Insight into Electrosurgical Principle & Equipment – How it All Works?

electrosurgical cables

When it comes to discussing operations in the medical field, we only know it’s about removing any organ, stone, excessive fat, or replacing bones /arteries, or veins within the human body. But it takes the use of some basic equipment as well which helps in running the entire procedure in a systemized, and well-organized way

Let’s take the example of electrosurgical equipment. This helps in performing any surgical task using certain voltages to make it more efficient and successful. Let’s learn below the principle of electrosurgery, and how do electrosurgical cables, and other equipment work

Electrosurgery Principles

The electrosurgical generator or diathermy unit can also be described as, the most hazardous device that is used on daily basis in the operating theater. With this in mind, take a minute to learn the possible hazards that can occur using electrosurgical equipment, take an insight into how does it works, so you can figure out the right way of implementing safe practice in theater

How does it work?

Well, this question is concerned with the right usage of passing high voltage at high current through the patient without putting their lives at risk. Here, the key factor that allows the use of electrosurgery is, the current from the generator is of high-frequency alternating current, low-frequency current such as; the mains which alternate 50 times per second, or at 50 Hertz Leads to Neuromuscular stimulation and potentially cardiac arrest

The electrosurgical generator delivers a much higher frequency around 400 to 500 Kilohertz, and it is this that prevents neuromuscular stimulation and enables current to pass safely through the body.

There are two methods of applying electrosurgery;

Monopolar Electro Surgery – The Monopolar electrosurgery having established that high-frequency AC prevents neuromuscular. Why is the clinical effect is achieved at the tip of the instrument, and why not at the patient return electrode?

This boils down to a basic matter of surface zone, and current fixation. The power is concentrated over a tiny surface area at the tip of the electrosurgery instrument, yet dissipated over an area many thousand times greater at the patient return electrode then results in causing a negligible heating effect

It is important to appreciate that despite what many think, the pad of the patient return electrode doesn’t earth the patient, rather it merely completes the circuit back towards an electrosurgical generator. It is not an earthing device. Many electrosurgical generators in the UK are usually termed as ISOLATED

However, if the system you’re using is not an isolated one, then you must take special care to confirm the patient return electrode properly applied, and checked throughout the operation. The major potential hazard with older-style grounded generators is, that current flowing through the patient will not preferentially wait for the patient return the electrode for completing the circuit

It is equally satisfied to flow back to earth, the patient return electrode should become detached from skin. The current might leave the body by any number of roots. For an instance, the operating table or ECG electrodes causing burns at these points due to current concentration.

Always remember that though as an expert surgeon, you may not apply the patient’s return electrode, yet you’re supposed to make sure you’ve properly applied. This is how you need to stay alert with some basic principles of applying monopolar electrosurgery. And also make sure to choose vascularized muscle mass in order to avoid areas of vascular insufficiency, irregular body contours, bony prominences, and must consider the incision site

What Modes of Electro Surgery do you know?

There are two common modes of performing electrosurgery; cut and coagulation. There are two notable differences between these modes; the time in which current is actually supplied by generator and voltage achieve the precise clean

Cut – This mode gets in the pure cutting mode, power is on 100% of the time leading to rapid, and extreme heating of tissues which results in vaporizing cells. The pure cutting current is used, for instance for opening the skin.

The voltage used in cut mode is substantially lower as compared to coagulation mode that is applied with peak voltages ranging from approximately 1300 to 2300 volts to give the hemostasis associated with coagulation

The power is delivered in pulses and is on for only about 6 percent of the time. This outcome in significantly less warmth age, so as opposed to being disintegrated, the tissue is warmed all the more gradually

Coagulation – The coagulation mode is useful where tissue is oozing and may be used to desiccate tissue where the instrument is used in direct contact with tissue or full grade where the voltage is increased. The instrument is slightly held above the tissues, and sparks allowed a jump across the gap.

The coagulative currents can be associated with peak voltages from around 3500 to as high as 9ooo volts. Blende sits somewhere between these two modalities where peak voltage is higher than cut at over 3,000 volts, but lower than coagulation, and power on / off for equal amounts of time

To conclude, you just need to note the differences between duty cycle, peak voltages, and the effect that each of these modalities achieves.

As we’ve finally learned the insight procedure, now let’s take a look at what quantum electrosurgical cable is, why people take value from it.

Quantum Electrosurgical Cable

Have you ever wondered why you get so much value from quantum electrosurgical cables? This device has a unique quality and usually available at a very competitive price. The quantum electrosurgical cables are manufactured with santropene which is a unique, eco-friendly, plastic rubber

What is the benefit of these quantum electrosurgical cables? The main benefit is, quantum electrosurgical cables are more pliable, and it can be gently draped over the hand. One can easily notice the difference while trying one of the second quantum cables which are obtained with higher strands of copper

The benefit is, quantum cables deliver more consistent power to the instrument, and perform longer without failure. Also, there’s a lock in the molding process that eliminates wire pull out. It also has molded connectors that are completely sealed. This prevents fluid and debris from migrating into the connectors.

Lastly, quantum cables have been tested with all forms of sterilization. There are ten different kinds of reusable cables that cover all different configurations out there such as; single-use cables which are available at any medical instrument, or electrosurgical cables outlet.

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