How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Wash a Weighted Blanket

The post today will focus on How to Wash a Weighted Blanket:

Since quality rest is essential to functionality and success, it is no wonder that weighted blankets are the newest sleep sensation sweeping the market. Weighted blankets are simply comforters filled with some sort of heavy fill, such as glass or plastic beads, that create a “tucked in” feel. In addition to feeling super cozy and warm, weighted blankets caress your body by evenly distributing light pressure across your body, creating a calming and comforting sensation known to ease anxiety and promote deeper sleep. Furthermore, the air spaces between the fill allow for better air circulation than a traditional comforter, easing concerns of anyone questioning, “are weighted blankets hot?”

However, after investing in a quality product, you are probably wondering how to wash your weighted blanket without causing excess wear or damage. Ideally, seek out a weighted blanket with a removable duvet cover, which will allow you to only wash the exterior portion in the instance of spills or stains. However, health experts still recommend washing the interior of your blanket at least once a year to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria. In addition, you can try spot-tackling stains with a toothbrush and washing detergent before attempting to clean the entire blanket. 

Before cleaning your weighted blanket, be sure to consult the care instructions tage to determine if the fill is safe to put in a washing machine. Synthetic weighted fills, such as glass and plastic, should be safe in a machine. However, natural fills such as buckwheat or rice are typically better to hand-wash at home. If your blanket is machine safe, next consult the weight to determine if you can use your personal laundry machine: any blanket under 20 pounds is safe to clean at home, while blankets over 20 pounds should be taken to a laundromat to use a commercial-sized machine. Not only will this protect your weighted blanket, but also your personal washing machine from unnecessary wear-and-tear. In both instances, make sure to use a cold setting and a mild detergent to preserve the integrity of your weighted blanket. 

If handwashing, it is best to utilize a large bathtub to properly soak your weighted blanket. Add half a cup of mild detergent to a full bathtub and mix it to lather, then dunk your entire blanket underneath the soapy solution. Once you’ve fully washed your blanket, empty the tub and refill with clean water to wash off any remaining residue, repeating as many times as you feel necessary. Before drying, gently wring out your blanket to remove any extra water.

In the case of synthetic materials, which do not easily absorb water, feel free to toss them in your dryer on a low-heat setting. However, for natural products, it is important to allow your blanket to air dry to ensure that all moisture is properly removed. Although hanging your weighted blanket is ideal, you can also spread it out over a wide, dry surface, making sure to flip every couple of hours to properly dry both sides. 

Although washing a weighted blanket feels intimidating, it is a very easy process to master once you figure out exactly what care your blanket needs. With a little patience and dedication, your blanket will be sure to last you for years to come.