How To Transfer Data From An Old PC To A New PC

Transfer Data From An Old PC To A New PC

It is always exciting to get a new Windows 10 PC with enhanced power, memory, storage space, and features. But along with that excitement of using the new PC, there is also a slight worry of how to transfer data from old computer to new computer. And I am quite sure that you too have that question crawling through your head, and this is why you are here reading this article on how to transfer data from old pc to new pc. You obviously do not want to lose any of your data, settings, files while moving from old computer to new. Moreover, this article will not only help you to transfer your data but also to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer along with other applications like Adobe and other installed applications.

So folks without further delay let’s start the article, how to transfer files from old PC to new Windows 10 PC,

How to Transfer Data from Old Computer to New Computer Using OneDrive

One of the most convenient ways to transfer files from an old pc to a new Windows 10 pc is using a cloud storage service like Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft provides 5 GB of free OneDrive storage for every registered user. And why we are focusing on OneDrive is that it is right there on your Windows, making it convenient to keep using it in routine.

However, if you are using OneDrive as a medium to transfer your files then you have to purchase more storage space, as free usage of 5 GB can’t be enough for transferring all your files from old to a new computer. OneDrive offers your various storage options like 100 GB, 1 TB and 6 TB that you can share upto 6 people. The latter two storage options also come with Personal subscription to Office 365 and Skype.

This is one of the most swift ways to transfer your files from old PC to new PC as long as you have an active internet connection with higher bandwidth. Also, apart from helping you in transferring the data this also helps you to backup your files regularly so that you never lose any of your data in case of hard drive failure.

How to Transfer Data from Old PC to New PC using an External HardDisk

In case you do not have an internet connection with good upload and download speed or do not have an unlimited data plan then using an external hard drive to transfer the data from an old PC to a new PC is another easy and convenient way. However, if you do not have an external storage drive then you have to spend some money on purchasing a new one. But if you are already having an external hard disk then you can easily transfer your files by spending anything on cloud storage services or the internet.

To get started all you need to do is plug in your external hard drive into your old computer, start transferring or copying the files from your computer to your external hard drive. And once the transfer of all files completes, plug out your external hard drive from your old computer and plug in to your new computer and transfer the data copied from old computer to new computer.

Although the process is easy and safe the only problem is that using an external disk does not allow you to transfer your Windows applications or settings. As this method of transferring the data is restricted to transferring of just files and folders.

Use PCmover to Transfer Data from Old computer to New computer

If you have used Windows 7 and 8 then you must be aware of the inbuilt service of Microsoft known as Easy Transfer that allows the users to transfer their files, user accounts, and settings from one computer to another using a physical transfer cable, an external hard drive, or through network. But in the latest version i.e. Windows 10, Microsoft has removed this feature.

However, the good news is that later Microsoft partnered with Laplink PCmover and designed a similar software that works just like Easy Transfer, But unfortunately this time you can’t use it for free.

PCmover Express will help you to transfer all your files, folders, settings, user profiles from old PC to a new one by connecting both the PC’s over the Internet. The transfer of data is quick and swift, but in case anything goes wrong you can contact their dedicated support team for 24/7 assistance. Unlike the above two methods, transferring the data using PCmover does not create a backup of files while they are transferred and this is the reason the transfer of data is fast as compared to the above two methods. However, as similar to the above-discussed methods of data transferring, this version of PCmover does not allow the full application transfer. 

So, if you wish to transfer your application along with data then you have to go through the next method.

How to Transfer files from Old PC to New Windows 10 PC using PCmover Professional

Another version of PCmover is PCmover Professional that although will cost you more for a single PC license as compared to PCmover Express, but if you want to transfer all your applications, along with other files, folders and settings, then you will not mind paying extra for this version of PCmover.

PCmover Professional works similar to PCmover Express, except an additional opinion to select which applications to move along with folders, user profiles,and settings. And similar to PCmover Express, it also has a dedicated 24/7 assistance desk in case any error pops up while transferring the data. Also, it also does not create any data backup while the transferring of data.

Wrapping Up

So, readers, this is all from our side. We hope that after going through the complete article you have not only got a clear insight on how to transfer data from old computer to new computer but also the best ways on how to transfer the data as per your requirements.

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