Laminate VS Vinyl Flooring – Do Both Options Count As Best Flooring?

homogeneous PVC flooring roll

How do you make sure that one flooring option is best, and more recommendable when you have to choose one from two or many options? There would be some particular reasons or factors according to your project requirement on grounds of which any person make up their mind for one

That’s what we’re going to cover in this detailed piece of content. Yes, here we’re going to compare and contrast a few basic features and factors of laminate vs vinyl flooring if both are the best flooring options then why vinyl is always the preferred one? We’ll compare both flooring options in terms of durability, and other major terms.

Also, which kind of vinyl flooring stands high in a bar; heterogeneous, or homogenous PVC flooring roll?

Let’s begin with highlighting some basic features and factors of Laminate and vinyl flooring;

Laminate VS Vinyl Flooring

Okay, both laminate and vinyl flooring are popular flooring choices. They’re usually designed to look like natural hardwood or stone. They’re often mistaken for the real deal, and many people can’t spot the difference between the two

So, let’s break down the basic differences between both in light of basic factors.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is the best choice for those who want to mimic real hardwood floors without sacrificing their bank accounts. It stays rigid until not moved just like traditional hardwood. It is typically composed of four layers;

  • Backing layer – the backbone of your plank, also referred to as stabilizing layer
  • Core Layer – this flooring layer is made with higher density or medium-density fiberboard of higher quality. The laminate comes with a higher density core, and the best part is, it has high moisture resistant property unlike medium density options
  • Print Layer – this layer somewhat makes the laminate look like wood, metal, stone, and more. It can also include rougher, and more natural-looking scrapes like hardwood floors
  • Wear Layer – this layer protects the floor and keeps it looking fantastic even after a decade

Vinyl Flooring
Do you know, vinyl is often mistaken for laminate? The reason is, it’s quickly taking over the market with more realistic wood and stone looks than ever before. The vinyl, like laminate, is also comprised of four layers that are made using different materials;

  • Backing layer – This can say to be the backbone of plank
  • Core layer– This part is solid vinyl, these cores have higher density, ’re moisture resistant, and built to be long lasting
  • Printed Vinyl Layer – This is where your style and design come from. It can imitate wood, stone, and other natural materials
  • Wear Layer – The thicker the wear layer, the more protection you’ll have for your floor. It looks more like your vinyl’s personal bodyguard. That’s much for the price difference between laminate and vinyl.

The top-end luxury vinyl you may pay a little more for than a top-end of laminate. That is because the highest quality luxury vinyl often includes a waterproof core and ultra-thick wear layer. For the middle-of-road, beautiful, and quality options they’re honestly pretty and comparable

It is also a must to consider the installation cost from the installation expert. Vinyl has several installation types such as; interlocking, glue down, floating, and loose lay at varying difficulties. The laminate is not nearly as moist resistant as vinyl, which can be installed anywhere from the bathroom, to the kitchen, and basement, etc.

Laminate Vs Vinyl in terms of Durability & Flexibility

Durability and flexibility are two basic factors on basis of which we choose any flooring option; either for a residential or commercial project. So here are the two factors of both laminate and vinyl flooring


If we compare classic homogeneous PVC floor with laminate, then newly designed vinyl tiles have stronger interlocking installation technology, which makes it a stronger flooring option.

Quality vinyl flooring tiles come outfitted with high slip-opposition and have a more noteworthy burden resilience. Accordingly, they are suggested for deck in private just as business zones, where stroll in-rush hour gridlock is weighty. Then again, homogeneous tiles are suggested predominantly for private purposes in Singapore.


If you want to switch the flooring surface and replace it with one with good flexibility, then vinyl flooring is one which you can pick without a doubt. The best example of vinyl flooring is; Eco Protect Resilient Flooring Orchid+, it can be easily overplayed and glued over the current floor.

There are certain vinyl flooring products, like Eco Resilient Flooring and luxury vinyl tiles, which can be easily installed, as it doesn’t need an adhesive for installation. On other hand, laminate flooring takes more work here. Henceforth, in terms of flexibility, vinyl tiles make a better flooring option.

Also, the more up to date scope of vinyl flooring items have a more extensive assortment of plans past their well-known wood-look styles. They additionally have plans that look very like homogeneous tiles and stone tiles as well. While vinyl tiles may have some comparable properties to homogeneous tiles, they are generally better as far as their business evaluated properties and adaptable utilization.

Ultimately, whether you are keen to install a laminate or homogeneous PVC flooring roll, the main thing is to hire a credible flooring contractor to do the job!

Compare their portfolios to see their previous deck ventures. Ask them how they imagine the result to be, as various houses have various kinds of floor plans. All things considered, great workmanship is the establishment of a dependable deck at your premises.

Which Vinyl flooring is Best – Heterogeneous or Homogenous?

Here, I will vote for homogenous vinyl flooring, it stands best in terms of quality, durability, and technology. How? The homogeneous PVC flooring roll is designed and manufactured with the use of cutting-edge technology and is tend to design with unique surface graining for optimal performance, and excellent resistance against stains and scratches, this makes it an ultimate solution in terms of quality and technology.

If you approach any reputable flooring firm, then they will provide a wide range of top-notch quality PVC Flooring in a variety of colors, for different performances. You can also go for the homogeneous ESD Vinyl Static Control Flooring, it has become the best-selling, yet highly popular in the global market!

Some best types and applications of homogenous PVC flooring include;

  • Static-conductive and anti-slip Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring versions
  • Acoustic or Compact Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Directional, semi-directional, or non-directional Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

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