How to Recover Old Photos on Your PC? Quick and Easy Method


Did you lose your precious memories from your PC? Or let’s say, are your amazing pictures deleted accidentally? We understand that you are surely annoyed and tense about it. Although it is always said that one must keep a backup of their data in the cloud so that when a system fails due to a virus attack or computer failure, they can be retained back. But if you haven’t taken that particular step already, we have a quick and easy solution to recover deleted photos.

Yes, we are talking about a good and powerful photo recovery software called Systweak Photo Recovery. We recommend this easy method because it takes a mere few steps to finish its installation, run the process and get the pictures back into your computer.

Possible Reasons For Photos Loss

There could be various reasons why photos loss could have taken place in your system.

  • Possible human error: Someone could have possibly clicked the ‘Delete’ button unintentionally and it becomes the reason for photos lost from the computer.
  • Error within device: It could have been some errors within camera or phone or when the images were stored, replacing the existing ones created an issue within them.
  • Storage error: It might show up if there are faults in manufacturing or sectors are damaged in the device itself.

Prerequisites Before Recovering Photos On Windows PC

If you couldn’t take a backup of images before and your photos are deleted then you must look for prerequisites like:

  • Eject out removable storage or external device from your PC before launching the application. Only if the application is launched, connect the drive for photos recovery.
  • Do not format the card if any prompt of formatting shows up in between.
  • If any prompt appears which requires you to find different ways of analysing storage devices or perform other actions, just reject them outrightly.
  • If you find almost all the photos for recovery but some are missing, copy them in a separate folder before going for a re-scan once again.

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How To Recover Deleted Photos?

Before anything else, it is advised to check your Recycle Bin as it may contain some of the photos deleted from your computer. If you find them then you definitely don’t need any software for recovery. Just retrieve them back from here itself. But if your photos are deleted from the recycle bin too, Windows doesn’t offer any system to get these deleted photos back and you need an external software to help you out.

This is why Systweak Photos Recovery comes into picture which is capable of not only restoring pictures from internal drives of the PC but also external drives, flash drives, memory cards or other hard drives. In fact, a formatted computer can also be checked out again to find old photos on your PC.

Method Of Recovering Deleted Photos On Computer

Follow the instructions mentioned below to recover deleted photos on your computer.

Step 1: Download Systweak Photos Recovery software on your computer.

Step 2: Let the process get completed and you can now click on the downloaded file to run the setup.

Step 3: As the program starts running, locate your device which needs to be scanned out, either under hard drive or removable drive depending on the location from where pictures get lost before. (If you are recovering photos from an external drive, do not connect the device before launching the program.)


Step 4: From the scanning options, you can choose Quick scan or Deep scan after which ‘Start Scan’ could be pressed. Understand that the Deep scan option will take longer than Quick scan as it tries to get into every hidden corner of the PC in order to find your deleted photos.


Step 5: Wait patiently for the photos to get back in the system as the process can take considerable time to finish based on the disk size and number of photos available within it. (You can choose the ‘Stop Scan’ option to pause or stop the scanning process in the middle only).

Step 6: Now you can find all the photos which are recoverable in the application’s interface. You can either choose to download these photos in your computer in one go or individually select the specific ones, as required.

Step 7: In this step, select the destination folder where you want to store your photos and click the OK button. Here, make sure that you are choosing a destination folder different from the source folder so that recovered files are not losing its value once again.

Step 8: Let the recovery software take time to finally store photos in the destination folder you have chosen and you are back with your old photos in PC once again.
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We believe that you have found out how to recover deleted photos in one go quickly and easily without losing your precious memories. Although it is again recommended to keep all your important photos in the cloud storage as losing them is a terrible condition. But if you have lost it then your savior is ultimately Systweak Photos Recovery for best way out.