How To Write Research Article To Publish At Journal

How To Write Research Article

A research article is prepared after original research on a particular topic. The purpose of a research article is to collect different evidence related to a particular claim or hypothesis. Based on the scholarly discussion of the research article, an effective conclusion is made that shows how the objective of the research has been achieved. It has different components that must be addressed in an accurate way. 

Every researcher hopes to get his or her findings published in a journal as a research article. This study publication helps to advance a researcher’s career. They can establish themselves as a credible researcher in academia. Based on successful publications, a researcher can ask higher authorities for assistance in further research funding. If you are researching, the publication of your work can benefit you in many ways. 

How do you write a Research Article?

To write a research article, you have to focus on its components. Its components are mentioned below:

  • Title 
  • Abstract 
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results 
  • Discussion
  • References 

Let’s discuss these components briefly. 

1. Title 

The title is the very first component that develops the reader’s interest. In the title, you have to make sure that the objective of a research article is clear. Furthermore, you have to use the main keyword in the title. In this way, you can grasp the attention of the reader. Also, it helps in having larger numbers of searches on the internet. In a research article, your potential audience is already specified. So, keeping in view the targeted audience, you need to make a keyword and use it in your research title. 

2. Abstract 

The second component of a research article is the abstract. Just like a dissertation, you have to add a summary of your work in the abstract of your article. In the abstract, the main focus should be on the final findings of your work. You need to mention these findings very clearly so that readers can understand them easily. Every reader decides if he should read more or not, based on the final findings written in the abstract. If you have no idea about abstract writing, you can buy dissertation online completely.

3. Introduction

In the section of the introduction, your main focus should be on three aspects. The first aspect is to mention research problems that are the main objective of the study. After that, your second aspect is a literature review of the topic under study. Researchers who do not know much about research articles, usually skip the part of the literature review. In this way, they have to face rejection for publication. So, you need to understand that a literature review is an unavoidable part of a research article. The last aspect is related to the contribution of study in academics. 

4. Methodology

For most researchers, the methodology is the section that is difficult to address. Most of the researchers, who have to revise, came to know that they have not mentioned methodology in the right way. In this section, you need to mention dissertation methods, techniques, tools, and other information. The methodology needs to be very clear for the reader, so that, if any reader aims to replicate your study, he does not get confused. 

5. Results 

In the results section, there is nothing to add by yourself. Whatever you have obtained from the analysis, just mention everything as it is. Based on the results, you can evaluate if you have analyzed data correctly or not. 

6. Discussion

In the discussion section, you have to mention how you got the results of the study. If you get the exact results as you assumed, that is well and good. In case you get some unexpected results, mention those results and explain the future scope of the study.

7. References 

List down all the references you have used in your research article. Do not forget to add in-text citations in your research article.

How do you publish a Research Paper in a Journal?

How To Write Research Article

For university professors, the publication of a research paper is necessary. Publication of a research paper is the basic requirement that ensures their long-lasting tenure in the field of academics. In their article, they are not supposed to address everyone, but their targeted audience is limited to graduates and other scholars. 

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It is important to mention all the components of the research article and make the first draft. Also, search out all of the journals that are relevant to your areas of study. Writing a research paper is not the only task to do for publication, but it needs review from the field experts. For a review of a research article, the editor of the journal asks field experts. 

The experts critically evaluate each component of an article and make sure if everything is fine, or it needs some amendment. If the expert finds everything alright, he will pass your article for publication. On the other hand, in case of any mistake, the academic expert will ask for revisions. The process of review and publication is not one or two months, but it takes a long time in the form of years. That is how you publish a research paper in a journal. 

What are the Format Requirements of a Research Article to be published in a Professional Journal?

The formatting of a research article is done based on the style guide you are asked to follow. 

  • On the title page, you have to add the header and page number. Also, you have to mention the topic of study, the name of the author, and the institute. 
  • The margin should be one inch from all sides. Also, the whole document should be double spaced. 
  • In the same way, the text should be formatted as Time New Romans with 12 sizes. 
  • Make sure standard levels for all the headings and subheadings in a research article.

Final Thoughts 

By following the above-mentioned steps and tips, you can write an effective research article to publish in a reputed journal. In this way, there would be very less chances to have revisions from experts.

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