Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Review: Basic Doesn’t Mean Bad

Lenovo Smart Clock

It’s not exactly as helpful as the first, but instead, it’s as yet a fair Google-controlled morning timer. It does not have all the extravagant accessories of an ordinary Google savvy show. However, its morning timer highlights, reasonable value point and little structure factor more than compensate for it.

As of late, the organization appeared a much less complicated variant of the gadget, adequately called the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

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With Essential, the misrepresentation of a savvy show is gone out and out; the LCD screen supplanted with a fundamental LED display. It’s genuinely, even more, a Google-controlled speaker with a clock.


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Lenovo Smart ClockSubsequently, exactly I wouldn’t say I like it as much as the first Lenovo Smart Clock. Still, at the same time, it’s 30 dollars less expensive. If all you truly need is a morning timer with some Google Assistant smarts, at that point, the Essential positively possesses all the necessary qualities.


At its centre, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a Google-controlled keen speaker with an inherent morning timer. You can change its different settings by utilizing your voice. It does not have a ton of the highlights of the first. Yet if all you need is a regular looking morning timer with some fundamental smarts for not a great deal of cash, at that point the Smart Clock Essential is anything but a terrible alternative.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has a fundamentally the same as plan language to the first, with a trapezoid shape and a dark texture clad completion. However, the essential is more limited and more extensive than its archetype, with smoother edges and more adjusted corners.

While the Smart Clock resembled a smaller than a standard keen presentation, the Smart Clock Essential indeed appears as though a standard computerized morning timer.

The main explanation behind that is the 4-inch splendid LED screen with strong mathematical digits that handily perused over the room, besides the time. On the off chance that you’ve set an alert, a little clock symbol will likewise be available on the left.

In contrast to the Smart Clock, nonetheless, there is no encompassing light sensor so it won’t diminish or light up naturally dependent on the environmental factors. I need to change the brilliance myself by training it through voice orders.

So for instance, I could state Hello Google, set the screen brilliance to 50 and it will diminish to 50% of its maximum splendour. It is positively not as convenient as a surrounding light sensor, and I didn’t think the LED digits were too diverting.

They’re no more splendid than other computerized morning timers I’ve utilized before. I do believe it’s a problem that the best way to change the splendour is by using voice order.

Likewise on end is an implicit nightlight, which you actuate by holding down the volume down catch or utilizing your voice. Naturally, the nightlight radiates a delicate white shine, however, is still splendid enough, so I don’t need to stagger as I head to the restroom.

A short push on the previously mentioned alert arrangement catch will uncover your current caution. The most straightforward approach to set up a caution on the Smart Clock Essential is using Google Assistant.

However, you can do it physically, as well, by squeezing and hanging on the alert catch. However you can put the caution for non-weekend days, only ends of the week or individual days. You can explore through the various classes with the volume catches.

To drop an alert, you had press the caution catch and afterwards the work down the net, or disclose to Google Assistant to do as such. Much like the past Smart Clock, yelling Stop will excuse the alert. So, you can decide to tap the highest point of the Smart Clock Essential to get yourself some nap time.

Yet, it was shockingly boisterous, and I delighted in impacting Lizzo tunes from Spotify toward the beginning of the day as I made the bed. The sound quality is about on par from the first Smart Clock.

Without a doubt, it’s not as bass-weighty or rich as sound from the Nest Hub or the Sonos One, I idea it was sufficient. I can stop the music by squeezing the previously mentioned Play button or nearly through voice orders.

Obviously, like most other Google-controlled shrewd speakers, I can approach it for data like the climate, my forthcoming schedule arrangements, my daily agenda and the sky is the limit from there. You can utilize it to control brilliant home gadgets. It also functions admirably with Google savvy schedules, for example, a Hello usual or a Goodbye one, which you can tweak for a bunch of activities.

As I said before, this is anything but a savvy show like the past Lenovo Smart Clock so that it would not show you the five-day conjecture initially, the at present playing soundtrack or your Google Photos. It additionally comes up short on the dawn caution highlight on its archetype, which would light up the screen bit by bit to impersonate sunlight’s appearance.

The first Smart Clock would even surface few suggestions to propose alerts for forthcoming arrangements, so I don’t miss them. What I immensely miss is the capacity to look at my Nest Hello live feed to check whether the conveyance individual is at the front entryway.

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