Increase Your Conversion Rate and Grow Your Sales for Magento Store

Magento Optimization

Getting and maintaining the online visibility of your business is not an easy task. It requires a team of experts behind your online venture to reach out to the customers sitting at the extreme corners. 

Connecting with an experienced Magento Development Company is the perfect choice to get the online visibility that you seek for your business. But optimizing the online platform is equally important to increase the conversion rate. 

Considering the elements in this article, you will get to know the right way to optimize your Magento store to attract more customers and increase the conversion rate.

Getting to know Magento

Magento is a platform that is used to create e-commerce websites. The scripting language that is used in Magento is ‘PHP’. It is open-source software that grants individual developers the right to change its structure and personalize it as per the client’s requirements.

The platform was created by Varien Inc. way back in the year 2008. In 2018, the platform was obtained by Adobe Inc.

Some of the astonishing facts about the Magento platform has been stated below-

  • Over 100,000 online stores are derived from the Magento platform.
  • According to the reports, the platform code has a download history of more than 2.5 million times.
  • The platform actively participated and recorded a global sale of worth $155 billion in the year 2019.
  • The total market share of Magento platform holds almost 30% (2 years back data).

All the accomplishments as mentioned are enough to give you a glimpse of its success, making it a reliable platform.

If you are concerned about the dropping sales of your retail store, then investing in Magento Development Services is highly recommended.

Growing Sales with Magento Store

Hiking up the sales of your retail business is all that Magento is about! There are a plethora of things that give Magento stores an edge over stores created on any other foundation.

However, before we dive into knowing the methods for growing sales of your Magento store, it is better to develop an understanding of what a conversion rate is!

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Conversion Rate is the measurement of total visitors landing up on your page out of which those who are actually participating in completing an action (purchase in this case).

Optimizing the conversion rate-

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process that aims to optimize your Magento platform for attracting more traffic on your online store. It could be done in many ways, such as analyzing consumer’s movement in online stores. 

Optimizing the conversion rate can help you flourish the business like never before. 

Refer to the factors that are mentioned below to know how you can optimize your Magento Store to make a positive difference in the sales figure that you have been achieving.

  • Improving product description:

Adding the content in the product description is not enough but the quality of the content that you add plays a vital role in influencing the customer’s to make their decision. Make sure that you cover as much information about the product as possible highlighting the prominent features. Magento cms have a lot of features to optimize the conversion rate.

  • Image enrichment:

As the consumers are not able to physically verify the product in online shopping, this makes it a major limitation. The only option left with online retailers is to add product images and videos that help the customers to make a visual representation of the product reality.

  • Providing a reliable sizing system:

The customers generally tend to get confused when picking up a particular size of the product. An incomplete sizing guide could make the customer pick up the wrong one eventually leading to customer disappointment. 

If you run a clothing and accessories store, then adding a reliable sizing guide can be helpful for the customers.

  • Review and rating:

According to a survey conducted by A GE Capital Retail Bank study, more than 81% of the customers that access online stores read reviews and ratings. It makes it crucial for you to update your Magento store with reviews and ratings given by the customers. 

  • Managing shipping price:

The importance of shipping price is something that can not be neglected. High shipping cost is often a major reason that resists the customers from making an online purchase. 

There are many eCommerce platforms that deliver products at low or no shipping cost. It is suggested that you optimize this part to attract more customers and hike up the conversion rate.

Optimizing your online store for customer’s appeal

Magento is a tried and trusted platform that appeals to most of the retail operators. The rising dependence on Magento powered websites is one of the reasons that has increased the client’s demand for an experienced Magento Development Company.

The optimization of your Magento website after development is as critical as the development process. The production stage will give you a product that allows you to start your e-retail venture, but you need to ensure that the website already designed is often improvised that can be an ideal experience to its user with a great functionality process. 

Hurry up and venture into your Magento store development before the time runs out and the market gets crowded.

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