How To Start Your Own T shirt Business with Low Budget

T-shirt business

Huge numbers and types of business are blooming all around the world. People work hard to achieve success and run their businesses efficiently but in today’s time only working hard does not work. Smart work is also required to grow and flourish. T shirt printing businesses are a great one to start. Also, it does not require much capital. 

We have combed out these important tips from various sources for you that are listed below-

Develop Product

So the first thing that you need to do, for starting your T-shirt business, is to think about your product. Keep in mind a clear concept that you wish to use. Create a design that is full of creativity but simple at the same time. A lot of clutter on your t-shirt will deter your audience.  Also, the work must be unique. Copying your rivals’ designs or any similarity to them can end up in losing clients. 

Though looking at designs and getting inspiration from them never hurts. 

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Create various samples and select the best at the end. Designs of good quality and which will be pocket friendly can lead to amazing growth. 

Method of Printing

There are several techniques for creating t-shirts printing. The choice of your printing method depends totally on your capital and the size of clients and audience. 

Here are few methods listed below-

Screen Printing 

This method of printing is apparently the best method if your main concern is the quality of output. But if the cost of supplies and labor is also not your strong suit then this method might not be the one that you are looking for.

If you have enough budget, screen printing is a great method. 

Supplies that are required in screen printing are screens for every color, inks, emulsion liquids or screen printing forms. 

It might require around 200 to 1000 dollars for the equipment.

Heat Transfer Printing 

This is a popular printing method used by various businesses. It offers huge flexibility with the cost of the whole setup. 

You can either print design on transfer paper with a digital printer or cut pieces of an adhesive vinyl and then. The former method does not demand a digital printer. 

Heat press machines may bring costs of nearly 300 to 3000 dollars or a simple iron box can also heat press the adhesive vinyl onto t-shirts.

On a low budget, heat transfer vinyl and an iron box can be a great way to start. Afterward, with some investment, you can grow your business and choose other methods like using a digital printer to operate the heat printing t-shirt business in a better manner.

In an inkjet printer, using inkjet transfer paper will be very easy to handle and use. Also, this method is easy on the pocket. 

This method is fast and very convenient. Also, at the same time, the high cost of this method can make it an inappropriate choice. It costs over 5000 dollars. 

Show your Artwork

After getting settled with the t-shirt printing method, now it’s time to collect your designs and display. 

Do everything beforehand to avoid any problems.  Pick out samples for testing. Pass over your work to clients. Learn from reviews of your clients and strive for excellence. Get feedback about the fabric that has been used. 

Skipping this step can bring harsh and painful consequences later on. 

Print a few of your designs and showcase them in front of people. Take good photographs and post them on websites, blogs, and especially on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. 

In this way, people will come to know about your work and your client size will definitely increase.

Understand Audience 

This method can bring huge profits to your business and help it to grow vigorously.  Also, there is huge competition from brands that you need to overcome. 

What is the point of creating something without being aware of the needs? Furthermore, to know the needs of your target audience, you must try to understand them. 

Understand your potential audience and figure out their interests, demographics to get a more vivid picture. Also, your clients can be teenagers, the youth, or even old. Thus, interests must be kept in mind.

Train Staff 

Your workers must be aware of the work that they need to perform and the mission of your business. Hardworking and devoted employees can change the shape of a business tremendously. 

Train your staff to make sure they work at the optimum level and bring growth to your business. Proper use of equipment is required. 

If your staff is not trained correctly, then there could be serious consequences like- 

Improper operating and damage of equipment. 

Wastage of costly supplies 

Disorganization of structure. 

Where to sell your T-shirts?

Identify outlets or places where you can sell your t-shirts. Figure out places usually visited by your target audience. Choose appropriate online websites and delivery methods.

Take Expert Advice 

Hire experts from this field to learn your mistakes that you might have committed. Expert advice can help you figure out mistakes and work on them to produce the best product in the market.

Evaluate Business 

After the production of t-shirts has been completed, make sure to evaluate the progress of your sales. Keep making improvements in your business to grow your brand and achieve success. Be aware of your business environment and do consult with others before making important decisions. 


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