How to Write a Substitute Teacher Cover Letter

A substitute teacher’s role is as important as that of a lead teacher. He or she helps out when the lead teacher is unavailable, which is why it is important to possess the right information about the work. 

When an employer looks for a substitute teacher, he or she wants to know that the candidate can do justice to the job. This is first determined through the Substitute Teacher cover letter. If you are at this side of the table, hoping to apply for a substitute teacher position, your cover letter should say that you are the best.

Get the necessities out of the way first. Find out who is likely to read your cover letter, and address it to the person specifically. Provide your address and contact information at the beginning of the document. Post salutation, begin your cover letter. While the brain is developing in the kids, it is a great time to trigger their cognitive senses. Researchers say that kids get smarter when they are fluent in more than one language. There are multiple reasons behind it. One who speaks more languages can have better memory with better visual-spatial skills and contextual knowledge. Therefore, you can enroll in making them learn a new language.

After an initial introduction to yourself, and information of where you heard about the open position, focus on the following:


The content of your cover letter should be customized in sync with the hiring manager’s requirements. 

Specifically, you should focus on what a substitute teacher role entails. Ask yourself the following questions before you write anything:

  • Are you qualified to handle a class?
  • Can you impart education as well as the lead teacher?
  • Can you control students’ behavior?
  • Are you an expert in giving out and marking assignments?
  • Do you feel confident enough to ensure students’ wellbeing and safety?

If the answer to all these is a resounding yes, you may move on to writing the cover letter.

Where content is concerned, talk about your knowledge of lesson imparting. You must also focus on your ability to respond to students’ problems and questions. If you have an achievement in the past, such as a time when you substituted for a long period of time, do mention it in your cover letter. Research shows that when someone puts effort to build their vocabulary, it involves many brain regions required for visual and auditory processing. You can make your child remember new words, meaning, and usage to widen their language understanding. It is one of the most successful cognitive boosting activities.


The format of your substitute teacher cover letter must be simple. Use one that is easy to fill out. In fact, make your own simple format. Respect white space – do not write in a difficult to understand font, and make your document double-spaced. If you involve kids to sit and draw something from memory, it will help them recall the picture in detail and think about putting on paper. You will be amazed by their drawings and creativity. Try to encourage them for their efforts by framing their drawings and giving it importance. It is a great fun, brain-booster activity for the kids.

Information Precision 

Where information is concerned, you must not highlight your previous experience as a substitute teacher. There is an entire resume to do that. You should focus on your skills and qualifications only. The hiring manager would not want to know what you did in this role when reading a cover letter. He or she would want to see how well you handled classes and students, and the fact that you did not let the class fall behind during the lead teacher’s absence. Dancing can be a new learning experience, along with being a fun activity. You can enroll your child in any dancing school or yourself dance with your child. Learning dance steps enhances the ability to imitate, coordinate and speedup memory. You can help your kid boost the brain with lots of fun and laughter. Don’t miss the chance to rock and roll with your kid. The research says that the brain is still young; you can mold it in any direction you want. If you encourage them to grow without compromising on the fun, it would be a great period to bond with the kids. In this blog, we have listed some brain-boosting activities which will help your kids grow smarter. Try to encourage them for their efforts by framing their drawings and giving it importance. It is a great fun, brain-booster activity for the kids.

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