8 Powerful Tips You Must Know To Enhance Your Self-Motivation At Workplace

Key To Self-Motivation

According to Gallup Research, “70% of employees consider themselves to be disengaged at work”. Again, a remarkable study by Reward and Recognition of Consultant Motivates states that the proportion of people asserting they are not motivated at work rose from 18% to 29% in 2017. 

Can you remember your first day at your new job a few years before? You were perhaps jumping in joy with your big workplace- chock full of brilliant ideas and inspiration. Fast forward 1500 days later. Now, you are lacking the immense motivation you came blazing through the doors of your workplace with. The worst, have all your creativity and the enthusiasm to make the world a better place fallen by the wayside? 

Motivation is hugely elusive, isn’t it? It can be easy to lose your joie de vivre at work. However, that doesn’t always mean its’ time to move on and get started with a harrowing job search.  I have been there, and today as your best buddy, I bring forth real and practical solutions for digging up that lost motivation to not simply getting a job done- but complete it with a sense of passion. Keep on reading today’s blog post for certain top-notch tips that will ensure that you get motivated in no time. 

The Importance of The Art of Self-Motivation

Before I plunge deep to explain to you techniques of self-motivation, let’s get started with analyzing why you have lost your inspiration after a couple of years at the job. Eminent psychologists and psychology essay outline stalwarts believe that intrinsic motivation comes from the internal drive. But what do you think makes up the internal drive? 

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a psychology theory found in 1943 claims, human beings are motivated by these five vital drivers- psychological, safety, esteem, love/belonging, and self-actualization. 

At such times, self-motivation can help you develop a specific drive and determination to complete various tasks throughout the workday. If you start demonstrating high levels of self-motivation within the workplace, your bosses and fellow employees will start noticing that you are striving hard to succeed and accomplishing more concrete goals. Further, it also helps in increasing your productivity and offers a sense of pride due to the objectives you have accomplished. 

Further, psychologist Angela Duckworth conducted research on the characteristics of high achievers. She unearthed the fact that passion and perseverance are the key drivers of long-term success. Courage and fortitude can take you farther than the initial motive behind your objectives after the initial excitement buzz wears off. It can take you all the way to the finish line. 

Self-Motivation Techniques for Accomplish Your Objectives

According to the University of California research, motivated employees were 31% more productive, had 37% higher sales, and were thrice more creative than the de-motivated ones in a company. 

I have enlisted below certain remarkable tips you must know to stay motivated, regardless of how much you feel like giving up- 

1. Simplify to Focus Your Change

During the critical hours of change, creating a life of simplicity in regards to self-motivation will help to keep distractions at bay. It allows for space in our heads and hearts to become creative and grow as humans through challenges. 

Instead of making efforts to pursue multiple goals at once, select your focus area. Doing this will not only help you simplify your life but also help in directing all your talents towards the most critical goal. 

2. Combine All The Small Tasks

Take a look at the larger goal and consider the small steps to accomplish it. Break all your goals into small and digestible chunks so that you can celebrate wins. 

The author Marilyn Vos Savant in her book ‘Brain Building In Just 12 Weeks’ takes this one stage further. She recommends we make a comprehensive list of every small task that needs to be done over a day or a weekend and then complete them one after another. 

As you complete one task after another, you will trigger dopamine release in the brain, a vital chemical reaction to maintain motivation. It’s a common habit of successful people that works well to make huge goals achievable. 

3. Keep Your Expectations in Check

It is our nature as human beings that if we don’t see progress as quickly as we expect or hit a snag in the plans, we tend to give up in frustration quickly. Our brain starts calculating whether or not it’s worth the hard labor to keep going. The author Emily Nagoski in her book Burnout, calls this concept “The Monitor”. It is the process in your brain that keeps a running tally of the effort-to-progress ratio in any undertaking. 

Thus, stay motivated and find remarkable ways to manage the stress of the inevitable failure- and keep going forward. You need to believe in your capabilities and yourself. 

4. Create A Reward System For Yourself

Another remarkable way to activate your dopamine levels effectively and rapidly is by rewarding and encouraging yourself to achieve more goals. Often, I motivate myself to accomplish goals by developing a reward system. Like, if I have three blogs to write, which I have been pushing aside for a week, I reward myself with a movie or a date night with my girls when I have finally completed them. 

If you also follow a similar pattern of a rewarding system, you will push yourself to continue accomplishing goals to receive more rewards. 

5. Challenge Yourself To Learn New Things

The human brain tends to get motivated more easily if you are continuously challenging it. An exemplary way to do this is by challenging yourself to read and learn new things as much as possible. Start reading books related to your field, current events, and online journals. This will help you strengthen your skillset successfully and accomplish more objectives. This can especially benefit you if you like my work in an industry that is constantly evolving. 

6. Surround Yourself With Motivated People 

Everyone must have people around us who help in staying in touch with the outcomes we wished for. People who tend to have a vital support system or even one support system in their corner perform better than those doing it alone. 

This is why the company you tend to keep in your life is significant. Judith E. Glazer, in her best-selling book Conversational Intelligence, discusses how supportive people in one’s life can step forward to guide and motivate us, similar to a coach during a football match.  Similarly, during the game of life where we run behind our goals, positive people can help you refocus, reframe or redirect when it gets challenging. 

7. Go Outside The Comfort Zone

One of the amazing ways I found useful to increase motivation is to push yourself to accomplish new objectives. You can achieve this by creating plans to achieve goals that are tougher than what you are used to. By going out of your comfort zone, it will become easier for you to witness new experiences. These can help you learn better and reach higher goals that may feel highly rewarding in the end. 

8. Crush any Negative Thinking on The Spot

Negative thinking is a kind of specific reaction of the mind. It is a particular deception that can drive you further away from your milestones, making you doubt yourself. 

Hence, try to catch such thoughts as soon as they appear and forget them rapidly. Further, if it helps, you can also chant a mantra and recite it for inspiration and motivation. However, that’s solely up to you and your preferences. 

Final Note,

Lastly, remember to recognize the blessings in your life and the amazing things you have accomplished so far. Start practicing gratitude by taking a mental note of what has happened, how that has worked, and observe positive changes, no matter how big or small they are. Hopefully, these unique tips will help you stay self-motivated at your workplace. May you overcome all the hurdles that come your way, and remember only you can make your dreams come true.