Launch An Online Restaurant Delivery App: Here’s What You Need To Know

Restaurants have come a long way from being utilitarian service providers to become hang out joints and as an excuse for a lot of everyday activities including but not limited to corporate meetings and casual dates. With every process of our lifestyle being impacted by technology, food services, and restaurants are no exceptions.

The onslaught of mobile apps has condensed almost every activity to fit in the palm of our hands. Therefore, having a restaurant app for your business has become almost mandatory as being a luxury.

A few statistics

If the above statement did not convince you, the National Restaurant Association has concluded that 83% of adults search for information regarding the local restaurant on their smartphone. 75% of them use mobile devices to look up the menu. While the 83% is understandable because the restaurant is, in essence, a local service, the fact that 75 percent use mobiles to view the menu is a clear indicator of a shift in The way people have started to perceive both mobiles and restaurants.

The top reason to use a restaurant app is to view the menu and prices, and it has been confirmed by a survey that showed 55% of the respondents used the app for this purpose. In addition, people also use restaurant apps to check for hours of operation, to make a reservation, to search for deals, and even to order food online. The growing awareness about health and its close relationship with food has also prompted more than 10% of users to look for nutrition information on restaurant applications.

It might be interesting to note that the Starbucks app was the top player when it comes to phone payments only to be surpassed by Apple Pay in early 2020. What is interesting to note is that while apple pay can be used to pay in multiple businesses, Starbucks can be used to pay only in a single chain of coffee shops.

The different possibilities

There are multiple utilities that can be enabled by a restaurant app. It is to be kept in mind that when we talk about restaurant apps, they are not just referring to an app created solely for a single restaurant or a single chain of restaurant. The apps that we discuss here might cover multiple restaurants and multiple brands.

Perhaps one of the most simple and straightforward ideas of building a restaurant app is the one used to locate a restaurant. Using geofencing and the GPS signal of the mobile, the app can show all the restaurants available in the vicinity, and the Restaurants can also be filtered by the choices, the opening hours, and the cuisine. It is simple because it does not involve any other additional process like enabling an order or uploading a menu. These features, although, might make your restaurant located up more wholesome.

Ordering food online has become a thing of convenience but it cannot be denied that a few activities will have to depend on meeting at restaurants including but not limited to casual interviews, dates, parties, and gatherings. In all these cases, it might be a bit awkward to keep waiting for a table or even more so to come back disappointed knowing that no tables were available. Therefore, a table reservation app for a restaurant can surely make a great idea. It eliminates the uncertainties associated with the cumbersome task of booking a table over a phone call.

All right, the table has been booked! Sometimes, it might be a thing of pleasure to build some conversation after you order your food and you keep waiting for it. In most cases, however, it is a thing of frustration. Therefore, an app that can facilitate ordering your food from the menu even before you sit at the table can enhance the experience of the user at a restaurant. If you are very sure about what you were going to have, you can even consider completing the order and making the payment right within the app.

Another obvious business idea for a restaurant app is food delivery on demand. This particular spectrum is quite wide and it can accommodate multiple Business models of applications like Domino’s Pizza which facilitates orders only from that brand but across multiple outlets, and UberEats that can help you order from any restaurant in the vicinity irrespective of the brand. But our mobile apps that just facilitate the order and the responsibility of delivering the order falls on the restaurant.

Another app idea that can not only keep your business thriving but also restaurant-goers engaged in the loyalty app. The loyalty app helps in retaining customers, especially at a time when the competition is cutthroat. Starbucks is one of the deepest examples in this category where customer loyalty driven sales increased by 80% after the introduction of the loyalty program. This is evident in the fact that more than 600 million mobile payments were made in Starbucks outlets.

Before you start

There is no denial of the fact that a restaurant mobile app is a lucrative business idea. However, the sheer magnitude of the diversity mandates a few processes to be followed before you embark on the task of restaurant app development.

  • Market research plays a major role in understanding your target audience and the struggles that they face.
  • Once you have your research findings in place, you will need to put forward a strategy that defines what you expect out of your restaurant app development solution. This is where you define your KPI‘s and set your business goals.
  • Beat it up with a loyalty program app or a restaurant delivery app solution, it is important to find out the perfect restaurant app development company. You will need to take into consideration, factors like the experience of the team, and the projects that they have successfully executed.
  • You will need to collaborate with the restaurant app development company on an ongoing basis, so you can turn out a professional restaurant app and website uncompromising on the user experience, user interface, and the general look and feel of the app.
  • It is not enough just to have a restaurant app development solution in place; there is also a need to aggressively and effectively market it. You will need to, therefore, have marketing campaign ideas in place to popularize your app and tell the world about your product.
  • The best products that have been perfect by the most experienced specialist have fallen flat On the face in terms of not meeting the expectations of the customer. Therefore, you will need to collect and analyze feedback from your customers on an ongoing basis. The feedback mechanism should be supported by a customer support team which will siphon the information to the product team, so they can take the inputs and work on them.


When a smartphone app converges with everyday activity, it is bound to become successful. Considering how restaurants have intertwined themselves with our lifestyles, the restaurant app is bound to be a profitable venture. The possibilities with a restaurant app are practically unlimited, and you can even come up with Your own restaurant app idea.

All that is left for you to do is get in touch with the restaurant app development company, so they can incorporate your idea and make it into a piece of technology that brings you ongoing revenue.

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