List of Oscar-Winning Movies for the Best Costumes

List of Oscar-Winning Movies for the Best Costumes

Traditionally, the movies that are according to the historical trends of outfits win the Best Costume Award. But the dynamics have changed a lot now. The spotlight has moved towards hairstyling, makeup, and overall appearance. The movies that focus on all these aspects are getting nominated for awards as big as Oscar. Until now, there are approximately 19 movies that have been successful in doing so. So, take out your Movie Jackets resting in the closet because we are going through a roller coaster ride of some of these masterpieces.

Chicago (2002):

The classic movie with the perfect depiction of the Jazz Age, Chicago, is familiar to all the people. There is no movie that has highlighted the music so aesthetically with just the right choice in costumes. The idea implemented by the costume designer Colleen Atwood was executed so well.

The actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones flaunted so many looks apart from the typical feminine outfits. The little addition of masculine pieces is the edge that earned the movie an Oscar. The prominent ones include a black revealing glittery dress, a red strappy dress, and another white dress with sexy cuts. Not to forget the iconic red lipstick and bob haircut of Catherine.

Gladiator (2000):

Janty Yates is the mastermind behind all those classic armors that you have seen in the movie. The costume collection had all the important pieces from the Roman culture. Many great armor costumes were worn by some big names of Hollywood — Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen. According to Yate, she took the inspiration for her many costumes from the exquisite paintings created by Alma Tadema.

Moulin Rouge! (2001):

Nicole Kidman has never looked this gorgeous other than ‘Moulin Rouge!’. There might be some arguments regarding this, but one thing is undebatable — the incredible costumes in the movie throughout. Out of a total of 80 designers assigned for this specific task, Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie stand out.

According to the reports, the movie has approximately 300 outfits, and Nicole Kidman surely looks the one to don the most of them. The costumes were all assembled to create a sexy and appealing outlook like short-length dresses, fringes, pantyhoses, and the iconic lacy leggings.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003):

The official award for introducing the most number of costumes in a movie goes to ‘Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ with a figure of 19,000. Frodo asked the designers, Ngila Dickson and the very talented; Richard Taylor, to make sixty-four costumes. Many of them were pure pieces of art and were made exclusively by hands. The armors were all so incredible, especially the most simplistic mesh armor having a total of 13,000 rings. It is said that the costume took almost three days to make.

Marie Antoinette (2006):

The ti pieces in this movie are the perfect embodiment of grace and class with the perfect touch of extravagance. Milena Canonero has focused the most on presenting the costumes in rococo style, completely ignoring the fact that they should be historically correct. She stayed with the pastel colors palette mostly and didn’t include extra accessories or decorations. And to be honest, there could not be anyone other than Kirsten Dunst to don all the costumes like a real boss.

The Aviator (2004):

The recreation of the cinematography of the 20th century is the essence of this movie. The era was known as ‘technicolor’ when just three colors were ruling the screens; blue, some tones of green, and red. To complement the color palette, Sandy Powell kept the outfits in the same tones. You must be surprised to hear that she was given access to ancient white and black photos while costume designing. So, the colors she added were all from her mind!

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007):

The costumes of this movie are the most interesting and tricky. Alexandra Byrne has tried to symbolize every emotion of the English Queen with one color. When the Queen had to show off her power and uniqueness from the ordinary women, her costumes were in red and orange shades. And in some shots when she is unhappy or stressed, she is wearing dresses in greenish tones. From Cate Blanchett to Abbie Cornish, all the actors nailed every outfit regally.

The Young Victoria (2009):

Sandy Powell doesn’t know how to stop surprising people. She amazed everyone with her work in the movie, The Young Victoria, which shut all the critics who were disappointed with no special effects present in the film. A majority of the movie’s budget was spent on costume designing. Did you notice the dress that Queen Victoria wore on mourning, wedding, and coronation ceremonies? They were all the exact imitation of the actual dresses worn by her! But ironically, every single one of them just got a few seconds of screen time.

Alice in Wonderland (2010):

The beautiful dresses in the movie have such fine detailing that makes them more than what meets the eye. All credit goes to Colleen Atwood, who, with all the concentration in the world, came up with the iconic blue dress of Alice. It had a black embellishment piece that didn’t even match the light-colored fabric of the entire suit. Tim Burton has tried to tell the viewers through this Gothic combination that Alice isn’t as naive as her initial dress showed.

The Great Gatsby (2013):

The Great Gatsby knows how to steal Oscar awards every time. The first release of this movie from 1974 also won the Oscar for the Best Costume Design, and then 2003’s version followed the legacy. Many popular clothing brands took part in the costume designing from Prada to Tiffany & Co.

Well, Catherine Martin is the one who appeared to be the only standing name. That’s the main reason why the costumes of this movie kept the spotlight on them even before the film was released. People started to grab so many costumes, especially Movie Jackets, inspired by the wardrobe collection of The Great Gatsby.

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