Overview of Loggos, Paxos: Unleash the secrets

Loggos, Paxos

Located in the eastern coast of the Paxos Island, Loggos is one of the prettiest villages located on this smallest island. The village is mainly known for fishing but embellishes lots of places and things to fascinate the visitors at the first instance. It can be said that despite being located in the remote area of the Greek mainland the village has everything to offer the visitors coming there. For shopping, there are one mini-markets, shops selling fresh fruits and vegetables brought daily from the nearby town Corfu. You will also find a bakery shop selling a wide range of bakery products. The worth-mentioning feature to know about the Loggos is that it besides sea route, it is also connected to road transport and therefore can be accessed by taxi from Corfu.

Loggos, Paxos

Where to Stay in Loggos, Paxos?

It would be interesting to know that going through the arrival of visitors on the Paxos Island, there are lots of villas located on the beaches and villages surrounding the Paxos, and therefore Loggos is not an exception to it. Here also you will find a huge fleet of affordable villas for the tourists to stay. Some of the villas located in the Loggos and on the Paxos Island are mentioned below:

  1. Harbour View: The family-friendly villa with children above ten years, this villa is the perfect combination of tranquillity and instant access to the nearby services available on Paxos Island. As the name suggests the villa offers an incredible view of the village from its terrace. The village covered by the cypress and olive trees. In the morning you will be greeted by a cool breeze bringing the smell of delicious bread baked in the local bakery. Enjoy the pleasure of having lunch sitting below the olive trees or move to Levrecchio beach to enjoy the taste of beautiful Greek food cooked in the local tavernas, located on the beach.
  2. The Loggos Mills: The villas are best for big families or with a group of friends. It has three big studios and a cottage followed by a swimming pool with a vast area to walk during the morning and evening hours. All the rooms are well constructed and equipped with contemporary furniture. One more interesting fact about all the rooms is that all of them offer a beautiful view of the mainland and the southern coast of Corfu. Here one thing that needs to be mentioned specifically about Loggos Mills is that even if you are visiting the Paxos Island with your spouse then also you can book a separate studio for yourself, instead of booking the whole villa. The shared barbecue brings all the visitors under one roof for lunch and dinner to know each other.
  3. Glyfada Beach Villas and Restaurant: Spread in the area of 7 hectares surrounded with the olive groves, these villas are located in the eastern coast of the Paxos Island, and at the walking distance from Glyfada Beach Villas offers you the privilege of selecting the villa of your choice from the sixteen villas divided into six categories. All the villas are beautifully constructed and furnished elegantly. All the sixteen villas have a balcony and a terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of the island. To entertain the visitors the Villas in Loggos, Paxos has two swimming pools, a tennis court, and two tavernas offering the facility to enjoy the delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will also find the facility of a pool bar in the villas.
    Glyfada Beach Villas & Restaurant | Villas in Loggos, Paxos
  4. The Kappasa House: Located at a distance of minutes walk from the Loggos, this villa offers complete mental and physical relaxation to the visitors, coming to Paxos Island in search of tranquillity. The smell of lemon and the olives will mesmerise you on your way to this villa moving within the olive groves. It is one of the villas that will take you away from the whole world. The villas has the perfect combination of modern facilities planted in the conventionally styled villa. The terrace has small flower pots across its boundary. From the terrace, you have the privilege of enjoying the beautiful view of the village and the green hills linking the island with the Greek mainland.

Apart from these four villas in Loggos, Paxos, there are a plethora of villas to offer a relaxed and comfortable stay for visitors.

Things to do in Loggos:

Although people visit the Loggos to relax in a peaceful environment, it doesn’t mean that they stay in their villa throughout their holidays. Your visit to the Loggos is incomplete if you do not enjoy any of the following activities.

  1. Spyros Boats: Spyros Boats is one of the established boat rental agencies that offer you the privilege of exploring the beauty of places surrounding the Loggos village. Before renting the boat you will be given all the necessary instructions and the training for using the boat so that you can full fun of boating with your dear ones. All the boats offered by the group are equipped with a powerful engine and equipped with all the safety measures. The boats have been licensed by the Hellenic coast guard.
  2. Paxos Thalassa Trip: It would not be wrong to say the trip is not less than visiting heaven on the earth. Explore the pleasure of visiting hidden caves, long footpaths ending at the places which you had never imagined even existed on the earth. You also have an opportunity of enjoying the fun snorkelling.
  3. Panos Boats & Trips: The trip to Panos boats will compel you to realize that there is no other place to enjoy vacation better than water. It would be interesting to know that for driving a boat up to 30 HP, there is no need of having the license. If you want to hire the boat equipped with the more powerful engine than you should obtain the boating license or you can hire the services offered by the professional boat drivers offered by the group. To hire the boat it is suggested to book in advance before your arrival.

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