How to Repair Outlook PST File Using SCANPST.EXE?

Repair Outlook PST Files

As we know that Outlook is a popular email client and stores the complete information about it, and any damage or corruption to it would ultimately result in some or other form of errors. These errors restrict the users to access information in Outlook and in turn, the application becomes retired. So, in this situation, users need to repair Outlook PST files.

Outlook is stored in the user’s computer in the form of PST files or Personal Storage files. Like any other files, PST files are susceptible to corruption and other forms of damages. Corruption to PST files makes emails and other mailbox items inaccessible in Outlook. Sometimes Outlook clients face these types of inaccessibility issues, creating a big issue for them. Now, here we are discussing some reasons for getting corrupted Outlook PST files.

Some well-known reasons that lead to the PST file damage:

There are various reasons to repair the Outlook PST file The most important ones are mentioned below:-

  • Where Outlook used then the abrupt system shut down
  • Improper closing of Outlook
  • Errors in physical storage media
  • Headers of PST files are internally corrupted
  • Suddenly Malicious virus attacks
  • Regular backup for Outlook PST files.
  • Keep the PC Antivirus updated.
  • Do not shut down the PC when an Outlook instance is running in the background.
  • Follow measures to manage PST file size (as per the storage capability ).
  • Perform periodic scans on your computer for a fine performance.
  • Always Check network and port connections from time to time.
  • Check local hard disks constantly for bad sectors.
  • Delete temporary files and cached files regularly.
  • Avoid downloading malicious links from PST attachments.
  • Check and update installed hardware and drivers regularly.
  • Ensure correct Outlook application launch and exit.

These are some reasons to corrupt PST files. Now we are going to discuss using manual methods to repair Outlook PST files.

How to Repair Outlook PST Files?

In this section, We will provide you with the best and reliable solution to repair Outlook PST files using a manual approach as well as using an automated approach i.e, the DRS PST Recovery tool that can easily fix your issues.

Method 1.  Using SCANPST.EXE to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST File

Go to the location in which your SCANPST.EXE is located and the following steps could follow the steps given below:

1. First of all, Double-hit the SCANPST.EXE to Install it. The MS Outlook Inbox repair tool for Windows will pop up.


2. Now hit on Browse and pick the corrupted Outlook PST file from the PC or system.

Repair Outlook PST Files

3. Now, The chosen PST file is shown in the edit box. Hit on Start to start the scanning of the PST file.

4. After that, Once the file is scanned, you can see the diagnosis report of the file. Now hit on Repair to repair the Outlook PST file.

 Note: Before repairing the file, you can also take a backup of the PST file.

5. At last, Within some time, the file will be repaired successfully.

Using these steps you can find a simple way to repair Outlook PST files. You can follow the above steps to complete the manual approach effectively.

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Limitations/ Drawbacks of SCANPST.EXE

Although Scanpst.exe is a free utility it has many drawbacks like:

1. Scanpst.exe can only recover or repair damaged PST files having a lower level of corruption.. If the PST file is facing issues with high corruption, then this free approach becomes of no use..

2. If the PST file size is huge, then there are chances that the process will terminate in between.

3. The major demerits of the Scanpst.exe approach are it does not support password protected files

These are some possible drawbacks/limitations to Repair Outlook PST File Using SCANPST.EXE? And also it will be a lot of time-consuming if I operate it. In these circumstances, I would like to recommend you use the direct approach that can easily repair your Outlook PST files only in a single attempt. So, Let us discuss below:

Method 2. Direct Method to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST files

Sometimes SCANPST.EXE may fail to repair Outlook PST corruption if the PST file is severely corrupted. For such a circumstance, data recovery experts recommend automated recovery tools (both commercial ware and freeware). There are many software companies in the market which provide third-party DRS PST Recovery tools with a free demo version. I would personally recommend the Outlook PST repair tool as one of the successful tools at this time. It is easy to repair Outlook PST files and save them. when it comes to recovery from corrupted Outlook PST files.

Features of This Utility

Here, we will know some advanced features of this utility and also know why we are choosing this utility.

  • Using this utility, recover complete mailbox data from a high-level corrupted PST file using a single attempt.
  • After recovering a corrupt PST file you can save the restored file in various file formats like EML, MSG, PST, DBX, and MBOX.
  • It provides various recovery modes to repair and recover any level of PST corruption.
  • It supports both types: 32-bit version (ANSI) and 64-bit version (UNICODE) Of PST files.
  • One more is a very advanced feature to repair encrypted and password-protected PST files.
  • Dates range filter to restore only necessary emails data or files.
  • It supports all versions of the Windows Operating System.
  • For using this tool, there is no need for any best expertise.
  • It is designed by user interface because users can use it easily.
  • It is very reliable and the best utility for repairing corrupt Outlook PST files.


The above techniques give you possible methods/Solutions to repair Outlook PST files as mentioned above. You can opt for an expert method in the place of manual measures if any errors occur. Using the Outlook repair tool to easily repair outlook data files. It is a very reliable utility for users. It also provides a free trial version of this tool and you can download the first 50 items per folder. Hopefully, you have a proper understanding of this blog.

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