose free version offers 500MB of recovery too. Although it is considered a limitation, it is one of the major features you cannot afford to miss. Be it photos, videos, music, documents, or anything else, get it back into your system.

Also, devices with file systems like FAT, NTFS, HFS+ or EXT4, and many more are easily supported by this system. It even comes with a recycle bin which is designed to maintain backup reference.

6. Piriform Recuva

Recover Deleted Data From Hard Drive

Another excellent data recovery software is Recuva which allows you to recover files from any kind of hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive or memory card. It can recover files from those drives which support FAt and NTFS file systems. The good part is that it is even available in a portable form which makes it less risky to overwrite. Since it’s a freemium app, try everything on for free and buy the premium version to enjoy all the benefits.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out how to recover deleted files from the hard drive already and are ready to recover the files instantly. What are your views on the same and which is the best software for you, let us know in the comments below.

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