How To Use All Natural Drugstore Makeup to Get Rose Gold Summer Look


Hey guys, welcome back here again! So today’s tutorial is going to be a rose gold makeup tutorial using all natural drugstore makeup  products, and it’s actually been a while since I did an all drugstore tutorial and I know a lot of you guys really like it. I feel like rose gold is like one of those colors that are like a little underrated, we all love a good bronze vibe for summer. I mean, you know, I do but rose gold is bomb too. So today we’re doing rose gold drugstore bomb makeup zero to 100 transformations, so before we get in If you want to learn more tutorials click here.


Simple Ways To Use All natural Drugstore Makeup:



1.Let’s do this I just went ahead and clipped up my hair So it’s a little out of my face and I’m going to go in with the ultra precise brow pencil from elf and we’re going to carve them out and it’s going to Be a-okay and I definitely recommend using a full coverage concealer for this step just because if you do have any little hairs that you want to Cover something full coverage is going to help you do that and still give you that like really crisp brow look. All right brows Check and then I’m going to take the same concealer Which the one I’ve been using or the one I used to clean up brows is the elf camo concealer just going to make a really light little layer and blend that into the eyelids just to cancel out discoloration and make a nice even base game changer such a game changer.


2.All right for my eyeshadow, I love the palette, this is actually one of we need to move you guys because the sun’s coming in. Wow my skin the glow I have nothing on yet anyways back to the eyeshadow palette news of New York from Maybelline. One of the best drugstore palettes out there as far as like the pigmentation slash color payoff the shade range itself is so wearable and so just Versatile for different kinds of looks whether you want an everyday look a more glammed up look, a smokey eye, a bronze eye like you can create so many different makeup looks with this. So it’s going to look really nice.


3.Once we start building up like the rose gold tones on the face and then with a slightly smaller brush I’m going to take the shade right next door called explorer and deepen up that crease shade. We’re just adding a little bit of definition to the eyes, I don’t know if you guys can tell but like my eyelids have been so swollen lightly, and I don’t really know what it’s from But what can you do?

  • Okay, before we go any further with the eyeshadow, I’m going to take this elf waterproof gel eyeliner and I’m going to line the tight line like the underneath and this is going to add a ton more definition to the eyes just from doing this step and then I Just go on the outside on the very outer edge and then I’m going to blend that out and then I’m just going to soften it up with a little bit of like a plumy brown shadow.


4.So another one is also from the Maybelline palette, It’s this guy down here called voyager and this just helps to soften the line a little bit more So it like looks really nice and blended. I love this step because you get the depth of the liner but then it just looks really nice. So now we have our base done I’m going to add on some rose gold like metallic shadows in order to really make the eyes pop, so I’m actually going to be mixing these two well. I’m going to be layering them so I’m going to go in first with the L’Oreal brilliant eyes liquid shadow and then top it off with the elf liquid glitter in flirty birdie, so this is that L’Oreal product and I like the formula of this a lot. So that’s why I’m going to layer it with the liquid glitter from elf that does have that more like pinky tone.

  • All right now the elf shade and I actually like to take this shade like higher than you would expect because I’m not really going for like a cut crease and I like it when the glitter kind of shows through to the top of the lids slay look at that. It’s so pretty I think I’m going to try these lashes today kiss number 11. It’s a pretty natural, drugstore lash and before that. I’m just going to go in with a coat of mascara the Maybelline’s falsies lash less Maybelline Not Maybelline’s.


5.It’s done so for my primer, I actually went in with two Maybelline products and I mixed these two together. They’re hydrating primer, and then they’re a master strobing liquid in medium. If you guys read my articles regularly, you probably know this but skin is my favorite part of makeup I love making my skin look nice and glowy and dewy and especially when I can find like really bomb affordable products to do so honestly, I think I’m going to keep it relatively simple for the face makeup today. I am going to go in with this Milani screen queen Foundation really bomb.

  • I tried it out on a shoot a couple months ago and I just love the coverage because it’s definitely more on the natural side, but it still gives you a nice even coverage. It just looks like skin. It’s so good and I am using the shade 370 golden tan. I always feel like once I have, I change brushes halfway through I like to finish off with this brush start with like a denser one and then finish off with a fluffier one just to get that nice like flawless finish, but I swear I start to feel like myself once I have my foundation on and then we are going to go in with the elf power glow highlighter as well.


  • This stuff is so fire you guys like I’ve been using this for probably over a year now and I think that says a lot because you know I’m Constantly trying new products and testing out different things and different formulas and when I like look at this beautiful finish when I go back to a product this many times that is when you know, It’s so good, so pretty. I am really enjoying to use these all natural drugstore makeup.


6.I’m going to apply a bit of concealer and this is the same elf one and I also like to bring it up towards the nose a little bit, I swear that’s like the hardest part about doing my makeup is trying to get that line straight because if it ain’t straight, It ain’t great elf blending sponge. Now I’m just going to place a little bit of setting powder, this one’s actually from catrice and it’s a pretty new product. It’s called the catrice HD baking and setting loose powder mattifying water resistant second skin effect. This is my first time trying it but I like this little bouncy bounce container a little sifter a little sister action, but I’m not using too much of this today. Just lightly blending that into the skin and for me the area the only areas that I’m going to powder is right here in the t-zone in between the eyebrows and then Right under the eyes going down towards the smile line.


7.We’re going to go in with this really beautiful baked bronzer from Milani. I love the way this product looks on the skin because you can also see it has this like shimmer to it. So that makes it just really beautiful and radiant. It doesn’t it’s not going to be like super pigmented but it’s more for that like radiant look like a net snatch kind of day But honestly, I really like how this look is turning out where the skin looks very natural but the eyes are kind of like bubbling add some color back to the skin. We’re going to go in with some liquid blush.

  • This is the Milani cheek kiss liquid blush in rose romance. It’s a little dark darker than I would normally go. But I feel like it’s just going to match the rosy tones really nicely with the rest of the look so pretty Okay, I want to do just a little bit of Maybelline master chrome and rose gold obvi we gotta do it so good I literally can never get over how good this highlighter is. It’s really stood the test of time too similar to that elf one that I was talking about like the fact that I’m still using this years later is a true testament to how good it is.


8.Lip pencil I’m going with NYX natural a little bit of elf lipstick and cream All right, guys, sorry, but I had to bring out my light the sun went down I forgot to tell you guys that I went in with a little bit of gloss. This is the gloss I use NYX filler instinct. It’s like the perfect shade of rose gold to add this nice metallic touch to the lips. And it’s the shade peach. Oh I don’t know why I said peach brunch drunk, this is the finished look. So this is the final product from all natural drugstore makeup.


I Hope you guys liked it and enjoyed this amazing tutorial content using all natural drugstore makeup products. And if you really like this content then do not forget to give thumbs up, comment here and share. If you want to read articles about fashion click on softwarelozi. Always remember you are beautiful inside, keep loving, keep blessing, Bye.











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