Instagram Importance in Devising a Winning Internet Marketing Strategy

Instagram Importance in Devising a Winning Internet Marketing Strategy

Free advertising strategy on social media platforms, is this for real? We have seen social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus, etc for marketing purposes. But there is another platform that gives you millions of followers. By now, we all know that using social media is a strong marketing strategy. People move from one platform to another for marketing to increase their followers. But one other platform which is taking place over all other social media platforms is Instagram.

You must be wondering how Instagram can increase the crowd. With more than a hundred million users, sharing a picture can affect the mood of the viewer. Instagram is the most reliable platform for sharing pictures, videos, and thoughts. Instagram is a fast and friendly user platform where people can be influenced easily. One minute on a video can change the viewer’s mood. Here are some tips and tricks for using Instagram as a marketing tool and bringing your business a boost. It is easy to understand that Digital Marketing is a broad field that includes attracting viewers through content marketing, social media, and search platforms.

What Does The Research Say?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for enhancing your business these days. According to research, 4.1 billion people use Instagram and it is the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook. Instagram is the second most used social media platform with 4.1 billion active users. People have started their small businesses from Instagram and now growing their audience very rapidly.

What This Gadget App Is Actually About?

Instagram users are called Instagrammers. It’s easy to create a profile on this platform and share what you are doing in your daily life. You can also connect this app with other social media apps. It has a feature of connecting your Facebook account with your Instagram account so, whatever you would upload on your Instagram account, will automatically be uploaded on your Facebook account as well. You can follow your family, friends, favorite celebrities, and brands on Instagram and get their latest updates. Whatever the world is up to, click, like, and share with your Instagram family.

How To Be An Instagrammer?

We are here to help you become an Instagrammer with a good number of followers. Simply create an account and follow your favorite people and brands. They will follow you back and this is how your family grows. Share your photographs and videos on your profile and keep “Your Story” updated. For instance, you are having a coffee at the Human Bean, just click a picture of your coffee cup, put on the location, and share it on your Instagram profile. Get likes and comments on your post and keep your profile updated.

Be Around The World

Ever heard of hashtag this or hashtag that? Hashtags are the most important part of being an Instagrammer. Remember you posted a coffee picture above on your profile? Place a hashtag with it, like #TheHumanBean, and upload your picture. So in the whole world, whosoever will be interested in searching The Human Bean will search the word with a hashtag on the search bar and your post will be available in #TheHumanBean millions of posts. This basic tip will help you in moving your post around the world. Anyone in the world can like, comment, and share your post and you can get millions of followers this way.

Make The Crowd Crave

You must be wondering how these basic features can help you in branding yourself. Branding these days is highly dependent on visual media and such as videos and photos. Visual media is more appealing than plain text to the audience. Research says that good graphics and visualization of products affects the public emotionally. The emotional rush to any visual media makes them decide to buy the product or not. Marketing and advertising have become easier and effortless through social media platforms. Buying decisions depends upon the viewer’s emotional decisions leading to actions. It has been seen that the market value of a product increases by 40% when you use photos along with your posts.

Be Popular

If you are unsure whether you should brand yourself on Instagram or not, let us make it a piece of cake for you. You must have heard of a very famous makeup brand HudaBeauty. Do you know how many followers this brand has caught in the last seven years? To date, this brand has 48 Million followers and still growing. The base of this brand’s growth is its owner Huda herself. She keeps engaging her followers with her latest updates. The basic strategy of her profile growth is only her pictures and videos she posts on daily basis. People really like to know their favorite celebrities and their lifestyle and this is what she does. Every brand has its own strategies but no hard and fast rule. Either it is a food, clothes, or makeup brand, marketing, and advertising has become prompt. Instagram is appropriate for all types of businesses and if you are quick-witted with photographs and video selection then the floor is all yours.

Counting The Benefits

The foremost benefit of marketing on Instagram is that it’s fully free. All you have to do is maintaining your social media and profiles. Secondly, it is user friendly and easy to access for mobile users. It is easy to advertise yourself through Digital Marketing because people skip long details and descriptions. But most of the focus goes on the pictures and graphics of the page. If your visual media is appealing then it is easygoing for the viewer to choose you.

It is the most used tool among all other social media platforms. Having interesting and appealing posts on Instagram is ac cherry on top of your efforts. According to research, there are almost 4.2 billion like hits on Instagram which means 500 million users are daily active on this platform. This can increase your brand growth rate. Demographic research shows us that:

  • 31% of people who make more than 75k per year are on Instagram
  • 32% of people who make between 50k-74k per year are on Instagram
  • 32% of people who bring in 30k-49k per year are on Instagram.

While there would be more percentage of people who might have a little tight budget but are huge assets on the social media platforms.

Summing Up Your Thoughts

The most influenced audience is between the age of 18-29 and other than this the age group who uses Instagram on daily basis is 16-35. So it is easy to target the audience on Instagram. Moreover, if you still find it difficult to influence on Instagram or any other social media website then there are marketing and advertising agencies who do it for you. Digital marketing is the best way to reach consumers. Social media marketing and digital marketing are taking place in the world. Agencies keep your profiles updated and maintains the digital strategies on your behalf. If not Instagram then who else?