Importance of DMIT in Career Counselling & its Effectiveness

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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is used to identify the inborn talents and traits of an individual. Dermatoglyphics explains and refers to the study of palms, finger patterns, and toe patterns. It explains to us about the study of human brain potential based on the fingerprint patterns and strength. These fingerprints and patterns start developing when foetus brain development starts in the mother’s womb between 13th – 21st weeks. Between the critical 13th and 21st weeks of embryogenesis, the human brain and fingerprints develop together, along with the formation of other major organ systems. The 10 fingers of the human hand represent the 10 lobes of the brain with a diagonal right to left side correlation.

It is a Science that combines neurobiology, genetic analysis, embryology, and brain science in correlation with clinical studies. Dermatoglyphics scientists collected psychological profiles of approximately 500 thousand individuals since 1985 across Asia and generated a database for cross-comparison study which helps experts learn the way to discover human inner potential.

Before talking about the usefulness of DMIT for children let me ask “If you have 100% proven means to understand your child’s mind, and what your kids are best suited from the point of view of studies, career, and hobbies; why wouldn’t any parent want to know the same?”  Because of the parent’s ignorance, aspirations, and guesswork the child may not achieve his or her full potential personally or professionally often times than not.

DMIT counselling, when applied to children, is an excellent way for parents to know about their child’s innate abilities, naturally occurring brain patterns, and ultimately their overall potentials. Parents can more effectively support and foster their children’s natural talents with 100% accuracy once they know the above scientifically. DMIT is not just a theory; it has been researched, proven, and actually used in Asian science and medicine since centuries.

Dermatoglyphics Test and counselling can identify a child’s intrinsic talents and qualities, enhance grasping experiences by identifying learning styles, helps in personalizing academic and extracurricular programs, showcase hidden talents, help build confidence and make career and academic choices easier. There’s no doubt about its accurate results in career counselling as compared to assumptive IQ tests.

DMIT analysis and counselling are like a lamp that helps a person understand his own potential, traits, and talents. If a person’s intelligence gets no identified opportunity to be inspired and developed, it becomes difficult to develop a full range of intelligence of memory, understanding, reasoning, analysis, integration, and application.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a scientifically proven way of understanding your innate potential is truly beneficial for students who want to know the suitable career path, leadership capabilities, and innate abilities based on their brain functions and quotient percentages. DMIT counselling helps you know the right learning style, subjects, and personality quotients of children to get expert career counselling for a fulfilling professional path in life.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple IntelligencFse Test can successfully help schools, colleges, and educational bodies to identify their students’ potential, skills and improvement areas to provide counselling and multi-modality teaching methods based on their natural learning capabilities, intelligence levels, and personality traits. For students with special needs and disabilities, DMIT can be utilized to design remedial teaching solutions based on sensitivity and compassion.

After discovering the child’s innate intelligence, parents and educators can efficiently:

  • Discover innate strengths and weakness
  • Boost and strengthen learning experience by identifying learning styles
  • Personalize academic and extra curriculum programs
  • Minimize time & financial commitments on activities and academics
  • Reveal hidden talents
  • Build confidence
  • Improve family relationships
  • Make academic and career choices easier
  • Access multiple intelligences of children
  • Work on Parent-child communication and education
  • Target at talents
  • Strategize for personalized education program
  • Identify child’s gifted area(s)
  • Select a major that best-fit child’s desired career path
  • Learn the appropriate way of teaching and learning

Once all 10 fingerprints are collected, the results are analysed and assembled into a detailed report based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The theory states that all of us can be intelligent in eight different ways and can develop each aspect of intelligence to an average level of competency if nurtured positively. These intelligence show whether your logical skills are higher than your creative ones, if you’re rhythmically inclined, a naturalist, a linguist, or if you are a left-brain thinker (someone who analyses everything logically) or a right brain oriented (artistic).

Generic aptitude and personality tests are passé. DMIT counselling and analysis is based on the scientifically proven premise that the patterns on a person’s fingertips are in sync with the patterns on an individual’s right and left brain diagonally. Once explored, it can in turn point out the inborn potential of a child. DMIT helps for career counselling:

  • To use an accurate method to identify a child’s inborn potential, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • To provide parents an insight into their child’s brain and accordingly groom them effectively to the talents they possess and put them on the right career path with the help of career counselling
  • To enable parents to focus on their child’s strengths and eliminate the guesswork about their talents.
  • To know your child’s Multiple Intelligence Quotients, IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ.
  • To know his / her analytical and creative skills and understand the child’s intrinsic potential.
  • To get your child’s preferred and Correct Learning Style based on Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic aspects.

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