How to Use Thinning Scissors for the Best Look?

Everyone wants a dream look but mostly, does not succeed. It seems as if no one is 100% satisfied with the look he has. When it comes to hairstyle, there is something that everyone suggests to be missing. In simple words, no one is ever satisfied unless he gets that best look he wants. You may tell your hairstylist to do what you want, and he often follows the instructions and tries his best to give that demanded look. However, it does not end up as you wish!

However, hair thinning scissors have changed the way you approach hairstyles. These are the scissors with teeth on one side of the blade. You can use these hairs yourself for thinning your hair and taking out hair in even sections. Also known as thinning shears, these scissors can help you get the best look. However you still need them in a perfect manner in order to get that desired look. Here is a quick guide to using thinning scissors how you will achieve that look you are after!. Here is

The Basics – Get the Right Tools 

Most importantly, you need to get the basics right. Yes, you are not a professional but you still need professional tools for the best look. Yes, you will get a quality hair thinning scissor first, obviously! Then, you need to have the right set of tools to get the work done. A quality comb and brush are among the much-needed tools. Make sure you have the right thinning shear because what you want to achieve will determine what sort of shears you require!

Brush Your Hair Perfectly

Before you begin thinning your hair, make sure you comb them or brush them accurately. Thinning scissors can be dangerous for your hair as well. You can end up causing serious damage to your hair. Therefore, ensure to brush them properly and then get your hands in the scissor.

Start by Thinning Minimal Hair

As mentioned above, thinning scissors can be extremely dangerous as they can cause some damage to your hair. Hence, you have to be extra careful and cautious when using them. Begin with thinning minimal sections of hair. This is to get an idea regarding how long you should go thinning your hair.

Holding Your Thinning Scissors in a Perfect Manner

It is extremely important to hold your thinning scissor in the right fashion. For this purpose, place your thumb in the larger hole and your ring finger in the smaller hole. Your pinky finger must be resting on the hook of the handle while your middle and index fingers must be resting on the handle.

Use Your Thinning Scissor to Get the Best Look

Use your thumb for opening and closing the scissor’s blade. Locate the section of hair you need to thin and use any of your fingers to hold that section. In a smooth gliding motion and start thinning them in a manner you would comb or brush your hair. Repeat the process until you get the best look.

Where to Buy the Best Thinning Scissors?

To know the best way to use thinning scissors, you first need to have the best thinning scissors. For this purpose, you have to buy scissors from a famous and trusted brand, and K5 International has to be your ultimate choice. K5 International is the best scissor brand in Australia providing all types of hairdressing scissors, including the most desired thinning scissors. Also, the prices are the lowest in the market and they offer a free delivery service in Australia. So, get your hair thinning scissors and start using them for the best look!

1. Seek Opinion from an Expert First

For any beginner hairdresser, the first thing he should do is to seek an opinion from an expert hairdresser. Hairdressing scissors are different from regular scissors and hence you need to be very careful while choosing the scissors. Therefore, it is important that you ask for some recommendations. An expert and professional hairdresser can guide you perfectly on how to find the right scissor that will meet your needs. So, it is important to communicate with a professional barber before your start exploring the market to find the scissors.

2. What Type of Scissor You Need?

Secondly, you need to know what type of scissor you need. Different types of scissors serve different purposes. For instance, there are regular scissors for regular cutting, and then there are thinning scissors that are used for hair thinning. These scissors have the blade with teeth that help in reducing weight and taking out hair in even sections! So, you need to know if you need such scissors.

3. Size & Length of the Scissor!

When choosing the right scissors, try to know the length and size of the scissor. The right size and length is the one that feels comfortable to your hands. You must feel the ease and comfort of the scissor when cutting hai