Know Everything About Emerging Cloud Data Lake

Cloud Data Lake

Enterprise data storage has always been a pivotal matter which is given utmost importance at all levels. Be it like customer data, employee, data, or any internal information, safe collection, storage & security are imperative to maintain.

Recently, Data Lake has been considered as an essential investment for companies to store an extensive collection of data. A generalized data processing platform which is one of the essential components of Cloud services supports a wide variety of data storage and analytical processing. 

Over here in this post, we will be looking at everything about Cloud Data Lake based on the following few key findings:

What is a Data Lake?

A Data Lake is a central repository that stores an extensive amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It is an on-premise data storage platform that helps to store information in any given form. Also, it does not pay heed to the size limits. It is a secured and scalable platform that helps enterprises to store and analyze a variety of information. 

Over the years, companies follow the on-premise data lake system to collect a large amount of business information. Due to the latest technical advancements, the purpose has been shifted towards Cloud and several enterprises are much inclined towards Cloud Data Lake. And, this will be looking in the later part of the blog.

But, before that let’s check out the much-needed difference between Data Lake and Data Warehouse.

What is the Difference Between Data Lake & Data Warehouse?

While referring to the new-age Cloud Data Lake, there might be an instance, you think about Data Warehouse. It is possible to think about that. So, what’s the difference between Data Lake and Data Warehouse?

Although, both data lake and data warehouse are synonymous with a common factor called data. But their interests are not interchangeable. 

Data Lake can store raw, unstructured, or any structure of data with no defined purpose. On the other side, Data Warehouse can only store structured and filtered data with a specific purpose to fulfill. 

What is a Cloud Data Lake?

Cloud Data Lake is a next-generation repository of the large scale of any form of data with having digital access to all. As compared to the on-premise model, a Cloud-based data lake does not succumb to the confinements of limited space and accessibility. On the contrary, it offers a variety of analytical and breeding tools, along with a highly secure & affordable data storage platform. 

How Does Cloud Data Lake Work?

To better understand Cloud Data Lake, you need to know the data journey. The journey is specially designed to give equal access to data to every stakeholder of a company. It means each professional of an enterprise can access and scale up as a self-service user from a centralized data storage location. Moreover, several paths are followed for the seamless flow of crucial data based on defined structure and logic.

The Data Journey

Here’s the complete journey of your enterprise data into Cloud Data Lake all the way from storage to end-to-end analyzation.

* Ingestion of Data: The very step of the process, starts with storing the structured, semi-structured, or any form of data. You can collect business-driven data from multiple sources and transfer the same to the Cloud Data Lake. There is no limit on data storage or the size of information. Moreover, the current data lake can be scaled up accordingly and enterprises can also manage multiple Cloud Data Lake at the same time.

* Storage: The second step covers the process of giving a defined structure to all the collected data. It means, the type of data is given its original form of state without changing its type and keeps it raw.

* Seamless Process: For analysis purposes, the stored data is converted from its raw state to easy to analyze structure. Multiple data types are converted in this step allowing companies to properly analyze the same.

* Analytical Behaviour: The last in the line is the final analysis of processed and defined data stored in Cloud Data Lake. It provides result-oriented information to business executives to make strategic decisions ahead.

Best Cloud Data Lake Platforms to Look For

Just like the popular Cloud Computing provides, Data Lake provides are the same that include popular names like the following:

* Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS offers a wide range of Cloud Data Lake covering almost 50% of the total market share. Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Services) is an industry-known and highly scalable data lake that is capable of storing all forms of data. 

* Microsoft Azure Cloud: Microsoft owns Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) another hyper-scalable data storage repository. It can manage vast extensions of files storage, secure, and even sorting the data accordingly.

* Google Cloud Services: Google offers its own Cloud-based data lake services at a lower cost. It brings direct access to Google’s suite of storage, processing, and analytics. 

Key Benefits of Data Lake on Cloud

Heading towards Cloud Data Lake storage is a matter of operational efficiency and low-cost factor for enterprises. It is a feasible option to store all kinds of data with easy digital accessibility along with additional advantages below:

* Save on-premise data storage and processing hardware and software costs.

* Lay hands-on advanced-level analytics tool.

* Stay away from multiple data silos by combining multiple forms of data into a single unified entity.

* Seamless and secure accessibility of enterprise’s data digitally from a centralized repository.

* Simultaneous storage of multiple data types without affecting the present processing and analytics.

* Fully managed and robust data storage platform.

Final Thoughts

The old-school and on-premise methods of data storage, processing, and analyzation appear costly to enterprises. Switching to a digitally accessible Cloud Data Lake is a revolutionary way to store an innumerable amount of data in any form. By moving data silos to Data Lake, experience unimaginable processing of structured & unstructured data that establish more efficient management.

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